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Elden Ring 1.09 Best Str Weapons For PvP & PvE - Elden Ring 1.09 Strength Weapon Tier List 2023

4/1/2023 9:55:22 AM

What are the best strength 10 weapons in Elden Ring after patch 1.09? This is our complete tier list of the 10 best Elden Ring 1.09 strength weapons 2023 for PvP and PvE that we can recommend to you and ones you might want to consider going into the DLC expansion whenever that drops. Most of these are going to be really good on both sides of the content or can be ridiculously good in PVE specifically.


Elden Ring 1.09 Best Strength Weapons 2023 - Top 10 Best Str Weapons In Elden Ring Patch 1.09

Before we get into the Elden Ring Str weapon tier list 1.09, we actually have a special mention and that is the great club. Because in 1.09, it's been something quite interesting. They added holy damage and faith scaling to the weapon. So it's still a b strength scalar but it now benefits from faith scaling as well. So the AR has actually shot up on this thing just for existing. Now it's got this inbuilt holy damage as well which you scale with faith and that works a lot better with its force dash of war golden land which is actually not bad at all. It's also a buffable weapon that comes with like an affinity like holy. There are very few weapons that say have lightning, magic, holy, or fire damage on it and you can buff it up further. This is one of them. Basically, you can get about 100-200 AR on this thing using the order’s blade and even higher with normal build buffs. It's a bit of a powerhouse but the issue is it's got a really bland move set. It's just a club, it makes up for it though with this ridiculous range in PvP where you catch people when you absolutely shouldn't have. Dealing 800 a hit and its ash of war was actually great for trading because it's a three-part hit. It's genuinely a superb weapon. Next, check the top 10 Elden Ring best 1.09 strength weapons.


No. 10 - Magma Wyrm’s Scalesword

Let's just jump in though with a first at the bottom of the Elden Ring 1.09 strength weapon tier list. Because of patch 1.09 in which curve great swords were greatly improved. Having their speed of attack, range, and recovery times improved, the baseline of this weapon is really good now. Then it has that unique heavy attack because of the guillotine slam which you can do from jumping in the air which is super effective because this weapon hits really hard. It compares in terms of damage to colossal weapons, but as a curved greatsword it's a lot faster and in this patch, it's even faster. It already had long ranges of long weapons, but with even more range now and finding it's catching people really well and beforehand it just performed great in PVE generally. Because fire damage which is a main component of this weapon is always a good many section of the game. Fire is just a really strong element to have and this thing hits like a truck in say trading in PvP with its ash of war that has you slam down with the guillotine sort of slam and then spreads lava and fire damage everywhere. We would have rated this weapon pretty damn high as a strength weapon before 1.09. But now with the base moveset improvements, it's easily deserving to be on this Elen Ring strength weapon tier list 1.09 and at the very least take the 10th spot.


No.9 - Axe of Godfrey

Axe of Godfrey for a long time was a great disappointment. But now is absolutely ridiculous thanks to the two specific buffs. Firstly they made regal roar the effect that gets the unique heavy combo going actually relevant the beast raw talisman actually works with this now. You're able to chunk out over 1000 damage in PvP with just that Roar alone and the AOE itself is going to be good. The issue in that is that it's quite a slow animation, so you usually just use it to buff up get the AR of the war cry and then unlock the new heavy combo. Where this weapon is actually good though and matter irrelevant is that unique heavy combo after you've activated regal roar. You'll do a mini stomp with a mini AOE around you and then do an uppercut swing almost instantaneously. That is terrifying, it's incredibly hard to trade with or face in any direct way in PvP. Then you can entirely rely upon it again in PVE as well. Literally, every single time you go to do an attack, just use that first part of this heavy combo. Because the follow-up part is a bit slower by comparison not really worth committing to. As an incredibly slow but heavy-hitting weapon, you can run and jump attacks use, the regal roar to real catch things at the range, and then hardcore rely upon that unique fast heavy combo as the main source of damage. If they don't have really like high poise just the initial really quick stamp that'll even stagger them leading to free damage after.


No.8 - Siluria’s Tree

This one had some big buffs since previous batches to make its ash of war a lot more relevant. These days, the ash of war you can either tap it and do a sort of quick holy slam in front of you or you can charge it by spinning it around which is cool and doing this sort of beam of light with a really good range which now pierces targets as well allowing for some serious AOE. The individual hit though will be frankly ridiculous in terms of damage and you can use it from so far away that you're able to just basically rely on that in a fight. If you can make the space and do the range for it. Of course in the open world, you'll always be able to do that and in boss fights, there are plenty of punishment windows that allow for it. This is a good weapon though it's by no means bad. A great spear is a great weapon type. Long range, very capable, good damage on the basic pokes and thrusts as one of the greatest running heavy attacks where you channel ace of multi-tick hit and then do a thrust at the end which is a great gap closer incredible in PvP and just really annoying to deal with. Using this weapon in free for all PvP is hilarious because you can just kind of snipe people with the beam from off camera dealing ridiculous damage per hit and in the few sections of the game where enemies are sort of faith weak, it's going to be a great pick.


No.7 - Royal Greatsword

Royal Greatsword is more of a PVE-specific one we recommend to you. That is because they buffed it to be kind of ridiculous on the ash of war wolf's assault where you have this ridiculous hyper armor throughout the whole animation. Then you'll do a slam down physical damage the frost damage and then the frost pop just using the ash of war, especially with a mimic tear doing the same thing is insane output. It's very funny to do but quite single-minded and in PvP, you can't really rely upon this because you get stuck in it. It has a lot of output, we're just using the ash over and over and over it just doesn't work nearly as well in PvP, so that's why it's number seven on this Elden Ring 1.09 Str weapons ranking.


