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Top 10 Elden Ring 1.09 Best Weapons & Builds (PvP & PvE) | Elden Ring Best Weapons 2023

4/1/2023 11:05:03 AM

In this Elden Ring Weapon Tier List 2023, we rank the top 10 best weapons (builds) that perform well in all PvP and PvE content so far!

Elden Ring Best Weapons & Builds Ranking 2023 for PvP & PvE After 1.09 Patch

After testing the buffs and nerfs of weapons in the latest 1.09 patch, here we've sorted out the top 10 Elden Ring best weapons for the 1.09 patch and interestingly all but one of them have had some noticeable changes and natural improvements in this patch. These are the 10 best weapons meaning in all content, they must perform well in PVE and PVP to even be considered.

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No. 10 - Giant-Crusher

Giant-Crusher is the weapon that deals the most damage in one hit, and as such it's one of the best weapons in the game that's undeniable. In patch 1.09, colossal weapon scalings were improved, although this is unaffected by that technically because you know you can't take an S-scaling strength weapon and make it higher than that in Elden Ring. However, this weapon and weapon type has definitely benefited over the last patches where poises become much more relevant. For example in this PVP, when you are basically using the outrageous poison hyper armor to trade infinitely with everyone, no one's really able to stagger you and if they ever go for trade they just lose because you get to attack again while they're staggered, their result is a hefty single hit even if it's just a light attack or a nasty combination of an Ash of War, having this much Poise and this much power behind a swing is obviously really powerful in PvP. In PVE, you can scale back the One-Shot build and just sort of do like 5-6K a hit with a Charged heavy attack the unique heavy off this weapon dealing extra damage because of that and find extreme success doing.  So it's an incredible weapon but it has a bland mood set and it only really does one thing box targets。

No. 9 - Wing of Astel

Wing of Astel has been improved in not one but two ways in 1.09, this is one of the highest DPS weapons in the game. Simply because if you can span the Ash of War on a single Target stand still, it's going to deal a shed load of damage. It's also got this incredible Baseline heavy attack where you do a range attack at no FP cost like a magic range attack that costs no FP just a bit of stamina, you can charge it to send out two and then you can do a follow-up where you do one or two more swings. This is incredible in all content to have an infinite resource where you can at medium to close range harass or finish or chip out an enemy. 

In PvP we cannot express how incredibly good this is or just rely on the fact that these are curved swords, so they have some incredibly quick very damaging movesets in 1.09. The running attack speed was somehow improved, when this is one of the fastest in the entire game, they also improved the recovery time so combo is better, and they increase the first attack speed for the curved sword as a whole so the first swings quicker, and the running attacks are quicker and they were already bloody incredible.

No. 8 - Bloodhound's Fang

Bloodhound's Fang is the best early-game weapon in the game. This curved great sword has just great damage, excellent early game scaling, comes with bleed, a really good range, and an incredibly powerful Ash of War that has iframes as part of its combination. Admittedly it falls off a bit in the late game but it's still one of the best if not the best weapon in the early game. And in 1.09, it's been buffed, just weapon type the Curved Greatsword has increased speed, increased range, and increased recovery time for a variety of attacks. 

In PvP, the attack speed feels just slightly better and nicer catching people where you just wouldn't be able to, the range is amazing. Bloodhound's Fang is better than it was and it was already ridiculous and as you can get it like basically at the beginning of the game, it's one of the best picks to do so.

No. 7 - Nagakiba

Nagakiba is considered to be one of the best weapons overall, not just because it's an S scaling Dex weapon, not just because it's got ridiculously good range, not just because it's got a varied move set for wide or thrust attacks, but because of its incredible ability to basically work in a billion builds. Change its Affinity to whatever you want, you can run it in a higher cult, run it in Arcane, or run it dex builds. In the 1.09 patch, things like magic fire and lightning are improved too, run a wide variety of Ashes of War that are incredibly powerful, and combine it with insane weapon Buffs like the Bloodflame Blade, this is the most versatile dex weapon in the game and it basically creates a shed load of build options. Then they buff this patch, increase the running attack speed and also improve the recovery time for Katanas as a whole, the reason this is a bob Bloodhound's Fang though is that it doesn't really ever fall off. And with your Ashes of War, you've got a variety of options of incredible options at that instead of just the one with Bloodhound's Fang.

No. 6 - Moonveil

Despite all of the changes and Nerfs, Moonveil once was the best weapon in the game. Anyway, we consider this probably the best PVP weapon in the game in terms of just the outrageous ability - it has to 80% on one-shot people to this day in a moment. We hardly understand why it's still as strong as it is, but what it's supposed to do which is deal a huge burst of damage in one single unsheath strike, it literally does incredibly well - if you just jump into say free all and just walk up behind people and do it, you'll just kill them. It doesn't really take much skill at all, it's just ridiculously strong and then it's also a katana which much like the Nagakiba was buffed in the same ways so it is technically better this patch as well.

