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PoE 3.21 Crucible Challenges Guide: Best Methods To Complete Each Challenge & Win Rewards Fast

5/3/2023 5:29:33 PM

With this Path of Exile 3.21 Challenge Guide, we go over all 40 Crucible challenges one by one by and give useful tips to complete each of them for earning rewards easier and faster!

Path of Exile 3.21 Crucible Challenge Guide

Welcome to PoE 3.21 challenge guide sorted out with famous PoE youtuber Sirgog's video. In this guide, we will go through all 40 challenges in Path of Exile Crucible expansion and give a few tips on how to complete them, as well as talk about whether they're at the nastier end or at the easier end compared to all of the other challenges.

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PoE 3.21 Best Maps for Div Cards Farming in Crucible League

In PoE 3.21 Crucible, we have the easiest set of challenges that the game has seen since arch nemesis, and possibly even further back, some of the last leagues have had some difficult ones are Sentinel in particular but this is definitely the other way around. Two of the challenges are mean. The level 84 Forge of the Titans is quite rare, and so are some of the Crucible RNG outcomes needed in one challenge. 

Do 38 Challenges and Skip 2 Challenges

Normally Endgame Grinds (now renamed) is the nastiest challenge. This isn't true in 3.21 and Gear Grinding Goals is the easiest it's ever been. it is on the path of least resistance to go for 38 challenges. If doing 38, skip Towering Titans. Try to do Ever-Extending Evolution but if RNG frowns upon you, Peak Pinnacle Prowess is the alternative. Skip one of those two.

Grind Challenges You Should Start Early

Don't neglect unbuyable grind challenges. Dense Domains and Sacred Scarabs will be on any pathway to 36 and you want to make progress on it now. Start these now, especially if you farm off-Atlas content a lot. On top of that, you don't necessarily need to have it done now but it's good to be three-quarters of the way through these challenges early, and then you can just finish them off later. The usual approach we recommend is to focus on the grindy ones now and then the other ones you can pick up as you go. 

POE 3.21 Challenges Complete Guide

Now we will go over the challenges one by one, and give you useful tips on completing each of them!

Straightforward Challenges - Non-League Basic Stuff (6 easy 3 grindy 1 hard)

Now let's just quickly State the Non-league basic stuff, six of these challenges are easy, three of them are grindy, and one is genuinely hard. So we'll go through all of these. These are training and don't require knowledge, just natural gameplay on your progression throughout the league although for some players you might not get them completed in a single league.

  • Beginner's Basics (by Act 4) - Do a lot of really basic stuff like Equipper 4 Link. 

  • Act Adversaries 1 & 2 (Act 10) - Killing the ACT bosses is just a mandatory progression

  • Dangerous Deeds (within 10 maps) - Mostly requires you to do a breach which you'll be able to find probably within 10 maps on average.

  • Pantheonic Prowess (skill point quests) - Requires you to do most of the skill point quests in the game achieve.

  • Achieve Ascension (4th Lab) - Requires you to do the fourth Labyrinth.

  • Dense Domains (grindy, 1k maps) - Requires you to do 15,000 pack size on all your Maps. Now there are a few things you can do that are not really all that sustainable like certain unique Maps can have 50 or more pack sizes, however, what we suggest you do here is allocate growing hordes on your Atlas at some point and then make simultaneous progress towards dense domains and sacred scarabs. With growing hordes on your Atlas, you can then use four polished scarabs on every map, using ones that you don't really have any interest in running while you're mapping. Normally this will then give you 28 additional credit to dense domains and it will give you eight points of credit towards sacred scarabs, you'll get sacred scarabs first but dense them lines will be making Fast progress as well. If you find yourself falling behind on dense domains you can allocate Grand Design as well on your Atlas. Now Grand Design is something that doesn't play well with a lot of Atlas strategies, so you'd only really want to do this if you're willing to sacrifice some loot in order to speed up your completion of dense domains, but it is a very valid option but we would recommend you consider that if you find yourself in a spot where you're finished with the league you want to move on and you've got 12,000 points towards dense domains. At that point just unspec one mechanic from your Atlas, spec into Grand Design and a lot of content blocks, and then just Blitz maps and you will get there quickly.

