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Elden Ring DLC Boss Tier List (Difficulty & Lore)

7/2/2024 3:54:16 PM

With this tier list, we rank all the Elden Ring DLC remembrance bosses in Shadow of the Erdtree by considering the factors: difficulty, lore, and overall boss fight quality. Let’s dive into it!

Elden Ring DLC Boss Tier List - All Remembrance Bosses Ranked in Shadow of the Erdtree

Here, every boss in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree DLC is ranked from hardest to easiest, while also considering the lore factor. Repeats within the DLC and from the base game are excluded unless they've received a significant reskin. This leaves 34 unique-ish bosses to go through. Your mileage may vary based on your Scat Tree blessing level and your build, but this ranking reflects a comprehensive playthrough where every corner was explored, and fragments were diligently hunted.

1. Bayle The Dread

Bayle The Dread is a formidable dragon boss. Fighting him at blessing level 18 proved to be a strenuous task, with minimal damage inflicted due to his armored body. His head is the weak spot, but it’s difficult to hit consistently. Bayle’s second phase is particularly challenging, with super saiyan-like transformations that introduce new wings and meteors. The laser move in his second phase is especially tricky due to its delayed explosion. Using the NPC summon Egon for his quest was necessary to finally defeat Bayle. Anti-dragon weapons in Elden Ring DLC, like the dragon katana from Ancient Dragon-Man, can be effective, but not all builds support that.

2. Messmer the Impaler

Messmer shares some similarities with Rellana but features a more spectacular attack pattern. His deceptive combos often include one more thrust or slash than expected. The second phase transforms him into a serpent man with new attacks, but the dodge timings remain similar to the first phase. The telegraphs are well-executed, but the fight is still demanding.

3. Midra, Lord of Frenzied Flame

Midra, Lord of Frenzied Flame starts off deceptively easy, allowing players to bully a seemingly helpless man to death. However, the second phase reveals a fire orb-headed monster. Equip Madness resist gear if available, although it's not strictly necessary to win. Midra is a breath of fresh air among remembrance bosses, offering a fair fight with ample time to counterattack. His telegraphs create a natural flow for dodging without adding unnecessary single hits to combos.

4. Rellana, Twin Moon Knight

Rellana is a relentless boss who never stops attacking. Her basic nine-hit combo is overwhelming, and her triple-hit move starts up almost instantly, making it unreactable if not anticipated. Her arms move independently, and she uses homing soul mass, which pauses the fight and forces a defensive stance. While her magic great swords and moonfall attack are manageable, her fire attacks are brutal. The second phase introduces even deadlier combos, making this boss both exhausting and relentless.

5. Metry, Mother of Fingers

Metry, Mother of Fingers presents a challenging fight despite her seemingly manageable attacks. Her finger legs can run players over if not careful. The fight is made harder by being locked behind the cathedral quest, adding to the challenge of reaching her.

6. Demi-Human Swordmaster Onze

Demi-Human Swordmaster Onze is either the easiest hard boss or the hardest easy boss. He jumps around erratically, making it difficult to follow any patterns. His magic sword causes frost buildup, posing an additional threat. Despite being defeated on the second try, the fight remains nerve-wracking.

7. Death Knight

Death Knights are formidable, with the ability to heal themselves by grabbing players. Equipping a charm that restores HP on critical hits can help counter their healing. Despite their ability to regain full health with one attack, they remain manageable with the right strategy.

8. Divine Beast Dancing Lion

Divine Beast Dancing Lion is challenging due to its unpredictable movements and dual nature—it’s essentially two dudes in a lion costume, perfectly synchronized. Their spinning breath attack can be jumped over if timed correctly. Once lightning strikes start, the boss changes elements on the fly, adding layers of difficulty. Lightning can interrupt rolls, while frost brings shockwaves and frost buildup. The wind element is easier to manage. Hunting for more Scat Tree fragments can help mitigate the difficulty.

9. Scadutree Avatar

The Scadutree Avatar, despite being a three-phase boss fight, is surprisingly one of the easier ones. It takes massive damage to its sunflower face and attacks infrequently. Rolling to avoid bleed thorns is key. The boss doesn’t change much between stages, making it a manageable encounter.

10. Romina, Saint of the Bud

Romina, Saint of the Bud, presents a fight similar to classic Dark Souls bosses like Quelaag and Scorpioness Najka. She has the potential to inflict Scarlet Rot, adding to the challenge. Her attack patterns are not particularly difficult, but the status effects add a layer of difficulty.

11. Count Ymir

Count Ymir, the Mother of Fingers, is a unique boss who gives birth to finger creatures. Despite his intriguing lore, he is not particularly durable and can be defeated quickly. His role in the game’s lore is more memorable than the actual fight.

