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Top 3 Best POE 3.21 Crucible Meta Builds - Vaal Lightning Arrow Deadeye, Brutal Tornado Shot & More

5/6/2023 6:39:48 PM

We dominated the first month of Crucible and this week is a big success. Have you already played many builds in Crucible League? Are you looking for the next one? Check this guide, and we’re going to show you the best POE 3.21 meta builds for 3 skills, they are among the most played on Crucible including the Vaal Lightning Arrow, Brutal Tornado Shot, and Super Cyclone build.

#1. Best POE 3.21 Vaal Lightning Arrow Deadeye Build 

+ Awesome clear speed

+ Awesome boss damage

+ Currency farmer

+ Easy to build

+ Safe ranged attacks

- Expensive mandatory jewel

- Expensive anointment makes a big difference

- Thread of hope makes a big difference

The Vaal Lightning Arrow Deadeye is one of the highest damage Ranger builds which has amazing damage potential, it is the one that over 10% of high level players are using. With all those returning projectile shenanigans that Crucible brought, we now live in the time of archers. With very little investment, that pretty much doubled most of attack projectile damage. Now Lightning Arrow got even more with its Vaal version, that is awesome to kill bosses.

The Budget:

Regarding the budget, it is an expensive build right now, you need around 5 Divine Orb s you put it together. 

Unique Items:

You only need two mandatory unique items for this build. The first is the Lioneye’s Fall Jewel that grants many useful nodes in passive tree. Another is the Yoke of Suffering Amulet that causes all of our elemental damage to shock. This way our enemies take a lot more damage. 

Clear Speed:

For Clear speed, give it 10/10, you fire many projectiles with high attack speed and those projectiles return to you pierce enemies and bounce off walls. You even have your mirage Archer to fire more projectiles. No one can survive that.

Boss Damage:

The boss damage is also amazing and deserves 10/10. Using two vaal lightning arrows plus your ballistas on bosses will kill them so fast that you won't believe it.


For this survivability, give you this build 9/10. You have armor evasion and spell suppression that grants almost 50000 effects of HP. But the main reason why this build is safe is because you can kill everything from a huge distance. You just need to mind your position.

Best Gears for Vaal Lightning Arrow Deadeye Build 3.21

  • Weapons: Pain Guide Decimation Bow, Loath Fletch Decimation Bow

  • Gloves: Wrath Fingers Slink Gloves, Agony Claw Wyrmscale Gauntlets

  • Ring: The Taming Prismatic Ring

  • Amulet: Yoke of Suffering Onyx Amulet

  • Helm: Woe Ward Ursine Pelt, Mind Salvation Silken Hood

  • Armor: Rune Curtain Zodiac Leather

Click here to find the full details about Vaal Lightning Arrow build Path of Exile 3.21

#2. Best Brutal Tornado Shot Build in 3.21 Crucible 

+ Awesome clear speed

+ Awesome boss damage

+ Currency farmer

+ Easy to build

+ Safe ranged attacks

+ Big leech

+ No mandatory unique items

+ No Lioneye’s Fall

- Life degeneration

This build is being used by over 5% of high level players, the Tornado Shot Berseker with the Marauder class. As you know, Archers have been a high note of Crucible. For that reason, items like Lioneye’s Fall have spiked in price and many players are having a hard time to feel powerful as an Archer without spending a lot of Divine Orb s. But this build here is different, it doesn't require any mandatory unique item.

The Budget:

Even though this build isn't expensive, it is not cheap either. You are going to need at least 2 Divine Orb s to put it together.

Clear Speed:

For clear speed, give it 10/10, you fire many projectiles with high attack speed and those projectiles turn into many other projectiles that chain on enemies. You won't believe how many of them you can kill with just a single click of your mouse. 

Boss Damage:

The boss damage is also amazing and deserves 10/10. Using all of your ballistas and activating berserk on bosses will grant you an incredible explosion of power that will make them look like regular enemies.


For survivability, give it 8/10. You have armor evasion and spell suppression that grants this build almost 70000 effective HP. However, we can take 2 points out because of their life degeneration and the extra damage taken from the Berserk ascendancy.

Best Gears for Brutal Tornado Shot Berserk Build POE 3.21

  • Weapon: Sorrow Horn Harbinger Bow

  • Boots: Atziri’s Step 

  • Gloves: Golem Hold Stealth Gloves

  • Helmet: Storm Crest Great Crown

  • Ring: Blood Loop Coral Ring

  • Armor: Agony Pelt Cutthroat’s Garb

Click here to find the full details about Brutal Tornado Shot build Crucible League

#3. Super Cyclone Slayer Starter Build for POE 3.21

+ Cheap 

+ Easy to play

+ Great clear with huge AoE

+ Always moving

+ Very simple to put together 

+ No mandatory uniques

- You stay very close to enemies

- Need cluster jewels to get stun immunity 

Finally, we have an awesome 3.21 starter build that is being played by over 5% of high level players on Crucible, the Super Cyclone Slayer with the Dualist class. The Super Cyclone Slayer build focuses on maximizing physical damage and survivability to make a highly effective tank and damage dealer. This build turns you into a walking binder with a huge area of effect, damage, speed and now even instant leech.

The Budget:

As for budget, you can get it destroying early endgame maps with only around 90 chaos. To comfortable advanced to yellow maps you need to invest around 115 chaos. For easily completing your altlas, investing around 6 divines.

Clear Speed:

For clear speed, give it 10/10. Cyclone never stops moving and you can farm your maps without needing to stop for casting or anything like that. It's just awesome and very satisfying.

Boss Damage:

The boss damage is great and deserves 9/10. prepare yourself to destroy even the biggest bosses in just a few seconds. 


For survivability, only give 8/10. This build still has over 80000 effects of HP because of high armor, evasion, spell suppression and instant life leech. Just take 2 points out because they're always very close to enemies, which puts you in a vulnerable position. 

Best Gears for Super Cyclone Slayer Build 3.21 Path of Exile

  • Weapons: Starforge Infernal Sword, Knodo’s Pride Ezomyte Blade

  • Helms: Starkonja’s Head Silken Hood, Rat’s Nest Ursine Pelt, Sol Crown Lion Pelt

  • Armors: Honour Keep Assassin’s Garb, Belly of the Beast Full Wyrmscale, Kintsugi Exquisite Leather

  • Boots: Atziri’s Step

  • Rings: Praxis Paua Ring, Dread Band Coral Ring

  • Gloves: Wrath Fingers Slink Gloves

Click here to find the full details about the Super Cyclone Slayer meta starter build 

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