  • Sacred Scarabs (grindy, scarabs are rare early in progression but scarab drops scale up a lot, 1 in 12 Eldritch Minion altars will have a scarab option) - Sacred scarabs is next you get one point to this for rusted scarabs two for Polish three for gilded and four for winged and we would suggest that you get the five-way map device as quickly as practical in order to speed up sacred scarabs. Once you've got the five-way map device you'll just be able to make faster progress on this and polish scarabs strike an excellent balance between quick progress and also not costing all that much. You will find that scarabs are something you don't have very many of early in a league, but one in 12 Eldritch minion Alters will have a Scarab option once you get to end game and that will really help you solve all of your Scarab shortage issues.

  • Eldritch Elation (Straightforward and Dangerous, Monstrous in HC) - This is long but simple, this requires you to do a lot of dangerous mapping with Altas but fundamentally it is just doing things that will be generating you a lot of currency anyway, you probably want to run this while you're mapping in general and just deal with the occasional death that it causes. Now Eldritch Elation is a very different Beast if you choose to play in hardcore. If you're playing in hardcore, you definitely want to take the atlas node near the southeast corner of the atlas that causes monsters in your maps to have 50 more light and to deal 25 less damage. You probably already have that in hardcore, but it's much more important when you're trying to do Eldritch Elation.

  • Awakened Atlas (Hard Combat Encounters: Feared, Elderslayers, Hidden and more) - Finally where the last three were grindy awakened Atlas is hard instead, it equires beating The Feared and two other hard encounters. In order to beat this, you're going to need to be able to defeat the feared. Maven's invitation of the fear is the hardest of the maven's invitations, the hidden and the oldest layers also don't pull any punches either. Do note that you can do these on a scoured invitation if you have to and doing so will make them considerably easier but will also make them considerably less rewarding, we will leave that decision up to you. 

How Mod Depth Is Defined (important for some Crucible mechanic challenges)

  • This term is used a bit and is not defined

  • The Str/Int node here is Depth 3 

  • Takes about 1/3/6/10/20 maps to reach depth 1/2/3/4/5 assuming the map level is close to the item level.

A quick note on what non-depth is because it's used a bit and it's not really clearly defined, but the strength node here is depth three. Now if you had allocated this node down here you would not be able to take the depth 3 node on this Crucible Tree. In that situation, this would actually not be considered a fully allocated tree because the amount of XP that you'd have would be one bar out of two. So for an item to be considered fully allocated, you need to have one of the rightmost nodes actually allocated on the item.  Now it takes about one1/3/6/10/20 maps respectively to fully crucify an item that has depth 1/2/3/4/5 assuming that the item level is reasonably close to the Zone level you're doing the crucification in, if there is a difference between the item level and the Zone level however you'll find that this approximation will be more and more progressively wrong.

Simpler Crucible Challenges

So let's group together the four challenges that are the simplest when it comes to Crucible mechanics specifically:

  • Melted Machinations - About 4 Crucible in-area events

  • Spreading Strength - Depth 5 takes about 20 maps and is a rare option until about monster level 75 (but you can get it from Act 5)

  • Revealed Repertoire - It requires picking up weird bases and Crucifying them. Least resistance path is to trade for an experimented axe with +20 max quality but you don't need to put that much effort into this one.

  • Potent Potential - It is RNG but forgiving as you only need 6 types of Crucible mods. You'll get it by accident as you Crucify upgrades.

Vendor Recipes Challenges (Peddler's Produce 1 and 2)

Next, we have the vendor recipes and we are going to group these together:

Vendor Recipe 1

  • Movespeed boots: Quicksilver flask, Orb of Augmentation , boots with no more than 25% move speed

  • Two-Stat Amulet: Two different single-stat amulets (e.g. Jade and Amber), and a transmute

  • Chaos Orb : Rare items for each inventory slot, lowest ilvl among them between 60 and 74

  • Chance Orb: As Chaos, but min ilvl less than 60

Vendor Recipe 2

  • This is harder than part 1 as the inputs are harder to get.

  • Other recipes are often possible. 

