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Diablo 2 Resurrected New Patch 2.4 Updates - Some Positive Skills Changes & Helpful Tips

2/8/2022 4:49:58 PM

Now on the Diablo 2 Resurrected PTR patch update the designers surely know what needs to be addressed? In many cases for changes, they were just a little too hesitant, twisting the throttle as much as giving it a bit of gas to make it look like a serious change and some of the few meta-shifting things that have been nerfed in these patches.

Diablo 2 Resurrected New Patch 2.4 Updates - Some Positive Skills Changes & Helpful Tips 

Positive skills changes

Patch notes

Patch notes, in fact, some emerging builds were spotted, a quick overview of the class changes and everything involved so far Javelin and Spear skills got a big improvement, especially Fenn which is a very positive change.

Plague javelin and poison javelin

The Plague javelin and poison javelin are largely the same, and the spear skill tree has been greatly improved with the Dodge and dodge changes, which are all very nice.

Bar's war cry

Barbarian's war cry changes are an improvement, but for those who really want to have changes to Character, bypassing mana issues such as silk waves extra points in a mana dual width spikes the damage is not existing, enlarge the radius a bit to make it more like a utility skill.

Leap attack

Leap attack is not the strongest skill, but it's fun in that while it may not be the strongest skill, it's fun. As with double cast, the baseline damage from design Impale has been increased, which is definitely a positive change.

Mana Reduction

The reduction in mana cost and the reduction in mana cost for Freeze Arrow and Rocket is a nice sweeping 25 buffs making it even more powerful. Maybe you could increase the damage scaling even further with strafe, like not sure what it is currently, I think it's about 5% per level. Probably five percent per level, maybe you could make it 10 percent because you need crazy gear to have a pretty good clear rate on boson.

Multiplayer multi-gun, they made strafe start with flat damage instead of 7. If you want to go further maybe all the arrows in that sphere have a chance instead of just the two in the middle, which would make some cool stuff like Atmos scarab can get amp damage more often.

Matriarchal Spear

Ichorsting 2H damage: 65-95
Base speed: [0]
Class speed: Ama - Normal
Adds range: 4
Durability: 28
Req Strength: 114
Req Dexterity: 142
Req level: 45
Quality level: 61
Treasure class: 63
Max sockets: 6

The changes they have made to martial arts in this section have been much improved, easier to hit, improved attack levels, a Dragon finishing move when you use finishing move, it is a guaranteed release all the charges are very reasonable to have some cool builds.

Buffed wake of the fire

They did make some substantial improvements, in terms of traps, they buffed wake of the fire, splitting up some of the synergies on Death so that Diablo 2 players can put more points elsewhere, which is an improvement. Wake Of Fire" is an example of how they can take the throttle to the end and go further, level 49 "Wake Of Fire" is say 1600 damage, but level 49 lightning sentry is 12K.

Fire skill tree

The fire skill tree does not have a separate cooldown, which is an improvement. It's a B-level build, but it's definitely a good improvement, there are a lot of builds like Fire Claws, they open up synergies, but they net nerf everything. So something like rip cracker Rachelle rune and breath of dying is all faster is breakpoints. are all faster breakpoints, so you still fall into that shape-shifting weapon category as well, that was their original idea to try to alleviate the problem, but the fact that opened up the skill tree, added Diablo 2 item weapons, and rage Fire Claws subs.

Damage output

In future patches, it could be a little bit more gas in terms of damage output, and by and large, druids have been improved minus summoning, so they made some changes here, like reducing the damage skill range gain and stuff like that in order to improve early levels, but I haven't tested that either, but Fissure druids are very powerful early levels.


Shape-shifting is still kind of like a laughing stock Character class, and they identified some key changes and some cool stuff for spirit wolves to tweak their Hit Points to make ravens better. Why not make it so you can cast spear wolves and grizzly at the same time. and then also cast oak sage and her wolverine at the same time. At least you can have two summons out at the same time while you can back them up with more damage and more Hit Points while the two oak sages, Raven's experience playing this game in Diablo's Path and in pd2 keep casting. Summoning two spirits at the same time and summoning two wolves and bears at the same time would be a huge improvement.

Fireball & Mage

The devs have again identified key areas for improvement, though still, nothing has changed on the issue of dead spirits. Fireball is a strike, and Mage is a strike, as is Mage, so it would be nice to see more done on the skeleton side. If there was a perfect level 52, bone spear level 52, bone spear used to be 5900 damage, now it's 6000 damage, so essentially, they removed the difference in damage proportionally, if they were closer or further away from the difference, they removed holy fire, holy phrase, holy shock, and sanctuary. added some extra, for holy shock tesla dam was already strong, so they made it stronger. Maybe just in holy shock a freeze den or a holy free zealot or whatever is an f-tier build, maybe it's possible to make it more powerful because different scales might have the right weapon. In fact, there could have been something new, but then it was nerfed. The scale of sacred fire has been reduced from 90 to 70 and synergy from 24 to 18.

Introduction of synergies

With the introduction of synergies, the most popular elemental damage build is cold and lightning. why have a 45K lightning rating? Static field and broken bail wave, but for now there is an alternative to the moat that works with the hydra, even at budget settings the actual damage is pretty solid, now the cast delay is still removed so it's a quality improvement change, however, it's really only good for farming bosses for regular Pvm farming like in The Stony Tomb where fireballs are faster.

Increasing THROWS quantities

Increasing the number of THROWS is fantastic. The fact will have to as frequently buy new bolts or arrows which is great, and increasing the number of throws also increases the number of throws for things like T-strokes. It's a small shift for Javazon so that's nice too then it will improve the throwing rods like the Russell so that's nice.

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