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Diablo 4 Lunar Awakening Event: Locations, Lunar Shrines, Currency, Sigils & Rewards

2/1/2024 10:32:38 AM

We got the reveal of the Lunar New Year event for Diablo 4 called Lunar Awakening. This will be Diablo 4's second-holiday event after the Midwinter Blight Event in December. Read our D4 Lunar New Year event guide 2024, we'll talk about the locations, lunar shrines, sigils, currency, and rewards.


Diablo 4 Lunar New Year Event: Locations, Lunar Shrines, Currency, Sigils & Rewards

Lunar New Year (also known as Chinese New Year or Spring Festival) is the festival that celebrates the beginning of a new year on the traditional lunisolar and solar Chinese calendar. Diablo 4 Lunar New Year event will begin February 6 at 1 p.m. PST and it's going to run until February 20th until 10: a.m. PST. The event will be available in both seasonal and Eternal characters. Now, let's dive into our Diablo 4 Lunar Awakening event guide 2024!


D4 Lunar Shrines

A major theme of the event will be shrines, so while playing you're going to have to activate lunar shrines which you can find pretty much everywhere and while active, you're going to earn 50% bonus XP. Multiplicative, they specify now all the time and you get 30% movement speed plus quote a plethora of buffs all while earning ancestors favor reputation.


Where to farm Lunar Shrines

We find the lunar shrine both in dungeons and the overworld. While they're active on us, if we slay monsters, we're going to earn a bunch of ancestors favor. Lunar shrines will have a little dragon on them and they'll also have a unique icon on the map so they'll be easy to identify from a distance.


Lunar Shrine Effects

Not all shrines but some shrines have been replaced with lunar shrines. Lunar shrines provide an exciting bonus effect on top of the regular shrine power so this is not a replacement, this is in addition to.

  • Artillery Shrine: Chance to summon a holy bomb.

  • Blast Wave Shrine: Each explosion summons a cluster bombardment.

  • Channeling Shrine: Increase attack speed and chance to reset cool downs.

  • Conduit Shrine: Summon frequent, powerful, shocking strikes.

  • Green Shrine: Chance to summon a Treasure Goblin. While the Shrine is active, 25 kills summons a Treasure Goblin, and 50 kills summons a second.

  • Lethal Shrine: Chance to instantly execute a struck monster, causing Fear on surrounding monsters. Note: this includes Elites, but excludes Bosses and other

  • Players.

  • Protection Shrine: You reflect all incoming damage. Damage reflected scales with level and World Tier.

Miserly Spirits spawn immediately when a Lunar Shrine is activated allowing you to immediately capitalize on the shrine-specific gameplay augmentation.


D4 Lunar Awakening Event Locations

Just like like Midwinter event, it was Kyovashad that was our hub. It seems like for this Diablo 4 Lunar Awakening event, it's going to be Ked Bardu. In the north part of the town, we're going to meet a new NPC vendor running the night market. Ying-Yue is going to be our hub for the event and this is where we'll exchange ancestors favor.


D4 Lunar Awakening Event Currency

Ancestors favor is the event currency. You earn a currency while playing, then you can trade that in for cosmetics and extravagant lunar renewal-themed Diablo 4 Items. There are going to be 10 ancestors favorite reputation levels in total to earn 6 different lunar-themed cosmetic rewards to unlock, they'll also be selling cosmetics in the shop.


Where to farm Ancestors Favor?

Additionally, Lunar Awakening-themed whisper bounties are available throughout the event making them an excellent place to earn ancestors favor.


D4 Lunar Awakening Event Sigils

Also nightmare dungeon sigils have a chance to have an ancestors favor dungeon affix, this is going to guarantee only lunar shrines spawn for that dungeon. In addition, we're also getting extra shrines and receiving 10% bonus glyph XP once the dungeon is complete. All nightmare dungeon sigils with the ancestors favorite affix will retain it once the event has ended, so you're able to craft up a bunch of these sigils. Even when the event is over, you can keep running these ancestors favor enchanted nightmare dungeons.


D4 Lunar Awakening Event Rewardsimageimage

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