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WoW Classic SoD Rune Tier List - Best Runes for Each Class Ranked in Season of Discovery

11/15/2023 11:13:59 AM

Runes to each class is the biggest new feature introduced in WoW Classic Season of Discovery, which surely affects the class meta in the raid, dungeons, and even PvP. So which runes will be the most powerful ones you should get for your class and spec? Here we try to give you a ahead idea with this WoW Classic Season of Discovery Runes Tier List!

WoW Classic Season of Discovery Rune Tier List - Best Runes for Each Class Spec in SoD Phase 1

In World of Warcraft's Season of Discovery, players can utilize the Rune Engraving system to unlock new class abilities and expand their roles and specializations. These runes can be found throughout the game world as part of the Discoveries feature, which encourages exploration and collaboration with other players. Each class has a set of runes that can be engraved onto specific gear slots, such as chest, legs, and gloves. These runes are permanent and can be freely applied and reapplied out of combat. They offer unique effects and can be used to customize and enhance a player's build, allowing for combinations of damage, healing, and more. Some runes even provide faction-specific buffs for classes like paladins and shamans. The Season of Discovery introduces over 100 runes across all classes, with each class having access to 12 runes. But there is no doubt that not all of them are Best in Slots, so we try to rank them based on the stats provided by each runes and the effects on specific classes and specs. We believe this will be useful for your class picking and gearing plans. Let's jump into the WoW Classic SoD Rune Tier List now.

WoW Classic SoD Mage Runes Ranking

  1. Regeneration (S Tier)

  2. Mass Regeneration (S Tier)

  3. Rewind Time (S Tier)

  4. Burnout (A Tier)

  5. Fingers of Frost (A Tier)

  6. Ice Lance (A Tier)

  7. Enlightenment (B Tier)

  8. Arcane Blast (B Tier)

  9. Icy Veins (B Tier)

  10. Living Bomb (B Tier)

  11. Arcane Surge (B Tier)

  12. Living Flame (B Tier)

WoW Classic SoD Druid Runes Ranking

  1. Wild Strikes (A Tier)

  2. Sunfire (A Tier)

  3. Wild Growth (A Tier)

  4. Lifebloom (A Tier)

  5. Savage Roar (A Tier)

  6. Skull Bash (B Tier)

  7. Fury of Stormrage (B Tier)

  8. Lacerate (B Tier)

  9. Mangle (B Tier)

  10. Starsurge (C Tier)

  11. Survival of the Fittest (C Tier)

  12. Living Seed (C Tier)

WoW Classic SoD Paladin Runes Ranking

  1. Hand of Reckoning (S Tier)

  2. Crusader Strike (S Tier)

  3. Divine Sacrifice (S Tier)

  4. Aegis (S Tier)

  5. Rebuke (A Tier)

  6. Seal of Martyrdom (A Tier)

  7. Divine Storm (A Tier)

  8. Beacon of Light (A Tier)

  9. Avengers Shield  (B Tier)

  10. Exorcist  (B Tier)

  11. Inspiration Exemplar (C Tier)

  12. Horn of Lordaeron (C Tier)

WoW Classic SoD Warlock Runes Ranking

  1. Metamorphosis (S Tier)

  2. Shadow Bolt Volley (S Tier)

  3. Chaos Bolt (B Tier)

  4. Haunt (B Tier)

  5. Everlasting Affliction (B Tier)

  6. Lake of Fire (C Tier)

  7. Master Channeler (C Tier)

  8. Soul Siphon (C Tier)

  9. Demonic Tactics (C Tier)

  10. Incinerate (C Tier)

  11. Demonic Grace (C Tier)

  12. Demonic Pact (D Tier)

WoW Classic SoD Priest Runes Ranking

  1. Power Word: Barrier (S Tier)

  2. Shared Pain (A Tier)

  3. Prayer of Mending (A Tier)

  4. Serendipity (B Tier)

  5. Penance (B Tier)

  6. Mind Sear (B Tier)

  7. Circle of Healing (B Tier)

  8. Twisted Faith (B Tier)

  9. Strength of Soul (C Tier)

  10. Shadow Word: Death (C Tier)

  11. Void Plague (C Tier)

  12. Homunculi (C Tier)

WoW Classic SoD Hunter Runes Ranking

  1. Flanking Strike (A Tier)

  2. Beast Mastery (A Tier)

  3. Aspect of the Lion (A Tier)

  4. Chimera Shot (B Tier)

  5. Explosive Shot (B Tier)

  6. Sniper Training (B Tier)

  7. Master Marksman (B Tier)

  8. Serpent Spread (C Tier)

  9. Carve (C Tier)

  10. Lone Wolf (C Tier)

  11. Cobra Strikes (C Tier)

  12. Kill Command (F Tier)

WoW Classic SoD Warrior Runes Ranking

  1. Warbringer (S Tier)

  2. Consumed by Rage (A Tier)

  3. Flagellation (A Tier)

  4. Furious Thunder (B Tier)

  5. Blood Frenzy (B Tier)

  6. Raging Blow (B Tier)

  7. Endless Rage (B Tier)

  8. Frenzied Assault (C Tier)

  9. Devastate (C Tier)

  10. Single-Minded Fury (C Tier)

  11. Quick Strike (C Tier)

  12. Victory Rush (F Tier)

WoW Classic SoD Shaman Runes Ranking

  1. Way of Earth (S Tier)

  2. Molten Blast (A Tier)

  3. Overload (A Tier)

  4. Dual Wield Specialization (A Tier)

  5. Shield Mastery (A Tier)

  6. Shamanistic Rage (B Tier)

  7. Lava Burst (B Tier)

  8. Lava Lash (B Tier)

  9. Healing Rain (C Tier)

  10. Water Shield (C Tier)

  11. Earth Shield (C Tier)

  12. Anscestral Guidance (F Tier)

WoW Classic SoD Rogue Runes Ranking

  1. Between the Eyes (S Tier)

  2. Quick Draw (S Tier)

  3. Just a Flesh Wound (S Tier)

  4. Shadowstrike (A Tier)

  5. Mutilate (A Tier)

  6. Envenom (B Tier)

  7. Saber Slash (B Tier)

  8. Shiv (B Tier)

  9. Deadly Brew (B Tier)

  10. Blade Dance (C Tier)

  11. Main Gauche (C Tier)

  12. Slaughter from the Shadows (C Tier)

Please keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list, and there may be additional runes available in the Season of Discovery expansion. It's always a good idea to research and experiment with different runes to find the ones that best suit your class and playstyle.

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