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Elden Ring Bow Build 2023 Guide - Best One Shot Bow Build in Elden Ring 1.09

4/1/2023 3:37:25 PM

The build in Elden Ring can make use of various weapons to defeat enemies, today we’ll go over the best Elden Ring bow build 2023 after Patch 1.09, highlighting the recommended stats, weapons, ash of war, talismans, and more. 

Elden Ring Bow Build 2023 Guide - Best One-Shot Bow Build in Elden Ring 1.09 

This Elden Ring 1.09 bow build (PvP/PvE) by Glitch Unlimited is a pretty solid one-shot build for a variety of enemies and bosses. 

1. Bow Build Stats (Level 200)

Below are the stats you can go with when creating a level 200 bow build in Elden Ring, strength and dexterity are the primary ones. 

- Vigor 45

- Mind 30

- Endurance 50

- Strength 62

- Dexterity 62

- Intelligence 7

- Faith 8

- Arcane 15

2. Bow Build Weapons & Ash of War

For the weapon slots of this 1.09 bow build, there are lots of options.  

- Pulley Bow +9: one of the best bows you can pick up for this build is going to be the Pulley Bow, it can be equipped at level 9. You can find it on a sitting corpse at the top of a siege tower near Mt. Gelmir. Another option here is the Black Bow if you like the Rapid Fire Ash of War, hold it back as tight as you can and then let it go and it does a lot of damage. Both of these two bows are primarily scaling with strength and dexterity. 

- Bone Arrow or Lightningbone Arrow: you can use the lightning arrow because of the Lightning Scorpion Charm will increase its damage, you can also use bleeding ones and swap out the Lightning Scorpion Charm with Lord of Blood's Exultation for that.

- Lightning Nagakiba or Uchigatana: for the left-hand armament, you can use any katana at your disposal, as sometimes you may come across a situation where you do not have any arrows and you may need to use a sword. To get the Uchigatana, you need to head over to the Deathtouched Catacombs. Also, use some glitches for Elden Ring rune farms, you can still purchase lots of bows or arrows to equip for this build. 

- Lightning Slash: that is great if you combine this with a variety of different weapons, you can mix this up with a bleed build.

3. Bow Build Armor

The armor can be anything, but if you are focusing on some sort of bleed build, then the White Mask is recommended. 

- Head: Iron Kasa

- Chest: Gravekeeper Cloak

- Arms: Champion Bracers

- Legs: Battlemage Legwraps

4. Bow Build Talismans

The options for talismans should match the weapons to max out your damage.  

- Arrow's Sting Talisman: raises attack power of arrows and bolts. Head over towards the  Impassable Greatbridge, and go behind the huge tower, you want to go all the way up to pick up the chest and get the talisman.

- Blue Dancer Charm: raises attack power with lower equipment load. You can find it at Highroad Cave, once you have defeated the Guardian Golem boss, you will be rewarded with a Blue Dancer Charm talisman.

- Ritual Sword Talisman: raises attack power when HP is at maximum. This one is located at Lux Ruins, you are going to interact with the missed door, and there's going to be a boss known as Demi-Human Queen Gilika, which is quite easy to defeat.

- Lightning Scorpion Charm: raises the lightning attack power. The last talisman can be found at Wyndham Catacombs, try to make it through the room quickly and use your Stonesword Key and then go in the room and pick up this.

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