When it comes to PVE, it's still a really powerful magic weapon you know many most enemies are weak to Magic in some form, and it's true it's not what it once was but it's still one of the best weapons.

No. 5 - Scavenger's Curved Sword

Much like the Nagakiba, Scavenger's Curved Sword serves as a status-building Duo. You can run these with so many different Ashes of War, so many different statuses, and so many different purposes. Ultimately they are really quick attacking weapons, they have bleed as a base on them, the move set is incredible. Compared to say faster weapons like daggers, they have a bit of reach to them at least. As they are curved swords much like Wing of Astel, they've got improved running attack speed and recovery time, and the first attack of their combos that's faster too. The curved sword was one of the best weapon types in the game and they've made it so much better in this patch, so for what the Scavenger's Curved Sword generally does which is status building, they are now better at that.

No. 4 - Greatsword

Much like the Giant-Crusher in 1.09, colossal swords' scalings have been improved across the board. But Greatsword was already an S scaling strength weapon, so there's that much like the Nagakiba though. It's a versatile utility weapon. You can run this weapon in so many ways putting people to sleep, running say Giant-Crusher, running Lion's Claw trading. Over the last few patches, big weapons like this do much better Poise damage to their stagger machine, this weapon, in particular, has very wide circular swings so they're great for AOE and catching people at the range the Crouch poke for Colossal Souls that was nerfed so hard and the previous patch was actually made better, so it's actually viable and usable again in PvP. You can buff this weapon with greases or weapon Buffs to make it even stronger for different purposes, you can run two of them in power stance and do jump attack builds, even though that damage was nerfed in PvP it's still outrageous frankly.

No. 3 - Dark Moon Greatsword

In the 1.09 patch, this weapon type has been buffed, they've improved the speed and range of various attacks as well as recovery time to allow it to combo. Playing around with the Dark Moon today in PvP, we could feel it on the basics, they just feel a little bit quicker and they catch people just a little bit further and that really makes a difference for trading. Now as a weapon, there's not much to say about it, you buff up and now you go to town with what should really cost FP but doesn't, the stamina-consuming wide Arc magical attacks which you can charge to deal extra damage with charge attacks. This is a weapon that is basically the source of the highest in single-hit ranged weapon attack, it's like a mini-range Giant-Crusher. Baseline this weapon type is really good, the frost buildup on this weapon is good, the damage it can do with the magic is good and then it has one of the best heavy-ranged attack things in the entire game. There are many ways to build this and all of them are going to be really powerful.

No. 2 - Reduvia

Daggers in 1.08 were made absolutely outrageous, they're faster and have better range better recovery, and in this weapon's particular case - it builds up bleed like no other weapon can attacking so fast in power stance that you're building up to 30k damage in seconds. Its Ash of war was also improved to have damage detection on the weapon part, so if you use it at Point Blank, it'll be as a shotgun Blaster bleed and at the medium range, you just get a nice bit of bleed damage to help with the lacking range of daggers. In general, there is a universal Ash of War called Blood Blade that does the same thing but it costs Health to use, for Reduvia doesn't for some reason. Also, comparatively the claws and the fist weapon types which are similar to the dagger type were Nerf dispatched, claws got a bit of attack power improvements but otherwise, they were nerfed across the board, and yet daggers which we think are the best ones were untouched. Reduvia is easily one of the best weapons in the game, it's easily one of the best if not the best source of bleed in the game, and it's also the best Arcane weapon. 

No. 1 - Blasphemous Blade

With the lifestyle on kill, great stats, and scaling, Blashphemous Blade works in so many builds, even if it's just on your back the Ash of War is absolutely insane with super long range, wide Poise damage, and great raw damage. There are so many ways to use this weapon in different builds and all of them should be very effective, it's basically been one of the best if not the best weapon from the beginning of the game. It's just continuously seen Buffs for its entire existence and in 1.09 changes nothing again. Blasphemous Blade is a great sword so much like the Dark Moon greatsword, it's got an improved speed of attack, the range is improved, and Recovery times are better so it combos better. We don't think there's a more overfilled weapon with stuff and stats and powers on it, as a weapon type it's great, as a weapon and its ability with its damage and scaling it's incredible. So it's an uncontroversial opinion to say it's probably the best weapon overall in Elden Ring. 

So there are the best weapons in the 1.09 patch, and every single one of them is very understandable and should be on this list the only thing we think would change would maybe the ordering depending on your personal experience and opinion. Although there are many great weapons especially in this patch to be considered that could have shoved their

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