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Elden Ring DLC Best Remembrance Boss Weapon Tier List (1.12)

7/1/2024 3:05:04 PM

In Elden Ring, the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC introduces a collection of unique boss weapons, each with its strengths and weaknesses. Today, we're sorting out a tier list of these remembrance boss weapons, ranking them from best to worst based on their performance in PvE. Let's get started with our countdown, highlighting the pros and cons of each weapon.

Elden Ring DLC Remembrance Boss Weapon Tier List - All 10 Boss Weapons Ranked in Shadow of the Erdtree

  • 1. Spear of the Impaler

The Spear of the Impaler tops our list not because it's extraordinary, but because it manages to be the most balanced among the generally mediocre offerings. It features a mix of fire and physical damage, with decent scalings in dexterity and faith. Its unique skill, Mesmer Assault, while having a long animation, delivers substantial damage, making it particularly effective against enemies weak to fire.

Pros: High stance damage, unique heavy attack, and effective skill (Mesmer Assault) that deals significant damage.

Cons: Long animation for the skill, which can be interrupted, and the heavy attack projectile is underwhelming.

  • 2. Sword Lance

Unique among the remembrance weapons for its ability to be infused, the Sword Lance excels in strength-based builds. It's the most potent heavy thrusting sword available, although it suffers from a less desirable moveset compared to its peers. Still, its potential in certain builds and situations earns it the second spot.

Pros: High strength scaling and good damage potential.

Cons: Poor move set compared to other heavy thrusting swords, making it less versatile.

  • 3. Greatsword of Damnation

Primarily suited for PvP, the Greatsword of Damnation shines due to its Claymore moveset, which includes effective poking heavy attacks. Its skill adds a unique grab attack mechanic against NPCs, which, despite its challenges in PvE, still provides enough utility to place it high on our list.

Pros: Good stance damage and a useful skill in PvP (jumping attack with a follow-up AOE).

Cons: The skill's follow-up can be interrupted in PvE, and it requires precise aiming.

  • 4. Great Sword of Radahn (Lord)

This version of Radahn's sword offers a skill that, while expensive in FP, can perform well with the right build, particularly one focused on multi-hit talismans. However, it's essentially a less effective variant of similar weapons available outside the DLC, limited by its lackluster light attack projectiles.

Pros: Decent damage and combo potential.

Cons: The skill (Promised Consort) is still lackluster, and it suffers from the same issues as its counterpart.

  • 5. Rellana's Twin Blades

These paired light greatswords are decent for quick, successive attacks and work well with multi-hit talismans. They have a versatile skill set but suffer from high stamina consumption and relatively low damage output, making them less desirable than more straightforward weapon choices.

Pros: Fast swings and good for multi-hit talismans.

Cons: High stamina consumption and mediocre damage. The skill is less effective compared to the Sword of Night and Flame.

  • 6. Putrescence Cleaver

A great axe with split magic damage and frostbite buildup, this weapon has seen benefits from recent buffs to great axes. However, its range and unique abilities don't quite match up to its potential, making it more of a niche choice.

Pros: Decent charged heavy attacks.

Cons: Poor range, and the skill (Spinning Guillotine) is a weaker version of Wild Strikes. There are better alternatives like a cold-infused axe with Wild Strikes.

  • 7. Shadow Sunflower Blossom

This colossal weapon offers high damage and a long reach but is let down by its skill, which is often less effective than its basic heavy attack. It's a viable option for those who prefer colossal weapons but is overshadowed by more efficient choices.

Pros: Great scalings in strength and faith, solid stance damage.

Cons: Split physical and holy damage, making it less effective in many scenarios. The heavy attack is usually a better option than the skill (Shadow Sunflower Headbutt).

  • 8. Gazing Finger

The lightest colossal weapon available, it struggles with slow movesets and confusing stat scalings. Its unique skill and attack patterns don't quite justify the investment required to make it effective.

Pros: Lightest colossal weapon in the game, decent stance damage.

Cons: Confusing scaling (intelligence and faith), and the skill (Cow Towers Resentment) is inconvenient due to its split magic and holy damage.

  • 9. Poleblade of the Bud

While it looks promising on paper with good range and Scarlet rot buildup, the Poleblade of the Bud fails to deliver effective rot application in practical scenarios. Its skill is costly and lacks the impact needed to make it a competitive choice.

Pros: Good range, Arcane scaling, and passive Scarlet Rot buildup.

Cons: Scarlet Rot doesn't scale with Arcane, and the skill (Rinus Purification) does minimal damage and is easily interrupted. It's better to use spells like Rotten Breath for Scarlet Rot buildup.

  • 10. Great Sword of Radahn (Light)

Identical in many ways to its counterpart but with an inferior skill, this version of Radahn's sword is notably ineffective. It lacks a unique moveset and offers little to justify its use over other Elden Ring DLC weapons, making it the least desirable of the remembrance weapons in the DLC.

Pros: Colossal sword with a split magic damage.

Cons: Poor intelligence scaling, lackluster skill (Light Speed Slash), and overall low damage. It's overshadowed by the Star Scourge Greatsword, which outperforms it in nearly every aspect.

While many of these boss weapons from the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC have specific niches, most tend to fall into the category of being just average, with only a few standing out as particularly effective. Feel free to tweak the rankings based on your gameplay experience and preferences. This guide is meant to help you navigate the new weapons introduced in the DLC and find the ones that suit your playstyle best.

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