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Elden Ring Furnace Golem Guide: Locations, Routes, Drops & How To Defeat

6/27/2024 3:33:19 PM

New giant fire enemies the Furnace Golems are found all around the lands of Shadow by killing each of the eight total Golems found in the Elden Ring DLC. You'll get a new tear per kill to put into wondrous physicks. Some of those have high value for different builds and could impact your gameplay. Today, we’re covering every Furnace Golem's location, how to get to that place, what each Golem drops, and some advice on how to beat them.


How To Beat Furnace Golem In Elden Ring?

If you're facing one with the exposed legs, it's not a problem. With almost any Elden Ring weapon, you can run in there, and melee a leg over and over until it staggers. The best thing you can do is target one specific leg until that stagger occurs. Aim to deal enough damage to trigger a full stagger which will cause it to fall to its knees and then fully fall forward facing either left or right depending on the leg you're attacking. It'll lay there for a long time though, so don't panic. The critical hits on the face and massive damage, two of those will kill any of the Golems. But if you have it as an option, do be aware you can use range attacks to damage your different plates like the face plate even when it's fully standing. 

1. Non-armored Golems

When it comes to the attacks of the non-armored Golems, once you're up against it attacking the legs, it comes down to a simple gameplay loop. Your key goal is to always jump over the fire slams because there are three main kinds. The one-leg slam is easy to avoid, it lights up and then there's a slam. You need to jump it as the leg comes down. There are two in a row. Finally, there's the one where it lights up both legs for a double jump, slamming down at the same time. That results in a massive explosion around the Golem and also the usual fire on the ground after. To avoid that, you want to run back and away. The explosion could be outranged after, so jump right as the explosion pops. If you try to stay under or behind the Golem at all times, other attacks like the punch or grab are pretty easy to avoid. Every time it turns, you stay under and go behind, so you only have to worry about the jump slams. 


2. Armored Golem

Armored Golem is a Golem with armored legs. They're rare, there are only two overall. Since you can't use the normal method, instead you'll need to use range attacks against the high up weak points if you can or you can rely on hefty fire pots and furnace pots. You simply throw these new pots into their basket, the thing above their head and it'll deal immense damage. Four or five of these pots thrown into the basket will kill the Golems but you need to be high up to do that. The couple of Golems that require this due to the armored legs always have a spirit spring next to them. These can be used to reach the ledge above them where you can throw the pots. Just be wary while you're up in these locations, they'll start to use the fire range missiles which you can kite by running around on torrent. They'll jump and swing with their arm which roll to avoid.


DIY Recipes & How To Get

Hefty Fire Pot


  • Redflesh Mushroom(All over the place)

  • Black Pyrefly (All over the place in fire areas or military camps)

To graft those, you're going to need the recipe. Unfortunately, they're both in the first zone, Gravesite Plain, so come to the Scorched Ruins on the south side. Facing it and looking north, we can enter it and slightly east to get up the stairs and right there on the body. That's the recipe for the Hefty Fire Pot.


Hefty Furnace Pot

  • Redflesh Mushroom (All over the place)

  • Ember of Messmer (In Shadow Keep)

  • Furnace Visage (After defeating the golems & where Golems are)

For the Hefty Furnace Pot, we're going to come to the north side of the Gravesite Plain, the nearest is the Greatbridge North. Here you can head down southeast down until you come to the Run-Down Traveler's Rest. On the body, you’ll get the recipe for the Furnace Pot.


Elden Ring Furnace Golem Locations & Rewards


In Gavesite Plains north of the Scorched Ruins or right by the three paths cross, it will drop the Deflecting Hardtear.



If you've not been to the Cillian Coast, come from the Castle Front. Follow the road east until you come to a passage that leads down by Rocky plateaus until you reach the water. Then you head southwest through a cave to reach the Grace at which point we follow the water down leading us all the way southeast eventually coming to this area where we have the Golem. This Golem will drop the Viridian Hidden Tier.



Head to Shadowkeep the Scadu Altus region in the center of military camp is our next Golem target. It's just a standing one but there are enemies around which we recommend you clear out before challenging the Golem. This Golem will drop the Crimsonburst Dried Tear. 



