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PoE 3.21 Best Maps (Locations) For Div Cards Farming in Crucible

6/6/2023 11:58:06 AM

With the PoE 3.21 Crucible League entering the third month, we think it is time to update the top maps of Patch 3.21 to farm for Mageblood, Mirror, Brother's Gift, and Divine Cards. 

Factors for Best Maps To Farvoite in Path of Exile 3.21

In Path of Exile, there are some important factors that make us lean towards running a particular map, that is why each of them is on the list, and if there's a map in this list that you don't particularly like yourself you can find other ones that have similar strengths and weaknesses that might fit with your playstyle a bit better.

  • Loot Specific To The Map -  Such as divination cards, can be a very big deal and in fact, the map that we would argue is the best overall is one of the ones that has one of the top divination cards in the game and also one of the equal third tier of divination cards in the game. 

  • Tileset Navigation - This is both about how easy it is to find your way through the map is it a maze or is it straightforward and also how many obstructions are in the way a map like cells or dungeon does extremely poorly on this metric whereas a map like a strand does extremely well.

  • Agency over Eldritch Altars - This is a big factor, for strategies that aim to manipulate altar probabilities, you usually kill the map boss fast. B ut some maps the boss doesn't spawn which changes altar mechanics. Nothing beats Jungle Valley here, as the boss doesn't spawn until you enter its room, Mesa and Mausoleum are off the Atlas, nothing is close. 

  • Past League Mechanics - There are interactions with past League mechanics and specifically the ones you're running a lot of. For example, if you're running Breach or Legion you want a wide open tile set, whereas if you're running a lot of Blight it tends to be better to be running maps that are constrained and tight like toxic sewer and waste pool. 

  • Your Character's Strengths & Weaknesses - For example, toxic sewer is a fantastic map to run if you're playing a righteous Fire character, because of just the individual strengths of that particular build, they play well to that tileset.

  • Adjacent Maps - In the Southeast corner of this League's atlas, there is the maps that are near the strand where there are a lot of maps that are adjacent to each other that are all good. now when you're running a map there is an increased chance to drop maps, that are adjacent to it on the atlas and as a result, you want these maps to be at least tolerable of course you do always have the option of just horizon or being away any map that you get that's a terrible layout anyway and you can then Horizon them into coves in this league if they're tier 16 which is something that can be quite useful to do.

PoE 3.21 Best Maps To Farm For Div Cards 

Taking the above factors into consideration, we have summarized the following best maps to farm for div cards:

  • Crimson Temple and defiled Cathedral

These are not great layouts and ultimately it's going to come down to which of the two layouts you think is the less miserable is going to be which one you'd pick, but these are the maps that drop the Apothecary and also drop Seven Years Bad Luck, this is sufficient for them to Eclipse everything else on this list, that doesn't mean they're the best maps for you to run but they are the best maps to favorite in this league.

  • Atoll & Dunes

Atoll and dunes are here solely for their layout now, you could make a case that Strand or Beach or even something slightly worse like Shaw could be here as well, the reason that we've gone for atoll specifically is that in addition to having excellent layouts for just general navigation through the map, they also have very strong synergies with quite different League mechanics to each other. For instance, Dunes is one of the best maps around for Legion.

  • Jungle Valley

Jungle Valley is here because of all of the shenanigans we talked about with Eldritch altars, and the way that the Eldritch altars are set to ignore the boss - to treat the boss as though the boss doesn't exist or was slain first until you've gone into the boss's room and spent a few seconds there, and that means that for Jungle Valley you'll get better results out of your Eldritch altars than you normally would.

  • Cemetery 

Cemetery makes it here not for any one reason - Cemetery has divination cards that are slightly worse than Crimson Township, so it has Brother's Gift which is a little bit worse than the Apothecary, it also has Brother's

Stash which is sort of good. So Cemetery's drop rate of divination cards are pretty good, maybe a smidgen worse than Crimson townships definitely a lot worse than Crimson Temple or defile cathedral, but Cemetery manages to balance these good divination cards with also having a very good layout - it's not a top tier layout like Atoll or Dunes or Strand or Shore or Beach, but it's pretty close behind, and that's why we are going to be recommending it here.

  • Toxic Sewer 

Toxic Sewer is here because it is just so good on righteous Fire builds, if you're not playing a righteous Fire build you probably aren't that interested in toxic sewer. But it is something that is so good on one of the most popular builds of the lake, that it just has to be mentioned here.

  • Vaal Temple

Vaal Temple is its own animal because of all the special chests it contains. Vaal Temple maps have an implicit that says contains 10 additional Vaal vessels and that these Vaal vessels are guarded, this can be scaled up to as high as 16 by effects that increase the numerical effects of map modifiers on your Maps, although just be warned that scaling it all the way to 16 does tend to make the maps very dangerous. But even if you only have 10 of these chests, these chests will frequently contain double corrupted goodies, most of which will be mediocre but some of which will be fantastic. And additionally, they will contain Invasion bosses, and Invasion bosses when slain will somewhat frequently drop a divination card that turns in for an Elder Guardian-occupied map, so about every three vowel temples you run you will pick up a bonus of an Elder Guardian occupied map as well and that's on top of everything else and on top of the map having unrequited love as a very rare jackpot. There are a couple of other divination cards in Vaal Temple at all right as well, but really it is unrequited love you're hoping to see.

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