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Diablo 4 Solo Class Tier List & Best Solo Builds for Rogue, Barb, Sorc, Necro, Druid

5/15/2023 4:41:03 PM

With the Server Slam open beta ended, let’s take a closer look at which class could be the best pick for solo play in Diablo 4, with the highest DPS potential and incomparable survivability!

Diablo IV Best Solo Class & Build Ranked Worst To Best

In the final beta before the game's release, Blizzard tried to implement Balance Changes for each class, according to the data and feedback collected during the previous beta. That brought a very different experience to some classes from the previous open betas. Among other things, barbarian and druid are blatantly buffed, while necromancers and sorceresses get a nerf, especially the Necromancers nerfed to death on the Server Slam - they now die instantly on the slightest hit, rendering the summoner build unplayable. So now what is the best solo class at the start of Diablo IV? Then we've got you covered with ranking all classes, to see which one can be set up the most powerful solo builds that do not require you to group up with others but can take you right from level 1 to the endgame grind. 

5 - Druids (C Tier)

The Druid class received significant criticism during the beta phase primarily due to its perceived weakness. Fans who eagerly awaited the return of the Druid class since its last appearance in Diablo 2 were left disappointed as it fell considerably short of their expectations. Regardless of the chosen Solo build, the Druid struggled to match the damage output and overall effectiveness of other classes. In fact, the Druid encountered the most difficult among all classes when facing the first boss in the game's storyline. However, being a Druid offers immense potential for diverse playstyles. Whether one desires to fulfill the role of a tank, melee fighter, caster, or support, the Druid class provides ample opportunities to explore different playstyles in group play. It remains uncertain how powerful the Druid will become in the later stages of the game. Anyway, the Werewolf build for Druid is almost immortal, making you the alpha of your own pack. Druids use the magic of nature to enchant enemies, strengthen allies, or transform into bears and wolves and crush enemies. You can take on different roles and fight in melee or ranged combat. With their magic, it should even be possible to summon companions for a short time or to arrest opponents. As a special class mechanic, druids can offer sacrifices to the spirits to receive permanent buffs. In any case, as a druid, you will have to deal well with your skills in order to find a good build. Not a class for beginners.

Diablo 4 Best Druid Solo Build: Werewolf Druid

For the best Druid build so far, we recommend using the Werewolf Druid, although he seems to have an edge in team games due to the strong buff distribution. Plus it's a build that excels at fighting bosses and elite opponents, has strong self-healing abilities, and is super agile enough to dodge many attacks.

4 - Barbarian (C Tier)

Melee fighters that rely on pure brutality and physical strength to defeat opponents have a harder time on the early stages in Diablo 4 Open Beta and the impression of many players was that barbarians in particular have big problems. They have to play close to the opponent all the time, get everything and have only limited self-healing. Later, they can hold their own and even endure a lot, but the way there is rather difficult and even then their damage lags behind that of other classes. If you're playing in a group and want to take on a tank role, the Barbarian is still a great choice, as you can keep the enemies away from the classes that can withstand less and let them deal the damage. While for Solo play, Barbarians have so far turned out to be rather weak, as they have had to take a lot and have found it difficult to reach opponents.  After all, the buff allows them to withstand more and cause more damage. Beginners who do not want to play as a glass cannon are well served with the barbarian. Barbarian is by far in our opinion the weakest class in the game, we would recommend a total rework for Barbarian. Barbarian doesn't seem to have been constructed to actually be fun to play, their big-hitting abilities have a long cast time, and the best way to put it is their Synergy is all weird. They seem to be a scaling class with their different weapons but their builds aren't fun as they are extraordinarily weak. 

Diablo 4 Best Barbarian Solo Build: Whirlwind Bleed Barb

The best build is the Whirlwind bleed tank that tears apart entire enemy groups relying on bleeding and self-healing. It allows you to clear groups of enemies with ease, making it perfect for solo and co-op dungeon runs.

3 - Necromancer (B Tier)

The necromancers can summon skeletons and flesh golems, or directly attack or protect themselves with curses, bone spears, and other spells. With their damage, even at low levels, they can kill most enemies instantly. Necromancers are particularly strong at lower levels, as their companions can slaughter opponents on their own. You don't have to do much. The class is also ideal for beginners. Now based on feedback from players who were able to test Diablo 4 high-level content, the Summoning Necromancer was a very simple and powerful way to level up, but it fell behind other classes in very high-level content... Minions were starting to really suffer against strong enemies on high difficulty. Unfortunately, it seems the devs took some of the feedback a bit to heart, including the fact that the Necromancer did indeed have an easy life at low levels, and minion lives were drastically reduced after the beta, in order to force players to have to re-invoke them more often. How weak is the Necromancer now? While in the previous beta, you could slaughter everything with the corresponding Necromancer build, you can break a sweat now. With summoned minions dying faster and individual abilities dealing less damage, battles require good planning. 

Diablo Best Necromancer Solo Build: Summoner Necro

Summon an army of undead to fight for you, not only providing you with powerful damage but also acting as a tank to protect your character. You hardly need any resources or high valued D4 items but skills like Corpse Explosive to deal high damage to groups, elites, and bosses, and you are often invulnerable in battle.

2- Rogue (A Tier)

In the Open Beta released in March, we thought Rogue and Necromancer were on par, and changes in Server Slam caused the Rogue could outrank the Necromancer. It's slightly stronger against single targets, but not as strong against very large groups. Especially good players even defeated the toughest boss of the beta alone with the Rogue.  The big advantage of the class is that Rogue rely on fighting with various weapons in melee and ranged combat. They alternate shots with bows or crossbows and attacks with daggers and other melee weapons in spectacular combos. In addition, huntresses fight with poisons and shadow abilities. As a special class mechanic, Rogues can choose one of three specializations that fundamentally change their playstyle. For now, it looks like the melee builds are stronger but also come with more risk.  Rogue should also be far ahead later in the endgame. The previous classes of the Rogues have always been rather strong classes, but they are difficult to master. According to previous experience in Diablo 4, the Rogue will probably settle in the midfield and will also be easily accessible for Solo beginners. 

Diablo 4 Best Solo Rogue Build: Twisting Blades Rogue

This build is perfect for solo play with high damage output and extremely agile to evade many attacks, also it can reach even distant enemies with ease and is strong against large enemy groups. 

1 - Sorceress (S Tier)

Just like in other Diablo series, Sorc has always maintained her queen status, whether it is used for leveling start build or end-game farming, she is the strongest spellcaster class. With casting their special skills, sorceresses can not only inflict damage but also control opponents. The special class Enchantment mechanic allows sorceresses to write their own spells by placing passive effects on active spells with additional skill slots. The advantage of the sorceress is that you can set up the Solo builds that work almost by themselves. With one or two spells (such as the Hydra), you can keep moving all the time and just slaughter enemies on the side. Also, she didn't need a lot of Legendaries to be strong in at the early game.  In addition, sorceresses have strong defensive skills that somewhat compensate for their role as a "glass cannon". With various elements, they can control opponents and are therefore also useful together with other players in groups. Sorceress should also be a solid Solo choice later in the endgame. 

Diablo 4 Best Solo Sorcerer Build: Hydra Lightning Sorc

This Sorceress can single plays almost by itself, killing everything in seconds! It is undeniably potent and has the capability to transform even the most challenging bosses or passages into a leisurely stroll. If you find yourself frequently struggling and succumbing to death, we highly recommend giving this build a try. With its effectiveness, you'll be able to vanquish demons with ease and send them to their demise. 

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