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Diablo 4 Best Swiss Army Knife Necro Build for Open Beta - D4 Best Necro Build with Skills

3/27/2023 4:47:17 PM

This is a Necro build for which we haven't yet found a weakness.



Skeletons (Corpse-forming Reapers + Essense-generating cold Mages), Golem (Corpse shedding), Corpse Explosion (2 skill pts -> Enhanced -> Plagued), Blood Mist (1 skill pt -> Enhanced -> Ghastly), Bone Splinters (1 skill pt -> Enhanced), Bone Spear (5 skill pts -> Enhanced -> Supernatural).


  • 3/3 Hewed Flesh (Corpses on hit)

  • 3/3 Skeleton Warrior Mastery

  •  3/3 Skeleton Mage Mastery,

  • 1/3 Bonded in Essense (Passive Skeleton Heal)

Defensive Legendary Affixes

Barrier on Damaging Elite, Basic skills grant Damage Reduction, Bubble on Injury.

Offensive Legendary Affixes

Bone Spear makes all enemies hit vulnerable, Extra Damage with Primary Resource at Cast, Blood Mist triggers Corpse Explosion and reduces CD, Consuming Corpses gives higher damage to next Core Skill, Extra Skeleton Warriors, Extra Skeleton Mages.

Skill Rotations By Encounter Type

- Mobs without elites (like overworld events): Minions take care of it solo.

- Mobs with Elites: Fire a Bone Spear at Elite, heavily damaging it (and making it vulnerable) while killing some adds. Next, trigger Blood Mist to get tons of Corpse Explosions to melt the remaining mobs and Elites, while also charging the next Bone Spear cast with Consuming-Corpses-increases-core-skill-damage affix (which lasts until next cast, whenever that is). Next mob gets hit by the super-powered Bone Spear followed by Blood Mist / Corpse Explosion mop up, and so forth.

- Dungeon / World Bosses: Skeletons/Golem soak damage and do tons of their own (thanks to masteries and extra skeletons from Affixes) while you use Dodge and Blood Mist for immunity when needed. Alternate Bone Splinters and Bone Spear casts; Bone Spear does heavy damage, while Bone Splinters + Mages quickly refill Essence to make sure next Bone Spear cast gets max bonus from the Extra-Damage-with-high-primary-resource affix. When necessary, heal / re-cast skeletons from corpses generated by skill attacks and reapers; if not needed to heal / re-cast skeletons, can Blood Mist into the boss and Corpse Explode all of them, and there will be a lot thanks to reapers and Hewed Flesh creating extra corpses.

There is sufficient defense from the Barrier, Damage Reduction, and Bubble affixes to stand up to the Butcher with minimal potion use (1-2 at most), while having enough DPS to melt him within about 20 seconds. Ashava took a little longer, but good Blood Mist timing and the occasional re-cast of skeletons kept the boss from killing us while we took it down with minimal help from the lower level party members we ended up with.

We're sure this will be of limited relevance in higher World Tiers (minions will probably not hold up to higher Tier boss damage), but it's unstoppable at Lvl 25 at Veteran Tier.

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