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Elden Ring Best Bleed Build 2023 - Best Arcane Bleed Build In Elden Ring 1.09

4/1/2023 11:46:11 AM

One of the most powerful builds in Elden ring patch 1.09, this Elden ring bleed build does primarily focus on bleed, because a few of the recent Buffs have made bleed builds really viable again, however, that does mean that bosses that are immune to bleed are going to be very strong against this Elden ring 1.09 best build.

Elden Ring Best Bleed Build - Best Arcane Bleed Build In Elden Ring 1.09

Here Introduce the best Elden Ring 1.09 bleed build, including the weapons, attribute points, affinity, ash of war, armour& talismans, great elden ring runes, and mixed physick. 

Elden Ring 1.09 Best Build:  Weapons 

This new and improved variation of another incredibly powerful bleed build, the best Elden ring bleed build weapons are going to be dual wielding Beast man's curved swords.

The two main reasons to use these over the Scavengers curved blades: 

  • Most obviously you can only legitimately get one of the Scavengers curve swords per play through, you can't pull off that full build until you are quite away into New Game Plus whereas, this build can fully be utilized in the base new game.

  • The full build will actually produce more damage output than the scavenger's curve sword, because the main concern is strength scaling rather than dexterity, and the strength scaling on the beastman's curved sword will yield more attack rating than the dexterity scaling on the scavenger's curve sword.

There may well be a much more inefficient farming spot earlier on in the game, because you do meet one or two beastmen throughout your playthrough, but the most effective spot by far is the very first sight of Grace here, in the crumbling Farm Azula, just leave the room turn right, and there are seven all-wielding this best elden ring bleed build weapon.

Elden Ring 1.09 Best Build: Arcane Bleed Build stats 

Elden Ring Best 1.09 Build: Attribute Points

Attribute Points

Vigor 50→41

Mind 14→13 

Endurance 24→20

Strength 64→62

Dexterity 14→14

Intelligence 14→14

Faith 6→6

Arcane 63→55

Stats base around a level 150 character, as that is a really solid place to leave your character in the current meta, the main stat you're aiming for is 62 in strength, because this is going to be the hard cap for the beastman curved swords. Next up you want to aim for 45 in Arcane, but as you approach level 150, you can start to increase that of course, it's very important to put a lot of points in Vigor, so that you're more survivable ideally 40 minimum, and probably 50 maximum, then you can put just a couple of points into mind and endurance so that you can summon decently powerful Spirit ashes and you have enough equip load to wear the armor set.

Elden Ring 1.09 Best Build: Affinity

Beastman's Blood Curved Sword+25

Curved Sword 



FP Cost 4

Weight 4.0

Attack Power 

Physical 232 +  301

Magic 0

Fire 0

Lightning 0

Holy 0

Critical 100

Guarded Damage Negation

Physical 41.8

Magic 31.4

Fire 31.4

Lightning 31.4

Holy 31.4

Guard Boost 27

Attribute Scaling

Str B Dex D

Int - Fai -

Arc D

Attributes Required

Str 13 Dex 11

Int 0 Fai 0

Arc 0

Passive Effects

Causes blood loss buildup(114)

Elden Ring 1.09 Best Build: Ash of War 

Beastman's Blood Curved Sword + 25 Curved Sword Slash 

  • Bloody Slash 

  • Seppuku 

For the ashes of War, obviously you can only get one seppuku per play through, so one of them wants to have seppuku, and the other one bloody slash,  a lot of people overlook bloody slash, because you get it, so early on in your playthrough, it is actually dropped by the Godric Knight when you defeat him at the top of Fort height, and because this scales nearly infinitely with your weapon upgrades, and your Arcane stat, it is actually insanely devastating in the end game.

Of course, seppuku is going to increase your attack power,  immediately cause blood loss which will trigger many other parts of the build, and it will improve your ability to inflict blood loss, this actually coincides hand in hand with making bloody slash deal even more damage, and seppuku is found on the frozen lake east of the freezing lakesite of Grace, and it's dropped just here by an invisible Scarab.

Elden Ring 1.09 Best Build: Armour & Talismans 

Arms Veteran's Gauntlets & Veteran's Gauntlets

Now to make these blades along with blood the slash deal, the maximum amount of damage, you will want the following armor and talismans.

The White mask

The white mask of vary which you will be awarded near the end of various questline, once you defeat all three of the nameless white masks, and this will raise your attack power when there is blood loss nearby, and there is always going to be blood loss nearby pair, this with the Lord of Bloods exaltation which does the exact same thing.

The Raptor's black feathers

Next up, the Raptor's black feathers will strengthen jump attacks, the Raptor's black feathers are found in the sage's cave in a chest behind an illusionary wall.

The strongest Greaves

next up you just want to equip the strongest Greaves, and gloves that you can and ideally get your Poise at 52 or more 52 is a very key number for low to medium equip load builds, because this is the first point where you will start to notice a considerable reduction in the number of times, you are staggered by enemies attacks pretty much.

Elden Ring 1.09 Best Build: Great Runes

  • Wandering Noble Ashes

  • Silver of Meat

  • Golden seeding

  • Godrick's great rune

  • Rykard's great rune

  • Radahn's great rune

  • Morgott's great rune

  • Blood loss

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