  • Influenced Item: Any influenced amulet (corrupt OK) + 1 gem of each colour

  • Regal: As Chaos, but min ilvl 75+

  • Unique: The four Agnerod staves, you'll need Vinktars for another challenge.

  • 20q gem: Level 20 gem + GCP

Past League Challenges

Next, we have a number of challenges that relate to past leagues, most of these are straightforward, but the Harvest one is not. 

Past League 1 - Abhorrent Abysses and Essential Essences

  • These are both easy but will take time. It's going to take a number of maps being run with Abyss spec on your Atlas and the limiting factor is generally going to be defeating staging inspires. 

  • Essence monsters with 6 essences can only be done in memories or with Crystal Lattice allocated on your tree. You can do it low tier.

  • To get corruption-only essences, remember“Corrupt Purple MEDS" Misery. Envy. Dread. Scorn.

  • There are non-purple essences that start with MEDS letters.

  • Abyss one will take ages unexpected, but quick if you spec Abyss.

Past Leagues 2 - Ambush Awaits and Monstrous Metamorphs

The past leagues 2 is going to cover Ambush and also monstrous metamors, these are not particularly quick challenges, they're not particularly hard either but they're not particularly quick:

  • Corrupt Rare boxes: Vaal Temple  and/or Strongbox atlas, or take

  • Vaal Orb s into Alva's Memory of Cascading Fortune.

  • Unique Box: Check Kirac missions.

  • 5 monster mods: This isn't possible on every map, but should be possible often if you juice maps. These is rare monster mods.

  • Tane's Lab: Full power guaranteed at monster level 80+ IIRC.

Past Leagues 3 - Hushed Heists and Expedition Excavation (Important: Do The Twins Prereqs Here)

  • The Heist one is straightforward enough. It will take an afternoon though - there's a lot to do here. 

  • Caches can be forced onto maps with Kirac and/or sextants or you can get them easily through RNG.

  • 'High value' and better contracts are common even without the node. Suspect 40-30-20-10 split.

  • You will want to do some of the quest heists SO unique ones can drop. Especially The Twins prereqs.

  • The expedition was bugged and only counted level 80+, it works now.

  • In trade, doing these challenges should make you 20 divines. Both mechanics are lucrative.

Past Leagues 4 - Hectic Harvests (The Bad One, Nasty RNG, or Use the Memory)

Finally, we get to the horrible one, this is the nasty Past League one - Hectic Harvests. So we have a very nasty RNG component here and we have a more forgiving RNG component that's still main, defeat at least 10 tier 3 or greater Harvest monsters in a single map is horrible, to get this one done by pure RNG. There is a way around that we'll come to that in a sec defeat Harvest bosses is a more common occurrence than getting 10 tier 3 or Greater Harvest monsters, but it's also rare and you're going to need to get three of them.

  • This either takes the Harvest memory, or a very large amount of mapping with a Harvest spec.

  • Note you also need to do Oshabi for another challenge (Extensively Elusive Executives)

  • Although the“10% chance for the unchosen crop not to wilt" isn't a great node and is only 3.1% more T3syou still want it.

19 Challenge - Divined Destiny (Very Nasty In SSF, Easy Enough In Trade)

Now we come to Divine Destiny, the challenge that looks really easy and actually isn't, we want to go through how you would do this in Solo self-found, trade league players just be aware that you can bypass a lot of these by just trading for cheapish divination cards, so for instance for a Scarab you can trade for Camaria's cut go for small set sizes and cheap and plentiful cards and you won't have much trouble with this. But in Solo self-found this is going to be a nasty one and it's going to focus your Atlas choices quite a lot, so let's go through what you want to do here:

  • Grotto map is VERY good for this one. 

  • 6-link: Chains that Bind is best. Other caro will be compared to it in rarity (70 on the Chains scale means takes as many maps to get a set as getting 70 Chains cards).

  • Humility was nerfed in 3.19, don't farm it.

