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Elden Ring DLC Best Unique Weapons (Locations & Routes)

7/1/2024 5:37:51 PM

What are your favorite unique weapons that have been introduced in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree? Today, we'll break down the top 5 Elden Ring DLC best unique items for PvP and PvE. 

Top 5 Elden Ring Best Unique Weapons for Shadow of the Erdtree

Unique weapons are Elden Ring Items that have special characteristics or scaling that make them different from standard weapons. They usually have unique skills/ashes of war. Below are the Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree best unique weapons and skills. These are the weapons that either have incredibly dynamic ashes of war that are going to apply unique effects in battle, some of them have ashes of war that do Insane amounts of damage but all of them have split scaling. Some of them with four stats, some of them have three stats, and these are the weapons that more than likely you could end up basing your entire build around.

1. Velvet Sword of St. Trina

Clocking it at 601 attack power and it's not that far off from the regular St. Trina sword. What makes this one of the most powerful unique items in Elden Ring DLC is that when we do the ash of war, Mists of Eternal Sleep, this is going to enchant our offhand at the same time with sleep. If you playe dual wield builds where you're going through and trying to enchant both your weapons, being able to use one ash of war and enchant both your weapons at the same time is absolutely huge. Moreover, sleep is definitely better in PvP just because there's a limited number of enemies that are going to be weak to sleep in the game. The smart choice would be using a straight sword so you get the dual wield move set, but you can apply this to any weapon in the game.


  • The location to find it is in a Cave West of the Fissure Cross Site of Grace.

  • On the map, it shows the cave location is west of the Fissure Cross Site of Grace, near the edge of the map fragments.

  • To reach it, you need to jump down from the ledges west of the Fissure Cross Site of Grace to access the cave.

  • At the end of the cave is where you will find the Velvet Sword of St. Trina.

2. Sword of Darkness

Coming in at 705 AR. It's a basic straight sword that has C Str, D Dex, and D Fai scaling, as well as a fair amount of holy damage. But the ash of war Darkness will debuff enemies' holy mitigation, allowing you to deal more holy damage against them. The truth is there's no other weapon that's going to cause you to take more damage to the type of element it does, that's a very unique effect. Especially with this being CDD scaling and with the holy damage, this weapon is best for a faith build but you're going to want to have a decent amount of strength and even some dexs to get your max benefit out of this. Using the ash of war, we have an initial pop-up that is going to interrupt enemies from attacking us if they ever stop. Very edgy and wide range on that attack!


  • This can be found on an altar inside the Fog Rift Catacombs. To access this location, teleport to the Castle Front Site of Grace and follow the path shown on the map.

  • Take the Stone Sheathed Sword to the Altar of Darkness. This altar is located in the Ruins of Unte, which can be accessed east of the Castle Watering Hole Site of Grace.

  • The entrance to the Ruins of Unte is blocked by an inactive Furnace Golem. To unlock the path, climb up the dilapidated building on the left side and throw a Hefty Furnace Pot at the golem.

  • Inside the Ruins of Unte, you will find the Altar of Darkness on the right side near the entrance. Offer the Stone Sheathed Sword at this altar.

  • After offering it, the Stone Sheathed Sword will be transformed into the Sword of Darkness at the altar. You can then pick it up and wield its unique dark magic abilities.

3. Leda's Sword

Leda's Sword is a light greatsword one of the new weapon archetypes. This weapon has a very smooth move set with all the spinning. The real benefit of this is in its ash of war, Needle Piercer. This is going to be one of the best Elden Ring DLC weapons in PvP and PvE. Definitely PvP-oriented, and also will do some decent damage in PvE. Needle Piercer will remove all negative and positive effects from enemies so not as much use in the PvE environment because enemies typically aren't buffing themselves. But in PvP, this is going to be huge. This one is leaning more toward Dex heavy but we do have the D Str, B Dex, and D Strenth. Coming in at 734 on the attack power and a solid base move set as well.


  • Leda's Sword is obtained by invading Needle Knight Leda's world and defeating her and her allies after passing through the Cleansing Chamber Anteroom.

  • Needle Knight Leda is one of the NPCs found in the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC.

  • To defeat Needle Knight Leda, you need to first reach the Cleansing Chamber Anteroom by progressing through the DLC areas.

  • Once at the Cleansing Chamber Anteroom, invade Needle Knight Leda's world using a Bloody Finger or Recusant Finger item.

  • You will be transported to her world along with her allies. Defeat both Leda and all her allies.

  • Upon defeating Needle Knight Leda, she will drop her unique weapon Leda's Sword. You can then pick it up.

4. Rellana's Twinblade

Rellana's Twinblade is split between physical, magic, and fire. C Str, C Dex, C Int, C Fai scaling. and 992 armament power. It comes built in with dual wield, the most fun weapon to use. The ash of war, Moon-and Fire Stance is absolutely crazy. This is Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree best unique weapon that you can make your entire build around. It is phenomenal, does a ton of damage, and has a very strong move set. Most importantly, its ash of war is a complete winner that is very good at killing crowds and bosses!


  • To obtain it, you need to exchange the Remembrance of the Twin Moon Knight for Rellana's Twinblade at Finger Reader Enia in Roundtable Hold.

  • To get the Remembrance of the Twin Moon Knight, you must defeat Rellana, Twin Moon Knight.

  • Rellana is found in the Ensis Moongazing Grounds, which is at the end of the Castle Ensis legacy dungeon accessible in the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC.

  • Defeat Rellana to earn her Remembrance.

  • Then take the Remembrance of the Twin Moon Knight to Finger Reader Enia in Roundtable Hold to exchange it for Rellana's Twinblade.

    5. Euphoria

    Euphoria D Str, D Dex, B Fai scaling at 798. While this is primarily going to be a faith weapon, this is definitely the Elden Ring best unique DLC you could make your entire build around. The unique thing about Euphoria is the blades are tinged with black and this is an absolutely insane weapon. As we attack with it, it's going to charge up. This has three separate ashes of war basically. The regular spin to win will do decent damage on its own. We have tier 1 charge, the ash of war will shoot off a few lasers. When we get to level 2, that's where it gets insane because it shoots off a holy version of Comet Ash. When you use that ash of war, it's going to lose any buff that it has built. As we attack with it, the weapon builds up the potential to become stronger and there's no other weapon in the game that has a mechanic like that look! Incredibly unique weapon and this is definitely a build maker!


    • To obtain it, you need to defeat the Demi-Human Queen Marigga who is found in Ainsel River.

    • Ainsel River is one of the main regions added in the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC. It can be accessed from Legacy Dungeon Castle Ensis.

    • In Ainsel River, go to the area called Bridge Approach North Site of Grace. Head northeast from there across the bridges.

    • You'll come to a large open battlefield area. Demi-Human Queen Marigga resides at the center on a raised platform surrounded by enemies.

    • Defeat Marigga to receive the Euphoria Twinblade as a reward. You can then dual wield this unique twinblade.

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