12. Ancient Dragon-Man

Ancient Dragon-Man is a mundane NPC battle. The only saving grace is the weapon and armor received after defeating him, which can be useful for specific builds. The fight itself is not challenging or memorable.

13. Blackgaol Knight

Blackgaol Knight is likely the first boss encountered in the DLC. He is a rotund enemy who never staggers and can kill players in two hits without proper preparation. Despite his challenging nature, he is more annoying than difficult.

14. Rakshasa

Rakshasa wields a great katana with bleed effects but lacks individuality. His attacks are predictable, and his weapon's potential is not fully realized in the fight.

15. Lamenter

Lamenter is the easiest boss in the DLC. He splits into clones and fires weak attacks that pose little threat. The fight is more of a relaxing encounter compared to the rest of the DLC.

16. Radahn, Consort of Miquella

Radahn, Consort of Miquella, is the hardest boss in the DLC. His second phase introduces Miquella, adding tactical air support and relenless attacks. The fight is filled with gravity meteors and fake-out attacks, creating artificial difficulty.

17. Putrescent Knight

Putrescent Knight is a Bloodborne-style boss with overlong combos and frost breath attacks. The fight requires careful dodging and timing, especially when he jumps off his horse. The frost shockwaves add to the challenge.

18. Furnace Golem

The Furnace Golem is visually impressive but suffers from straightforward and tedious gameplay. It has a couple of powerful attacks but lacks depth. The fight is more about spectacle than challenge.

19. Black Knight Edredd

Black Knight Edredd is a nimble version of Garrew, using a twin blade with damaging spins. He can be backstabbed, and jump attacks generally interrupt him. His aerial charge is similar to the first Crucible Knight from the base game.

20. Black Knight Garrew

Black Knight Garrew features frog-like abilities and Amicia’s holy hammer attacks. He is not particularly challenging, and his unique moves are more amusing than difficult.

21. Dancer of Ranah

Dancer of Ranah uses dancer swords and an ash of war that creates a TikTok account. Her twirling attacks and shotgun pyol blast can be deadly if not dodged properly.

22. Rugalea, The Great Red Bear

Rugalea, The Great Red Bear, shares the same move set as Ravla, featuring complex attack patterns and shockwave mechanics. The fight is engaging and enjoyable once the patterns are learned.

23. Ravla, The Great Red Bear

Ravla, The Great Red Bear, is essentially the same as Rugalea, featuring more complex attack patterns and shockwave mechanics. The fight becomes enjoyable once the patterns are learned.

24. Ghostflame Dragon

Ghostflame Dragon is a basic dragon fight with a new charging combo attack. It may catch players off guard initially but is otherwise a reskin with a few new elements.

25. Red Bear

Red Bear is a man with bear-like abilities. His bear claws have a cool move set but are not particularly challenging. The fight is more about the character's design than the difficulty.

26. Jori Elder Inquisitor

Jori Elder Inquisitor uses rapid spells and summons, creating a chaotic fight. The Thousand TPB sister can stun lock players, adding to the challenge. The fight is more annoying than difficult.

27. Curseblade Labirith

Curseblade Labirith features a self-winding Beyblade boss that dies quickly. The fight is straightforward and not particularly challenging.

28. Jagged Peak Drake

Jagged Peak Drake is a reskinned drake with one extra move. It feels like a rehash of existing content and does not offer much new.

29. Death Rite Bird

Death Rite Bird is an annoying boss with poorly designed fire damage mechanics. It’s mostly a rehash from the base game, making it frustrating and not enjoyable.

30. Tree Sentinel

The Tree Sentinel in the DLC is just a buffed version of an existing boss, offering no new elements or mechanics. It’s forgettable and does not stand out.

31. Demi-Human Queen Marigga

Demi-Human Queen Marigga remains an extremely easy boss, akin to early-game bosses in Elden Ring. It offers little challenge and feels out of place in the DLC.

32. Commander Caius

Commander Caius strikes a perfect balance in terms of difficulty. He combines the aspects of fighting Radahn and a Tree Sentinel, with predictable intervals and gravity spells. The fight is enjoyable and rewarding.

33. Golden Hippopotamus

Golden Hippopotamus is not particularly hard, but it is visually interesting. The fight involves dodging quills and golden needles. It’s more about the spectacle than the challenge.

34. Ancient Dragon Senessax

Ancient Dragon Senessax is plagued by terrible hitboxes for its electricity attacks, making it frustrating to dodge. Fighting in water ruins visibility and creates artificial difficulty. It is one of the worst bosses in the DLC.

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