  • Unique Jewel: No great choices. The

  • Primordial is the best of a bad bunch, with 70 on the Chains scale. Stacked Deck s might give you some (1 per 1000)

  • Scarab: Man With Bear, 30 on the Chains scale, in a good map (Cemetery)

  • Influenced Item: The Jeweller's Boon. 15 on the Chains scale. Warning: Drop restricted 80+

  • Level 21 Gem: The Rite Of Elements, another Grotto card. Drop restricted, ilvl 72+, 26 on Chains scale.

  • Unique Map: You might accidentally hit Justified Ambition from Elderslayers, or Wolf's Legacy from

  • Grotto. Failing that, Encroaching Darkness drops in T6+ content but is rare (120 on the Chains scale)

  • Card rarity info is from PoorFishWife with help from the team.

21 Challenge - Crafting Curious Commodities

So you have a little bit of a treasure hunt here at Crafting Curious Commodities, this requires you to basically have knowledge of what these items are, all you've got to do then once you own the items is apply a Chaos Orb to them, three of the bases are fairly exotic but two of them are things you definitely would loot yourself but you might not recognize when you've got them. 

  • Remember the bases must be i83+

  • Abyss: Stygian Vise or jewel (Best Item)

  • Atlas: Crystal Belts among others

  • Expedition: Ward bases. These dro about 1 per 50 in-map Expeditions and about 10 times that in logbooks.

  • Experimented: Replica Heists (the rare items curios often have there)

  • Maraketh: Drop- anywhere bases with unusual implicits, like Eclipse Staff or Profane Wands

  • Ritual: About 1 per 15 in-map Ritual events.

22 Challenge - Empowered Entanglement

  • You'll get this by accident running Towering Titans

  • If not running Towering Titans - bosses seem to only or almost only appear in 90%+ channels and mostly full 100%

  • Remember it's T14+ sO the level 80 Forge doesn't count.

Empowered Entanglement is not going to be on most people's Pathway to 24 or even 30, and this is the one that requires you to kill all six of The Crucible bosses, whilst you're in level 81 and above zones. Now you will get this by accident if you're running towering Titans but towering Titans is going to be most people's 39th or 40th challenge. Empowered Entanglement does require you to do one of the bosses that only seems to appear in the higher level Forge, it can't be done in the level 80 version of the Forge but it can be done in the level 84 Forge and that's going to be something you're probably going to need to do one of because one of these bosses is quite rare outside of the forge. So that one's the Reaver of Drones for all the others tier 16 mapping charge up the forge to 100 and it doesn't seem to matter if you are doing it in an unused map. There's actually a difficult combat encounter and it's going to be one of your last 10 challenges for most people maybe even one of your last 5.

23 Challenge - Remarkable Realms

We have the unique Maps challenge again, so this challenge is being copy pasted from 3.20, 3.19, and 3.18. Most of these are dropped anywhere.

  • Vinktar comes from a vendor recipe only, vendor all 4 Agnerod staves at once. These were gigabuffed in drop

  • rate in 3.19 and there's a card for them in Strand that drops all the time (6 on the Chains scale)

  • Machinarium is an Ahuatotli drop. The path of least resistance is to ignore Delve this league and to spec into Comprehensive Scouting Reports instead. They infrequently offer Machinarium.

  • Twilight, Coward's Trial, and Putrid Cloister are quite rare but Kirac missions and scouting reports will get you there. Don't farm the div cards for those maps, they are really rare.

24 Challenge - Extensively Elusive Executives

Now we have the bossing challenge that's at the easier end Elusive Executives:

  • Medium-difficulty combats (Oshabi or the Essence monstrosity is the toughest boss here to kill) It's mostly about finding the fights.

  • The heist boss has to be The Twins, which has prerequisite quest heists (Hyrri's Gift, The Negotiation, The Rescue)

  • Liches aren't rare if Abyss specced

  • Metamorph - do this in Tane's Lab

  • Expedition bosses are 10-15% in logbooks. Don't juice them unless you know what you are doing. No need to trade for guaranteed boss logbooks.

  • Essence: Atlas Memory is the easy way. 

  • Oshabi is RARE flight to get access to, is definitely the hardest part of this to unlock and one of the harder ones to kill as well. 

