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Diablo 4 Necromancer Build Guide - Best D4 Necromancer Builds (Skills, Mechanics, Gameplay & Tips)

3/15/2023 12:04:39 PM

When ranking the different builds in Diablo IV, which class should you pick first? With the game updates, today we are going to present a complete guide for D4 Necromancer, covering its strengths, weaknesses, skills, mechanics, and best Diablo 4 Necromancer build. 

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Is Necromancer the Best Class in Diablo 4? - Diablo IV Necromancer Pros, Cons, Skills, Mechanics

When you get started in Diablo and pick a class, is Necromancer good in D4? Each class has its own strengths and weaknesses, and so does the Necromancer. 


- Necromancer is the only class that can command a massive number of summons, allowing him a huge presence on the battlefield.

- Even though Necromancer isn't the tankiest class in the game, his Undead Army with powerful skills makes his summons able to take a serious beating, his Army is a very tough meat shield, which helps keep the Necromancer safe from damage. 

- Necromancer also has access to some of the highest damage output spells in the game like Bone Splinters, Bone Spear, Bone Spirit, and Bone Storm, making Bone Necro one of the strongest builds currently.


- For D4 Necromancer, you need to raise skeletons from corpses they don't just appear once you select the skill as they do in Diablo 3. It could take some time to build up your summoned army and in that time you can be vulnerable.

- Necromancers also have pretty bad mobility compared to other classes, their only skill to increase their movement speed is a 15 increased move speed anytime, they deal damage with a Darkness skill through Reaper's Pursuit, it's better than the druid's mobility since it's more movement speed and only costs three skill points instead of four, but it doesn't compare to the other classes and you still need to use a Darkness skill consistently in order to keep that move speed. 


Necromancers have six skill groups basic, core, macabre, corruption, summoning, and ultimate, each tier is unlocked after a certain level is reached, core skills are unlocked to level 3, macabre at 7, corruption at 12, summoning at 17 and ultimate at 24. so you will be able to test out the Necromancer's ultimate abilities in the upcoming open beta.


In addition, unlike how Druids can't start as summoners, Necromancers actually can because of their class-specific mechanic called the Book of the Dead, which gives them access to their summons. The Necromancer will be the only class with the Book of the Dead, a book that lets you customize your Skeletal Warriors, Skeletal Mages, and Golem with a large number of different options for each.

Best Diablo 4 Builds for Necromancer - Diablo IV Necromancer Build Guide

What is the strongest build for Necromancer in Diablo 4? The main themes of Necro builds are based on its four skill trees, including Bone, Darkness, Summons, and Blood. 

Diablo 4 Bone Necromancer Build

The first one and also the best end-game Necromancer build recommended by Toyhouze is Bone Necromancer, based on data available from the Diablo 4 closed beta, it deals huge amounts of physical damage to a number of powerful bone abilities, the main damage-dealing skills being Bone Spear, Bone Spirit, and the ultimate Bone Storm. Now Bone Storm does 180% damage over 10 seconds, but you don't just summon it around you, you also summon a second Bone Storm around your Golem effectively doubling its effectiveness, it can also be upgraded through Supreme Bone Storm, which is a skill to double its duration to 20 seconds, its total cooldown is 60 seconds, but through the skill rapid ossification, every 100 essence you spend reduces the cooldown of all bone skills by 1.5 seconds, which lets this ability get off cool down pretty fast. 

This build runs with a Blood Golem in particular because it can actually absorb 15% of all damage you would take, which aids a lot with the survivability, and because Bone Storm is twice as strong when you have your goal amount, it fits perfectly this build opts to sacrifice both Skeletal Warriors and Mages for the sacrifice effects, and finally the capstone ability Ossified Essence gives your bone skills 1% more damage per point of the essence, you have above 50 upon cast, which can be a lot of bonus damage. 

Overall, this build has incredibly high AOE damage, it's got great survivability, and is one of the top builds even across all Diablo 4 classes as of the closed beta test, so Bone Necro is one of the best D4 Necromancer builds to use and currently the strongest build option. 

Diablo 4 Blood Necromancer Build

Another build recommended here is a D4 Blood Necromancer build by iRunShibb, which is a tank beast with no summons below are the details. 


1) Basic skills: Hemorrhage -> Enhanced Hemorrhage -> Initiate’s Hemorrhage 

Hemorrhage can lead you into blood abilities that are going to be very prevalent in this build, the reason for choosing Hemorrhage instead of Reap is that there is a chance you are in the middle of mobs to bring your health back to the top.

2) Core skills: Blood Surge -> Enhanced Blood Surge -> Supernatural Blood Surge

Blood Surge is going to be an important part, it is essentially a blood circle around you that’s going to absorb health, with 20% Lucky Hit Chance and 30 Essence Cost, it draws blood from enemies, dealing 20% damage and expelling a blood nova, dealing 50% damage. You are essentially going to try to find yourself in the middle of as many mods as possible while constantly spamming blood surge if you have the essence. 

3) Macabre skills: Blood Mist -> Enhanced Blood Mist -> Dreadful Blood Mist

Blood Mist is one of the most important skills, it turns you into a bloody circle where you are invulnerable to damage, in Diablo 4, one of the biggest dangerous factors is getting cornered by mobs, so being able to pass through mobs is super important. Your movement speed is reduced by 50% and you periodically deal 1.75% damage to enemies, but you heal for 100% of the damage dealt, so if you're passing through a crap ton of mods you are healing for an insane amount of healing while you're invulnerable for three seconds.

4) Corruption skills: Death’s Embrace, Decrepify -> Enhanced Decrepify -> Abhorrent Decrepify, Iron Maiden -> Enhanced Iron Maiden -> Horrid Iron Maiden

5) Summoning skills: Spiked Armor, Blood Begets Blood -> Tioes of Blood/Coalesced Blood -> Dramn Vitality

6) Ultimate skills: Blood Wave -> Prime Blood Wave -> Supreme Blood Wave, Stand Alone -> Memento Mori

Book of the Dead

First, when you choose to sacrifice, do not use the Skeletal Defenders to gain an additional 15 non-physical resistance from not having these Skeletal Defenders. When Skeletal skeleton Mages, you can go to Bone Mages because it's going to make sure our overpower damage is increased by 30 percent, but you can no longer raise Skeletal Mages. Then, keep the Golems because there's no synergy in the build to not have the Golems around besides maybe having an increased life and you can do some of those things to sacrifice them.

- Skeletal Warriors: SDS (Skeletal Defenders) - Sacrifice

- Skeletal Mages: BMS (Bone Mages) - Sacrifice

- Golem: BG (Blood Golem) & BGU1 (Blood Golem Upgrade 1)

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