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Elden Ring DLC Best Samurai Build - Top 2 Most Op Samurai Weapons in Shadow of the Erdtree

6/26/2024 3:48:49 PM

While many builds in Elden Ring require specializing heavily in one specific area such as strength, faith, or intelligence, the Samurai build provides a perfect balance between offense and defense. What’s the best Samurai build in Elden Ring DLC? In our Elden Ring DLC Samurai build guide, we'll talk about its weapon, armor, skills and talisman.


Top 2 Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree Best Samurai Builds & Weapons

The Samurai is one of the starting character origins available in Elden Ring. Their starting base stats focus on Vigor, Dexterity and Mind. Vigor and Dexterity will be their highest stats. For Elden Ring items, Samurai starts with a Uchigatana katana, a Red Thorn Roundshield, Longbow, and arrows. They also wear traditional Japanese-inspired Land of Reeds armor sets. Stat-wise, Samurai is the most optimal origin for a pure Dexterity build, having 2 more points in Dexterity than Wretch origin at the start. It is efficient for builds that focus on Dexterity scaling weapons with low Strength requirements, such as katanas. Without further ado, let's dive into Elden Ring DLC best Samurai builds & weapon combos!

1) Elden Ring DLC Blood Moon Samurai

Blood Moon Samurai is a powerful killer who is soaked in the blood of his enemies but he wields the shroud of blood as a trophy. Everything in the way of this Samurai gets cut down like butter infinitely no matter if he gets hit in the process of doing so. Because there is no rest for the wicked, he can also slash his enemies with an Ancient Dragon hunting super move that also allows him to snipe his enemies from across the map to hunt down any fleeing enemies. If you combine these two katanas, the Rakshasa’s Great Katana and the Dragon-Hunter's Great Katana, you'll have the best Elden Ring DLC Samurai build.



  • Rakshasa’s Great Katana

  • Dragon-Hunter's Great Katana


  • Rakshasa’s Helm

  • Rakshasa’s Armor

  • Rakshasa’s Gauntlets

  • Rakshasa’s Greaves


  • Godfrey Icon

  • Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman

  • Great-Jar’s Arsenal

  • Shard of Alexander


2) Elden Ring DLC Bloodflame Samurai
The weapon we're using for this Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree best Samurai build is the Nagakiba. The reason is because it's the longest Katana in the game pretty much double the reach of the Uchigatana and that extra reach can come in handy. Not to mention it looks really cool. The Nagakiba scales on both strength and dexterity so you might want to bump those up for maximum damage. Additionally, you get a 1.5 times scaling on strength when you two hand the weapon and this is primarily how we're going to use this weapon. So it'll do you good to put some levels into strength to get some use out of this.



  • Nagakiba


  • Default Samurai Armor Set

  • White Mask

Skill & Spell

  • Double Slash

  • Bloodflame Blade

  • Flame, Grant Me Strength


  • Green Turtle Talisman

  • Radagon’s Soreseal

  • Rotten Winged Sword Insignia

  • Winged Sword Insignia

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