25 Challenge - Commander's Challenging Chores (Kirac Missions, Otherworldly Scouting Reports)

This is mostly about one of them that requires you to do something tricky, so option five is common to find the second divination cards, numbers two and four so the Labyrinth trial and defeating the atlas mini boss are uncommon but they're not particularly rare, one and six the blighted map and the unique strong box are quite rare, but all of those ones are straightforward.

  • Option 5 is common, 2 and 4 are uncommon and 1 and 6 are rare, but all of those are straightforward.

  • It's the Breachlord that can be the issue here.

  • Basically requires speccing into Otherworldly Scouting Reports to get this one done. You can respec later.

  • In trade, you might want to stay specced into Kirac though. Otherworldly reports keep going up. 

  • Tips for Blighted Maps for Commander's Challenging Chores

  • If you struggle with blighted maps, ring anoint meteor towers leave the burning ground (indigo/violet), and also chilling tower damage inflicts freeze (opal/silver). Other options are also good but this one is amazing.

26 Challenge - Cross Contamination (Far Easier Than It Looks)

This one is straightforward because you only need three some of these are not trivial to do but you can do this on any Atlas with no setup required.

  • Metamorph + Breach: Use both scarabs (rusted fine). Clear the map ignoring the Breach. Set up the Metamorph next to the Breach.  Bring it to low life. Open Breach, kill Meta.

  • Beast+Essence: Use Einhar missions and Kirac Essence mod. This is RNG but with good odds.

  • Exp+Deli: 20% delirious map with Rusted Expedition Scarab.

  • Abyss+Shrine is also easy - equip the unique helmet The Gull & play some Abyss content.

27 Challenge - Ever Extending Evolution

This is RNG nasty challenge, this is a lot of people's 39th or 40th challenge, and for some people they get lucky and it ends up being like their 36th instead. So we suggest you skip unless doing 38 & may even then. And then there are people who have Parts 1, 2, and 3 done on their first 3 forges and all you need to do now is part 5 in an Uber Forge. Remember that you need 4 of them not all 5.

  • Items need to be fully allocated. The limiting factor is not forges, it's Crucible XP. Act 6 items strike a good balance between low XP and enough mods.

  • You can bias toward +1 tier in level 84 forges with a mod that you can search for in the trade site with this string: "~cru tier up" (include the ~ symbol)

  • Best you can do for downgrades: Crucify lots of low ilvl bases, looking for 3 depth trees you can fully allocate quickly, then smash together. Merge trees that are the same shape (e.g. top of each column allocated gets merged with another all-top)

Recommended Plan for This Challenge

  • Source an i86 Spine Bow and check for mods with tiers. lf it has a fair number, Crucify it fully (to depth 5)

  • Source low tier bows and crucify them, then tree-merge them onto the Spine Bow, hoping for a downgrade.

  • We can fail with style - one of the merge-exclusive mods (Rampage) is incredibly valuable on bows, and some others are a few divines as well.

  • The unique part is straightforward - level 84 Forge.

  • 13 mods comes down to the quite valuable mod on Forges  that you'll find with the search string “~cru reta". It makes mods less likely to go away. Also note that merging trees doesn't move nodes around.

  • But the other 3 are RNG. That's why many people are on 38 or 39 with this not complete yet.

28 Challenge - Merciful Masters (Straightforward But Long, Don't Put It Off)

From something that is completely merciless to something that at least has merciful in the name, although this is quite a grindy challenge - Merciful Masters. Do not leave this challenge until light, this is going to take quite a bit of time, it's a lot more than one afternoon of gaming at a casual pace. 

  • Niko and Einhar you can use scarabs. 

  • Alva's Memory of Reverse Incursion is the best way to do her part. Missions are fine too, but one memory does over 75% of it.

  • Jun requires fewer missions than the others.

  • You can do this in any tier, so if it is something that you find yourself stuck with late, then you can do it in very low tiers if you need to.

29 Challenge - Gifted Gemcutter (Very Easy For How Late In The List It Is)

Gifted Gemcutter is next to the RNG ones here that you need which involve using a Vaal Orb are 25% chances to hit, so these are not particularly hard to get.

  • While playing you should often have 6 copies of your main skill leveling in your offhand then Vaaling them once 20/20 - do that and you'll soon have 21 or 23q

  • If you can't get a Vaal version that way buy Molten Shell gems and Vaal them.

