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Elden Ring DLC Best Bleed Build - Top 3 Best Bleed Weapon Combos in Shadow of the Erdtree

6/26/2024 11:55:24 AM

The only thing you need is an overpowered bleed build in Elden Ring DLC, especially with how brutal Shadow of the Erdtree can be. Read our Elden Ring DLC bleed build guide, we’ll break down top 3 best build and weapon combos!


Elden Ring DLC Bleed Build Guide - Top 3 Best Bleed Builds in Shadow of the Erdtree

The first build is a new infinite best bleed build in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree that has the most broken sorcery and ash of war combo! The next Elden Ring best DLC bleed build is a Blood Blood Great Katana Samurai build that can absolutely destroy the enemies in the early game. Lastly, we’ll bring you a build that utilizes Elden Ring DLC best bleed weapon and uses dexterity and arcane to proc blood buildup and cause blood loss doing insane damage numbers. Next, we’ll break down, the gear, spells, talisman, and armor sets you need for the top 3 best Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree bleed builds and weapons! If you need cheap Elden Ring runes for these most op bleed builds, visit AOEAH.COM seems a nice choice!


#1 Elden Ring DLC Best Bleed Build (Impenetrable Thorns)

With this best Elden Ring DLC best bleed build, you’ll get over 13,000 damage in one attack. This is the most broken new build in Shadow of the Erdtree and that can kill Messmer in less than 20 seconds in just four hits. On top of that, the actual raw damage is really good. Impenetrable Thorns is the most powerful new sorcery in Elder Ring DLC. It does require a really good setup to make it pop, so you need 24 faith to cast it and we do need Golden Vow for the defensive boost than anything.  The other weapon you need is the new Glintstone Staff, the Maternal Staff. This got nerfed in how much it's arcane applies to the bleed of the sorceries it cast, so this contributes much more.



Right Hand - Blood Miséricorde, Dragon Communion Seal

Left Hand - Maternal Staff

Helm - Alberich’s Pointed Hat (Altered)

Armor - Alberich’s Robe

Gloves -Alberich’s Bracers

Boots - Bull-Goat Greaves



  • Beloved Stardust

  • Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman

  • Lord of Blood’s Exultation

  • Graven-Mass Talisman



  • Impenetrable Thorns

  • Golden Vow

  • Bestial Vitality


  • Magic-Shrouding Cracked Tear


#2 Elden Ring DLC Best Bleed Build (Great Katana)

This incredible Great Katana Samurai build is going to be the most op bleed build Elden Ring DLC. The Great Katana is part of a new weapon class introduced in Shadow of the Erdtree. This weapon requires some strength and dexterity to use. It's much longer and does more damage than a typical Katana. Its move set is what you'd expect from a katana. The running light attack and follow up have some pretty good reach and the running R2 attack is a horizontal slash that could be used to hit multiple enemies at the same time. But where this weapon shines is its weapon skill which is an overhead stance that you can find early in the game.



Right Hand - Rivers of Blood Katana 

Left Hand - Nagakiba

Armor - Ronin armor set

Helm - White Mask



  • Savage Lion's Claw

  • Blood Flame Blade

  • Double Slash



  • Green Turtle Talisman

  • Rotten Winged/ Winged Sword Insignia

  • Milicent's Prosthesis

  • Alexanders Shard


No.3 Elden Ring DLC Best Bleed Weapon

This is the best Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree best dexterity bleed build that will one shot most DLC bosses easily. The Keen affinity and high dex scaling allow the Backhand Blade to deal massive physical damage. When combined with bleed buildup, it can take huge chunks of HP from enemies/bosses very quickly. With high dex, faith for incantations, and blood flame weapons, bleed is applied extremely rapidly. This becomes even more valuable against bosses with large HP pools in the DLC. Using Bloodhound Step ash of war provides immense mobility and the ability to dodge attacks safely. This is important for surviving difficult DLC encounters.


Right Hand -Keen Backhand Blade

Left Hand - Dragon Communion Seal

Helm - Diallo’s Mask

Armor - Messmer’s Armor

Gloves - Fire Knight Gauntlets

Boots - Hoslow’s Greaves



  • Lord of Blood’s Exultation

  • Millicent’s Prosthesis

  • Ritual Sword Talisman

  • Rotten Winged Sword Insignia



  • Golden Vow

  • Flame, Grant Me Strength

  • Blood Flame Weapon



  • Thorny Cracked Tear

  • Dexterity-knot Cracked Tear

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