No.6 - Maliketh’s Black Blade

Another faith weapon but this one with the all-important destined death where this effect on the ash of war has been improved to last up to 60 seconds now, way longer than it used to be. That makes stacking destined death a lot easier using this weapon and the dagger or maybe the incantation. As a colossal sword, it's not bad at all by any means on both sides of the content. The damage it can do is great, colossal sword is doing great these days with the improved poise which makes sense. Because these are slower heavy-hitting weapons, they should stagger better than they have been in the past the ash of war can be used for trading incredible ways with the initial swing, the slam down, and then the explosion all doing individual bits of damage. The AOE potential in an open world is great because of that and in a single target, you can hyper armor through trading blows using this ash of war. If we face enemies with huge health balls in the DLC, destin death could be very useful.


No.5 - Ruins Greatsword

Ruins greatsword is just more reliable than anything else. It's a colossal sword, with the same moveset, the same buffs to the crouch poke, same sort of high poise stuff that we're seeing it comes with its own unique heavy attack where you do a sort of magic slam at no FP cost, and then the ash of war which is just crazy. Really long-range, quite wide-reaching, and does a lot of poise damage at that. Just relying on this ash of water alone will make this weapon a very reliable and good pick. But then as a colossal sword, it's fantastic, it's got great AR, one of the highest out of all the Colossal Swords in the game. Compared to say the royal greatsword and Maliketh’s Black Blade, this thing just doesn't have the ranged issues that those two have. Whether it's PVE or PVP, you can rely upon the ash of war to reach your targets no matter where they are. The black blade has a limit to its AOE as does the Royal Greatsword, so whether using that ash of war close or far, it's going to work and it's going to hit hard.


No.4 - Nightrider Glaive

Nightrider glaive is a top-tier pick for many. With s tier scaling for your strength when we put this in heavy, this gives you access to quite an interesting moveset for a strength weapon. Most of the strength weapons are going to be colossal or colossal swords and that's a defined moveset. This stands out away from the rest of the crowd with good reach as a halbert and unique ash of war options because it's a spare slash halberd style of weapon. You can do some really cool things with this. If you were to give it one of the various raws to change the unique heavy to something else, you can get some charges and really fast move sets with that as well. It's incredibly buffable on top of all of that. So if you're looking for a kind of more agile and fast-paced strength playstyle, this is a top-tier best strength weapon in Elden Ring patch 1.09. Thankfully there are so many ways to run this ash of war or affinities, it's a well-rounded versatile weapon.


No.3 - Serpent Hunter

This one's interesting because basically anyone can run it as a weapon that's really important for the Rykard fight. They need every build to be able to equip it and use it. But when you actually upgrade it, it gets towards B scaling in strength. So it's more of a strength weapon at that point. As a weapon, it's fine. It's like a kind of a great spear move set with really pokey thrusty base attacks that are great in PvP, but where this weapon becomes kind of ridiculous and is why it's number three on this Elden Ring patch 1.09 strength weapon tier list is because the old crouch poke of the colossal swords was broken. It was so stupid how fast it would come out, how much range it had, and how much damage it would do. For some reason, the serpent hunt has exactly that same old op crouch poke and they've never nerfed or addressed this in any way. It's ridiculously stupidly strong. If you're looking for an incredibly strong and simple moveset and a way to play well, then crouch poke spamming with your serpent hunter is undeniably a good option. Its output and damage are solid and almost any build can run it thanks to the stat requirements.


No.2 - Giant-Crusher

Giant-crusher is going to be a top tier pick. It is a PVE focus weapon though but it is the hardest-hitting weapon in the entire game. You can buff this and scale it in so many ways to do ridiculous damage in single hits or make a more reliable build where you doing like between 4000-6000 damage per hit maybe with high poise to allow for the trading. Basically, it all comes down to the fact that this has the highest scaling in AR potential in the game for strength. with its unique heavy attack flip, it also gets extra damage on that making a one-hit wonder with things like royal knights resolve as well. Unfortunately, it features a very bland and repetitive moveset because it's a hammer. You're doing just slams and bonks basically which is no problem in PvE where it doesn't really matter at all. But in PvP, it's incredibly predictable. It's got a shot arranged that you might hope for, it's quite hard to land the attacks with this. You're forced into looking for trades and you're basically never going to hit that all in pawn charge heavy attack because it's so slow. In PvP, then it's not a top tier pick, but in PvE, it is literally the number one best Elden Ring 1.09 Str weapon for the most damage in one hit. So it has to be pretty much at the top of the Elden Ring 1.09 Str weapon tier list!


No.1 - Greatsword

The only thing that we rate higher than giant-crusher is the OG just the Greatsword, this colossal greatsword. The reason we rate this the Elden Ring 1.09 best strength weapon is that it's so versatile. Unlike the Ruins Greatsword, Maliketh’s Black Blade, and Royal Greatsword, you can change this affinity and its various ashes of war to do whatever you want. That means you could maybe do roll next resolve to do crazy damage in one hit. That means you could do giants on to do a thrusting uppercut which will one-shot things hilariously effectively. Maybe you want a gap closer and a trade machine there's a Lion's Claw for that. There are so many ways to run this unique Universal great sword where they're using just one or two for power stance. It's got a variety of vertical horizontal swings, so it can deal with AOE or a great single target.  Colossal Swords are in a great place now. High poise damage, they've buffed the over-nerfed crouch poke. This weapon in particular is really buffable in many ways. So far, it's the No. 1 best strength weapon in Elden Ring patch 1.09.

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