  • Very common unique will do the rest. Bronn's Lithe for level 26, Bitterdream or its Replica for six supports.

31 Challenge - Meaningful Memories (Horrible in SSF)

Don't trade this one's trivial, some of the memories are very valuable but they're valuable because they drop a lot of loot. Other ones are particularly cheap and those ones won't drop anywhere near as much in fact often they'll drop less than a normal map would and so those ones are not particularly popular. You can use any of them but the valuable ones are actually worth your while considering using. 

  • SSF: Map a lot in T14+ where they can drop. And I mean a LOT. I suspect they are 100 times rarer than maps & they don't drop in off-Atlas content like Heist.

  • Completing an atlas memory map means killing the boss, it doesn't mean interacting with any of the specific mechanics of that memory. 

32 Challenge - Sacred Scarabs

It requires you complete Maps with 500 tiers of scarabs. Higher-tiered Scarabs contribute to more progress. If you always do 4 gilded tier scarabs instead, this challenge could only take around 42 maps to complete, a big number! But still is not as big as challenge No.30 had so should be fine ... You can buy Scarabs in bulk from the Path of Exile Trading website to rush this challenge. Plus you can complete challenge No.30 while doing this challenge by allocating. 

There are 4 tiers of scarabs:

  • Rustedtier gives 1 count for the challenge.

  • Polishedtier gives 2 counts for the challenge.

  • Gildedtier gives 3 counts for the challenge.

  • Wingedtier gives 4 counts for the challenge.

Scarabs were introduced into the core drop pool in the 3.20 expansion. This means that they can be dropped anyway and much more common; although there still other ways to obtain scarabs more efficiently such as fromOperative Strongbox(“Secret Operations”), Divination Cards, and immortal Syndicatemechanic depending on syndicate members are in theIntervention Division 

33 Challenge - Molten Master (Simpler Than It Looks Because You Only Need 5)

Molten Master requires you to do Crucible Encounters in complex ways, so here you've got to kill a crucible rare in tier 16 maps with 5 specific conditions met. These conditions will not need to be met all at once and these are not made equal to each other. 

  • Requires killing Crucible rares in tier 16s with 5 specific conditions met (not all at once)

  • 4 monster mods will happen by RNG

  • 100% and 8 mods will come together

  • Delirious can be a 20% deli map

  • 4 Eldritch Altar downsides has an RNG element to being able to get but isn't hard. Easier in maps where boss altars aren't a thing Jungle Valley etc)

  • Other 3 can be skipped, we would strongly suggest that you do the 5.

34 Challenge - Celestial Compasses

Complete maps with any three of the combinations of Sextant Modifiers while they have at least 80% Item Quantity and are Tier 16

Strongbox enraged is a rare and valuable Sextant, so skip it unless your Atlas strategy revolves around ambush in which case you will have done this as a currency generation strategy. If you're playing in trade league and you happen to roll strongbox monsters are in Rage by chance, we strongly suggest that you seal that Sextant and you sell it to someone else then just buy the others 

If you roll one mod of a pair seal that one and put it aside until you have the other one 

And remember that it needs to be tier 16 and 80% quantity as well

35 Challenge - Eldritch Elation (38/40)

Eldritch Altars and their rewards were heavily redesigned in the 3.20 expansion where Eldritch altars will spawn more frequently but the number of Eldritch packs that spawn each map is no longer a straight 60, but a random number between 20 and 60 every time. Stacking Pack Size and getting the applicable Notables on the Atlas passive tree is the key to getting as many Eldritch Altars in a single map. 

Use Eldritch Altars in each of the following ways:

  • 250 Searing Exarch Altars withWrath of the CosmosAllocated - You can take The Shadow of Hunger from atlas passive to increase the eater of the world’s altar spawn rate.

  • 250 Eater of Worlds Altars with Eldritch Gaze Allocated - You can take The Light of Dawn from atlas passive to increase the searing exarch’s altar spawn rate. 