In the same zone at the Church District Highroad, the Golem is on the path. To reach that location for the first time, you need to come to the Moorth Ruins. By passing into the Moorth Ruins and going on the northeastern side, there's a little passage that leads into the ruins. Drop down there and progress through and eventually, you come out the other side to the Bonny Village. You can just cross the Bonny Village and begin crossing the main bridges leading to the next grace, the Bridge Leading to the Village. We head up here and we'll encounter it. This will be your first Golem that's got armored legs though. There's a spirit spring right next to it, hop on up there, let it get close, and then throw roughly five Hefty Fire Pots into the basket. Avoiding the jump attack and the fire missiles were needed. This Golem will drop the Cerulean Sapping Cracked Tear. 



Come to the south but instead of the Cillian Coast, we're coming to Charo's Hidden Grave. The Golem location is here and if you haven't been to this red flower region, here's a quick map guide to show you how to do that. Starting at the Castle Front in the first region, you follow the main road. Work your way all the way up to the Pillar Path Waypoint, then you follow the valley around until you come to a cave entrance, the Dragon's Pit. Progress this area and defeat the boss. Behind the boss room is another Grace exit, the Dragon’s Pit Terminus. From here, we head east to the pond with some dragons. Then head south through the valley, eventually coming to a pretty important location, the Grand Altar of Dragon Communion. By crossing over the body of the Dragon, you'll encounter the red flower area, then you just progress west and northwest until you hit the grace Charo's Hidden Grave. From here, we'll head northwest, so we can cross the final region where we can see a big Golem on a hill. Behind that Golem is another spirit spring because this is another armored Golem, just go up onto the ledge above with at least five Hefty Fire Pots. Then throw those Fire Pots into the basket successfully until it's dead. This Golem will drop the Glovewort Crystal Tear.


For our next Golem location, we need to come to the Rauh Ancient Ruins. The thing is it requires you to go through the Shadow Keep, you'll enter and defeat a boss, then you'll have the Main Gate Plaza Grace. By progressing through this area, you'll eventually come to a high bridge which then has a ramp leading back down with a door you can lock back to the first Grace. From there, you can make your way to the heart of the Shadow Keep where you come to the first Grace, the storehouse's first floor. By immediately heading west from this location, you'll see a room with an elevator that leads down into a kind of pot host Hospital area ending with the West Rampart Grace. Cross the long bridge while being attacked, we'd recommend being on torrent and sprinting the hallway to bring you to the Viaduct Minor Tower. At which point you'll need to head southwest into the ruin entrance, complete this area, and eventually, it will bring you where the water is to our next Grace which also crosses the Rauh Ancient Ruins. Then we can cross a broken bridge which brings us right to that Golem. The best thing you can do is run past it because there is a Grace to pick up and now you can fight it safely. This Golem drops the Crimson-Sapping Craked Tear. 



There are only two more Golems that are in the same location by the Ruins of Unte or in the area called Castle Watering Hole. To reach this location, we need to return to the Shadow Keep, the Main Gate Plaza. If you've unlocked the shortcut, you can go straight up the ramp to the High Bridge. When you're ready, you can come back to the center of the main bridge, this time we go to the east where there's a ladder on the north side. We drop down there and right next to you, there's a waterfall entrance that leads into a sewer area with a painting room. In the painting room, there's an illusion wall we can break. Passing through here, we find a strange suspicious coffin. When you enter, it will transport you to the castle watering hall location and now you're where the final two Golems are. Heading southeast, you'll encounter the first Golem which will try to ambush You by coming out of the water. It's straightforward, there's no armor on this. Kill it, as this one drops the Oil-Soaked Tear. 



By the Ruins of Unte, as you approach it, you'll see the Golem sleeping in front of the entrance to this place. You're going to need a Hefty Furnace Pot to defeat this. By the point you've reached this place, you've also been through the Shadow Keep, so you should have some Embers of Messmer from that location. You'll only need the one Furnace Pot but it's required to activate this deactivated Golem. With your Hefty Furnace Pot ready, go to the ruins to the north side and climb up. You'll eventually come to the balcony, where we can easily throw a Furnace Pot into the basket of the deactivated Golem which will bring it to life. Then we hop down and defeat it as normal. This Golem will drop the Bloodsucking Cracked Tear. 

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