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Elden Ring DLC Incantation Spell Tier List (1.12) - Best Incantations Ranked in Shadow of the Erdtree

6/28/2024 11:48:32 AM

There are 28 incantations in the new Elden Ring DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree, and we're going to rank all of them from best to worst based on their performance and usefulness in PvE. This DLC features twice as many incantations as sorceries, which is a discrepancy that puzzles many fans. Unfortunately, many of these incantations are underwhelming, and we hope they receive buffs in future patches. So which are the most powerful incantation spells you should try and which are the worst you can ignore? Explore our Elden Ring DLC Incantantaion Tier List in the 1.12 patch now!

Elden Ring DLC Incantation Tier List (1.12) - Best Magic Spells Ranked in Shadow of the Erdtree

1. Pest-Thread Spears (S Tier)

This spell is essentially an enhanced version of pest threads, boasting more aggressive tracking, higher damage, and the ability to stagger enemies. It is effective against large bosses and can be used on horseback, making it invaluable in many scenarios.

2. Knight's Lightning Spear (S Tier)

Similar to the regular Lightning Spear but far superior, this spell releases multiple projectiles that track enemies effectively. It is particularly useful against bosses like Millennia, who typically dodge projectiles.

3. Heal From Afar (S Tier)

This is arguably the best healing spell in the game, offering identical effects to Lords Heal but with lower FP consumption and a faster animation. It can also be used to heal spirit summons from a distance.

4. Fire Serpent (S Tier)

An incredibly efficient spell for only 11 FP, it summons a fireball with excellent tracking and respectable damage. It excels in ease of use, making it a great choice for most players.

5. Messmer's Orb (A Tier)

This is a highly damaging AOE spell with a unique ability to track midair. While it lacks hyper armor, its damage potential and versatility make it a top-tier option.

6. Golden Arcs (A Tier)

A highly efficient holy projectile spell, it offers great DPS, a quick animation, and the ability to hit multiple enemies. Its quick recovery and low FP cost make it a solid choice.

7. Giant Golden Arc (A Tier)

A larger version of Golden Arcs, this spell offers more horizontal spread and higher DPS, though it consumes more FP. It’s excellent for hitting multiple targets.

8. Multilayered Ring Of Light (A Tier)

A holy projectile that grows in size and can stun-lock smaller enemies. Though it’s not the highest DPS option, it’s useful for staggering trash mobs.

9. Bayle's Flame Lightning (A Tier)

A consistent spell that offers good tracking and quick recovery. While it doesn’t do as much damage as other options, it’s reliable in various situations.

10. Bayle's Tyranny (A Tier)

An AOE spell with unique Arcane requirements and no Faith requirement, making it useful for pure Arcane builds. It has a long animation and small AOE, but it’s a rare AOE option for Arcane users.

11. Ghostflame Breath (A Tier)

A decent spell that procs frost, though it’s outclassed by other breath spells. It’s good for specific situations but not the best overall option.

12. Aspects Of The Crucible: Thorns (B Tier)

A physical projectile spell that is FP efficient and deals good damage at close range. It’s harder to aim and less effective at a distance.

13. Land Of Shadow (B Tier)

A spell that summons holy projectiles similar to the Golden Land Ash of War. It’s good for range and stance damage but has a long casting animation.

14. Light Of Miquella (B Tier)

A cool-looking spell that summons a pillar of light. It’s easy to use but has underwhelming damage for its high FP cost and Faith requirement.

15. Divine Beast Tornado (B Tier)

A tornado spell that can hit multiple targets. While it has potential, its long casting animation and high FP cost make it less desirable.

16. Furious Blade Of Ansbach (C Tier)

A blood flame spell that lacks blood loss buildup, likely due to a bug. It has average damage and is awaiting a potential fix.

17. Dragonbolt Of Florissax (C Tier)

An aura buff similar to Golden Vow but with less desirable secondary effects. It’s less useful due to its higher Faith requirement and lower damage boost.

18. Rotten Butterflies (C Tier)

An AOE attack that procs Scarlet Rot. It’s outclassed by Scarlet Aonia, which has a faster animation and higher rot buildup.

19. Minor Erdtree (C Tier)

A healing AOE spell that is less effective than the Holy Ground Ash of War. It has a high Faith requirement and low healing output.

20. Roar Of Rugalea (C Tier)

A PvP-focused incantation that stun-locks enemies. Its damage is poor, and it’s mainly useful for stunning enemies in PvE.

21. Spira (C Tier)

A holy AOE spell that lacks immediate explosion. It has high FP consumption and is more suited for PvP.

22. Divine Bird Feathers (D Tier)

A short-range holy spell with a long casting animation. It drains FP quickly and offers poor damage output.

23. Midra's Flame Of Frenzy (D Tier)

A Madness spell that is more suited for PvP. It has a long animation, poor damage, and quickly depletes your FP bar.

24. Watchful Spirit (D Tier)

A holy-based spell that summons a skull to shoot projectiles. It has poor damage, tracking, and staggers enemies poorly.

25. Electrocharge (D Tier)

A body buff that periodically shoots AOE attacks. It’s less useful than other body buffs and offers no stance damage.

26. Aspects Of The Crucible: Bloom (D Tier)

A spell with a long casting animation and poor damage. It’s easily dodged by enemies and lacks practical use.

27. Rain Of Fire (D Tier)

A fire-based version of the Founding Reign of Stars spell. It has low damage, long projectile time, and is generally ineffective.

This concludes our ranking of the new incantations in Shadow of the Erdtree. Want to know which are the most powerful weapons in the new expansion now? Check out our Elden Ring DLC Weapon Tier List! Wan to set up the most OP build easier? Buy Elden Ring weapons from AOEAH.COM now, cheap & fast!

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