36 Challenges - Awakened Atlas

This challenge wants you to fully unlock your atlas passive potentials, overall not too hard for the majority of the points except for the last few points have to beat a few of the endgame bosses, especially the invitations, who might wanna bring some experienced players to help with those if your character can’t handle such content.

  • 117 points from the map's completion bonus

  • 4 points from Quest rewards(the first 4voidstones) from Kiracfor defeating Pinnacle Bosses for the first time

  • 5 points from the Maven’s first four quests and the tradable 10-boss version of Maven’s Invitation: The Atlas 

  • 6 points from endgame Maven’s invitations

37 Challenge - Towering Titans

This is the other Contender for the hardest challenge in this league, this requires many runs of the top tier Forge of the Titans, this is the level 84 one to get all the required kills, these Forges of the Titan access keys are rare and expensive.

  • SSF: If you're in Solo self-found, your only option here is going to be 100% juice on a lot of Crucible Encounters in tier 16 maps and just hope for the relevant Geo to drop.

  • Trade: If you're in the trade, you want to be doing these in rotations

  • Fair warning: This is not on any plausible least resistance path to 38 challenges, there are much easier choices, this and Ever Extending Evolution are the two that you are going to be missing if you're going for 38 in most circumstances.

38 Challenge - Fortuitous Feud (Boss Hard Modes, 3 are quite reasonable, 2 are hard)

Now we have the Boss Hard modes options, this one's interesting in that there are 5 options presented 3 of them are quite accessible and 2 of them are very difficult. The Trialmaster is hard to access, it's quite the ordeal to get to its Tower, and Ordeal is very difficult as it requires very precise play on a fight that's already tough. So we're going to completely ignore the Trialmaster on all options and discuss the other three.

  • Atziri - Very hard with Maven on, not so bad without. The Logout macro helps.

  • Chayula - Knock the boss under 25% health then just focus on dodging, portals will spawn.

  • Izaro - Burst damage. Lots and lots of burst damage. Exploding. Totem trap builds are especially good here.

39 Challenge - Peak Pinnacle Prowess (Hard Bosses)

Next, we have the harder bosses, so we've gone from hard modes on normal bosses to genuinely hard bosses. Here you need to pick 4 of the Pinnacle boss encounters and do them on the Uber version.

  • SSF path of least resistance: Source a totem explosion trapper Crucible mod, level a character for it, and go.

  • Trade path of least resistance: Engage a boss carry service from either the TFT discord or /trade 820

  • HC path of least resistance: DO different challenges on your path to 38.

40 Challenge - Gear Grinding Goals (FAR easier than in the past)

Then we have the final part which is gear grinding goals. Before EGG got into alliteration as much as they are now, Gear Grinding Goals was always called endgame grinds and most of the player base still refer to it as EGG. Now this requires you to do 4 out of 6 things that are meant to be fairly grinding. 

  • Defeat rare Crucible monsters in areas of level 83 or higher, you'll get this through natural gameplay if you are engaging with Crucible mechanics at all and you'll get this long before you have your ever-extending Evolution done

  • For Activate Eldritch Altars or defeat Witnessed Map Bosses but mostly activate Eldridge Altars, this is something you'll get through natural gameplay and again the numbers are just not all that unreasonable

  • To defeat 4 modifier rare monsters in areas of level 83 or higher, this again will just come up in normal gameplay although it is something that you can Turbo Charge a little bit if you elect to run tier 16 blight Maps and or Heist blueprints (Heist blueprints in particular are very good, they'll need to be monster level 83, so tier 16 but they will be very good at getting you through those)

  • So you need to get those three done that's just a matter of playing the game a certain amount.

  • After that you then focus on one of three things: Either you focus on leveling or you focus on Boss killing or you focus on ruining Izaro's Day by killing his dog over and over again.

  • Argus will be in room 1 of the lab about once per fortnight on average, before that day happens you want to buy all of those offerings that you're going to want and then you're going to want to Blitz them. Potentially in rotations with other players, we do think that rotations are the best way to do this challenge although most people tend to do it solo. If you group up though, you'll be able to do it completely on autopilot. It is a very boring challenge, it's honestly a really bad choice for a challenge because it's not an in-game grind at all, it's a mid-game grind but it will be on the path of least resistance for most players. 

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