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POE 3.20 Drop Rate of A Fracturing Orb - Fracturing Orb Guide in Path of Exile

2/24/2023 3:30:51 PM
Tag: POE Atlas

Today we would like to share a project we've been working on recently. The goal of this project was to try to determine the drop rate of a Fracturing Orb , as accurately as possible, when compared to other Harbinger currency drops and to the raw amount of Harbingers killed, given a fairly large sample size. All testing done in 3.20 Standard SSF.


Atlas tree:

 2023-02-24 153240

Sextants: Harbingers drop additional poe currency shards

Map choice and sample size: Graveyard (x60), City Square (x420)

Map rolling: chisel, alch, vaal**

Map influence: Searing Exarch

Map clearing strategy: rush boss then fish for chaos/sextant altars (to sustain harbinger kirac mod and harbinger sextants), clear map, go next, Harbinger nodes are the only nodes relevant for the project. Likely irrelevant because it seems like Harbinger currency drops are not affected by quantity modifiers.

Calculating the Harbinger sample size

In order to make the calculations as accurate as possible, I've tried my best to take into account every possible Harbinger-related variable that could occur in the maps ran.The variables are as follows:

  1. Harbinger sextant: supposedly a 2.5x multiplier to the amount of Harbinger currency drops. All maps were ran with this sextant.

  2. Atlas tree: all Harbinger-related nodes were taken. This includes the small Harbinger spawn chance nodes, which give a total of 30% chance for an extra Harbinger, and were included in the calculations as a 30% average.

  3. Harbinger scarab: x180 Winged (7 Harbingers), x300 Gilded (4 Harbingers)

  4. Kirac Harbinger mod: 3 additional Harbingers (used in every map)

  5. Harbinger implicit maps: these are special maps sometimes sold by Kirac. There were 60 in total.

  6. City Square/Graveyard maps bosses: the Harbinger sextant makes map bosses drop poe currency shards, and both of these maps have 3 bosses, so I assume they drop the loot equivalent of 3 extra harbingers per map.

  7. "Twinned" map mod, which doubles the amount of unique bosses in the map from 3 to 6, thus giving the loot equivalent of 3 extra harbingers. Only a few maps rolled this mod, but it was taken into account nonetheless.


 2023-02-24 153412

Harbinger currencyQuantity
Orb of Annulment 639 (+19 shards)
Ancient Orb 605 (+18 shards)
Exalted Orb 87
Fracturing Orb 12 (+4 shards)

During the project, Fracturing shards dropped as a full orb 3 times. Below is a breakdown of how long it took for each Fracturing Orb , compared to other harbinger poe currencies:

1st : 83 annuls, 75 ancients, 17ex

2nd : 162 annuls, 151 ancients, 26ex

3rd : 171 annuls, 157 ancients, 28ex (full orb)

4th : 176 annuls, 166 ancients, 29ex (full orb)

5th : 226 annuls, 212 ancients, 35ex

6th: 320 annuls, 302 ancients, 47ex

7th : 382 annuls, 364 ancients, 54ex

8th : 466 annuls, 441 ancients, 62ex

9th : 507 annuls, 484 ancients, 67ex

10th : 519 annuls, 496 ancients, 69ex (full orb)

11th : 591 annuls, 564 ancients, 78ex

12th: 627 annuls, 594 ancients, 85ex


Given the above numbers, we can make a somewhat accurate assumption of how long it takes to farm a Fracturing Orb . Keep in mind these calculations are based on an average and only within my results: RNG will still apply.

Let's first make a comparison with other relevant Harbinger currency drops (numbers rounded up):

  1. In order to farm a Fracturing Orb , you would have to drop 53 Orbs of Annulment.

  2. In order to farm a Fracturing Orb , you would have to drop 50 Ancient Orb s.

  3. In order to farm a Fracturing Orb , you would have to drop 8 Exalted Orb s.

Now let's have a look at how many Harbingers you would have to kill (numbers rounded up):

  1. In order to farm a Fracturing Orb , you would have to kill 560 Harbingers with the Harbinger sextant.

  2. In order to farm a Fracturing Orb , you would have to kill 1.400 Harbingers without the Harbinger sextant. (assuming 2.5x currency drops from sextant)


The results are, more or less, in line with what I was anticipating: an expected Fracturing Orb drop between 50-60 Ancient Orb s/annuls, which is in line with the numbers that have been floating around since the Fracturing Orb has been introduced.

Farming for a Fracturing Orb is extremely time-consuming, and it does not seem worth it without using the Harbinger sextant.

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