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POE 3.21 Best 15 Brother's Gift Farming Guide - How To Farm 15 Brother's Gift in Cemetery in Path of Exile

4/18/2023 10:45:21 AM

We go over how we farmed 15 Brother's Gift in Cemetery and why Abyss with 2 Projectiles is insane. Not the best farming method due to price of compasses and scarabs, tried out the farm with Abyss Variant and Legion Variant, ended up running around 300% rarity and 90% Quantity.



  • Tried with Headhunter, Mageblood, and Bisco’s Leash.

  • Headhunter is the best option due to the sheer amount of rares found in Legion and Abyss.

  • With Wandering Path, best option for defense is Evasion as you get one-shotted from all the damage scaling.

  • Greed’s Embrace should only be run with Mageblood due to lack of movement speed.

  • Kept Kaom’s Spirit because we enjoy Berserk too much.

  • Stack Health Regeneration with Crafted Regeneration, Helmet Suffix, and Vitality.



  • Wandering Path for maximum quantity from 8 mod maps.

  • For Abyss, take all of Abyss nodes that grant Extra Monsters and +Abyss Chance.

  • For Legion, take all Legion Nodes, granting Legion Chance, General Selection, and Splinter Duplication.

  • Take all Map Duplication Nodes so you have 37% chance to Duplicate Map.

  • Higher map chance tier and singular focus to get more T16 Corrupted Cemeteries.



  • Sextants: 8 Mod Corrupted Maps, Enraged Strongbox, Additional Strongbox, and 2 Additional Abyss (additional legion).

  • Scarabs: Gilded Divination, Gilded Reliquary (Replace w/Cartography if no MF,) Gilded Ambush, and Gilded Abyss (Polished Legion).

  • Map Device Craft: Ambush.



  • Ended up with 15 Brother’s Gift and 9 Brother’s Stash in around 140 Maps.

  • You will have a surplus of 8 Mod Maps to sell, try to cherry pick and run the well-rolled ones with Beyond and “2 Additional Projectiles for Abyss”.

  • Need to have some Magic Find in order to have better results as chunk of profit comes from random high-value uniques (Hyrri’s Ire, Lioneye’s Fall, Unnatural Instinct, Stormshroud, and Aegis Aurora).


Final Tips for Getting More POE Currency

  • Maps are very difficult with Wandering Path, and Abyss Mobs are crazy.

  • Not the best strategy for pure money-making due to cost of inputs.

  • Cemetery is a horrible map for Delirium Mirror, and looting is very annoying as it is spread out everywhere.

  • Crimson Temple will beat out Cemetery if Apothecary prices keep rising.

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