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New World Legendary Farm Guide - How To Farm Legendary Weapons, Rings, Earrings & More

2/8/2022 11:50:33 AM

In New World, crafting or buying best in slot weapons can be tedious and expensive as well we need some fast and quick legendaries to do all of the mutated dungeons. In the guide, we are going to show you the best New World legendary farm locations, as well as the best legendary items for Bruiser. You can get all-around New World by just farming mobs and expeditions. 


New World Legendary Farm Guide - How To Farm Legendary Weapons, Rings, Earrings & More

This New World legendary item farm guide covers all of the best in slot items that can drop for bruisers at the moment. We would recommend is that you basically do the Genesis Dungeon and the Lazarus Dungeon. If you do those two dungeons each day you're probably going to get the best New World legendary drop eventually. You will have to make sure that your gear score is at least 600, so you can get legendary drops.

1. New World Legendary Weapon (Great Axe) Farm                                                          

If you want to almost basting slot great axe. There are two New World legendary farm spots you can go and farm. 


Weaponsmaster’s Chosen

The first one is called Weaponsmaster’s Chosen. The Chosen Great Axe comes with strength, mending execute, vicious and keen. This is almost the best in the slot it has two great perks. If you're somebody that uses execute, this will also benefit you but you're basically forming this weapon for the vicious and keen. The first great axe you can go and form in the expedition is called Lazarus and the boss that you're going to farm is called Cilla. She drops the Weaponsmaster’s Chosen.


Blightbone Battleaxe

Blightbone Battleaxe is another great axe that you can go and farm in New World. This Blightbone Battleaxe has strength on it and it has angry earth bane, keenly jagged and keen. We're mainly farming this weapon for keenly jagged and keen. This New World legendary drops from the Caretaker in Genesis. It's that boss that says my flowers and my children which is basically the boss that stands in the middle and it summons like a circle around it.


2. New World Legendary Weapon (War Hammer) Farm

There are only two New World legendary Hammers that you have to go and farm for. 



Fury is one of the best War Hammers in New World. It has keen, vicious and keenly empowered on it. So it's definitely one of the best in slot War Hammers. The New World legendary farm spot of Fury is in the Lazarus Expedition and it drops from the boss called Chardis. Chardis is a big stone was at the end of Lazarus. You'll definitely notice him when you see him.



Woodswarden has keenly fortified, keen and vicious on it, it comes with strength as well. This is also one of the best War Hammers in-game. Because it makes you tankier other than the Fury which gives you guinea and power. You can go and farm the Woodswarden in the Genesis Dungeon. The boss that drops the Woodswarden is called the Blighted Greenskeeper. It's the end boss of Genesis. You'll know her since she has that long body and sees the planned lady at the end that throws some poison on the ground and some rocks.


3. New World Legendary Ring Farm

The bruises are probably one of the luckiest classes in the New World since they dropped some really good jewelry in dungeons for bruisers. First, we're going to look at two rings and then some amulets.



The Beginning Ring has keen awareness on it, hearty and refreshing. The Beginning Ring drops in Reekwater at the four causal drift elite zone. You can form it from a few mobs, mainly the Siren’s Fist, the Siren’s Guide and the Siren’s Gun. This is a good place to go and farm for one of the best in slaughterings since you can just loop the bosses in a circle and form them over and over again which makes it a little bit easier to go and farm.


Smooth Bone Ring

Smooth Bone Ring is the next best New World legendary jewelry that you can go and farm. It has strength on it, keen awareness, hearty and leeching. This is truly one of the best slot rings in the game. This has all the perks on it that you would ever want on a ring. You can go and farm the Smooth Bone Ring in the Lazarus Expedition or Dungeon. It drops from multiple numbers of mobs, so you just have to be lucky and hope that you find it. Make sure you get it in legendary to get all of the free perks.


4. New World Legendary Earring Farm

There's only one earring that you can go and farm for the bruiser that is best in the slot.


Doom’s Chance Earring

The earring has strength on it, the perk regenerating, refreshing toast and refreshing. This is also one of those earrings that are best in slot. You probably can't even craft a better earring than Doom’s Chance. You can go and farm the Doom’s Chance earring in Genesis. The boss that drops the Doom’s Chance is called the Caretaker.


5. New World Legendary Amulet Farm

There isn't really basting slot amulets that you can go on-farm for, but there is just some generally good amulets that you can go and farm if you truly want the best in slot eminence. You're going to have to craft your own amulet or buy it from somebody.


Eyes in the Abyss

This amulet has constitution on it, health, purify and nature protection. This amulet isn't great but the perk makes it good enough. Natural damage is going to help you against healers but that's about it. This amulet drops from the leviathan of the deep. it's located in Shattered Mountain, Scorched Mines and Ambusti Superior. This is an elite zone, you are going to require a party to take down this monster is that demon monster with the tail and the horns. You're going to kill him, he's really strong and he's really tanky. Luckily the Eyes in the Abyss amulet has a constitution on it, so your other party members can utilize this amulet as well. They will be somewhat motivated to help you actually farm for this amulet.


The Chain of Zane

This amulet has strength on it, a nature gem on it, health, refreshing and luck. If you're somebody that enjoys PvE, this is a really good amulet, but it can also be utilized in PVP. You can farm this legendary amulet in the Lazarus Expedition and it drops from khamruset Arcanisti. She basically summons skeletons and she has that blue shockwave ability thing that pushes people back and does a lot of damage.


6. New World Legendary Armour Farm

There's only one piece that you can go and farm that's considered almost batting slot for the bruiser.


Warden’s Guise

Warden’s Guise is a light piece headpiece and it has strength on it, refreshing, resilient and luck. It's not really best in legendary armour in New World since it needs some ability perk on it. But at least it has resilience and refreshing on it. In this piece, you can go and farm in the Genesis Dungeon and drop from Taxodius. Taxodius is that mob in Genesis with the tail that's made from a tree. It has that little pink mushroom head on his head. You can't bust him since he's singled out and he will stand in the middle of a little pool.


Go farm these New World weapons, rings, earrings, armour, amulet legendaries now if you are a bruiser. Looking for some cheap and legit New World gold? can provide your cheapest NW gold on the market!

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