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Diablo 4 Season 1 Malignant Tunnel Tier List - Best Tunnels To Farm Malignant Hearts In D4

8/2/2023 5:28:11 PM

Do you want to find out which Malignant Tunnel will give you the most amount of hearts in Diablo 4 season 1 in the shortest amount of time? This D4 season 1 Malignant Tunnel tier list talks about the best Malignant Tunnels to farm.


Diablo 4 Season 1 Maligant Tunnel Ranking - Best Malignant Tunnels To Farm In D4

When it comes to choosing the best Diablo IV season 1 Malignant Tunnels to farm, everybody suggests using Ravening Pit. But we never see any data on why that's the best D4 Malignant Tunnel to farm. Did someone just suggest it one day and now everyone is using that specific tunnel? Does that tunnel actually offer more hearts per hour than the five other tunnels? Our D4 S1 Malignant Tunnel tier list shows which tunnel is best for farming malignant hearts and we’ll explain why that is.


Diablo 4 Season 1 Malignant Tunnel Tier List

On this Diablo IV S1 Malignant Tunnel ranking, there are three good tunnels and three bad tunnels. What's interesting about this in particular is that the three good tunnels all have the option to fight Varshan the new season 1 boss and the bad tunnels do not. Following are the D4 season 1 best Malignant Tunnels to farm for T1 and T3.

Tier 3

The Boiling Wound824T1
Bedeviled Grotto823.4T1
Ravening Pit813.93
Fissure of Malice6644
Den of the Blighted6145
Dindai Hollow583.66

Tier 1

The Boiling Wound4041
Ravening Pit3942
Den of the Blighted3743
Bedeviled Grotto363.54
Fissure of Malice334T5
Dindai Hollow333.75T5

Why is that? It really comes down to map size. It seems that Blizzard designs the tunnels to be the same size regardless if Varshan is in the tunnel or not. What this means is that the tunnels that have Varshan are much smaller in the first section than compared to the tunnels that don't have Varshan in them. The number of malignant monsters remains the same regardless of tunnel size which means that the smaller tunnels are better or faster. Now that we know that it makes sense that the Boiling Wound, Bedeviled Grotto, and Ravening Pit offer more hearts per hour than the other three.


Diablo 4 Tunnel Runs Data

According to Tunnel Runs Date that made by Diablo Compendium and Spark. Diablo Compendium’s 10 runs played as a level 59 and 60 bone spear necro in tier 3 Nightmare as a dedicated player. Spark also ran each tunnel at least four times while leveling in Tier 1 adventurer and she's more of a casual Diablo 4 player using a lower level character so that's why her numbers are smaller. All runs were complete solo. No elixirs were consumed and all shrines were skipped.

Diablo 4 Malignant Tunnel Outgrowth

Each tunnel will always have a specific outgrowth combination. All six tunnels have a wrathful outgrowth whereas the Fractured Peak tunnels will have the pink devious outgrowth. The Dry Steppe tunnels will always have the blue brutal outgrowth and the how is their tunnels will always have the orange vicious outgrowth. 


Diablo 4 Malignant Tunnel Drop Rates

The truth is that every single tunnel gave at least 3-4 Hearts but if you’re lucky, you will be getting 5 hearts. There doesn't seem to be a way to farm a type of malignant heart. The Bedeviled Grotto tunnels don't give more brutal hearts, and the vicious tunnels don't give more vicious hearts, it really just seems to be random all over the place. What is interesting is that the three main hearts for all 60 runs were very close to each other in drop rate. 71 vicious, 72 brutal, and 71 devious. In the combined 86 runs neither of them received Wrathful Invoker which makes the only way to get one is by crafting the Uncertain Invoker cache at Cormond's table.


Diablo 4 Malignant Tunnel Farming Tips

The malignant Ghouls and Fissure of Malice have cold enchant and chilling wind, making them take longer to kill. Ravening Pit has a suppressor elite which was annoying for ranged builds.

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