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PoE 3.21 Crucible League Start Atlas Tree Strategy For Fast Currency Making

4/1/2023 3:43:37 PM

In this Path of Exile 3.21 Crucible League Start Atlas Passive Guide, we break down how to do atlas and map progression for farming & making lots of currency fastest!

Path of Exile 3.21 Crucible League Start Atlas Tree Strategy for Fastest Currency Farming

The 3.21 Crucible league brings a lot of exciting content into Path of Exile, but you still need to earn some currency at the league start to enjoy unstoppable running! How people can make hundreds of Chaos in double Quick Time at League start? Now everyone can do this there's nothing super groundbreaking in this guide, so if you're an experienced and seasoned League starter, this might not be for you; if however, you're a player who really struggles to get currency and gear upgrades early, this world could be the guide that you've been waiting for. It does not matter what build you're playing, this league start atlas guide is viable for everyone and even in every league, it works better on a character with decent movement speed and AoE damage but every character can do it.

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POE 3.21 Heist Strategy

The first thing to get your currency rolling is Heist, don't worry this is not an endless Heist strategy and it is not complicated to do, the idea is to spend a maximum really of one hour in Heist to get enough currency to get good weapons:

  • Goal: 5 Link, Good Weapon + Raw Chaos

  • Time in Heist: 1 Hour

How much you earn in the first phase does depend on how quickly you can get in and out of the contracts but everyone can make currency doing this. 

How Does Heist Atlas Work?

  • In Act 6 start opening caches and collecting rogue markers and contracts

  • When you hit level 58, go to the rogue harbour and complete the intro quest

  • Buy all lockpicking and demolition contracts from Wakano

  • Repeat this process every time you level up

  • If you run out of chance orbs complete a few lockpicking contracts

  • Keep repeating this until you hit level 10 and kill Valenta for your last skill point

  • Complete Merc Lab if you can and then go to the Rogue Harbour

How To Complete Heist Contracts?

Here we go through the explanation and walkthrough of how you're completing these contacts:

You do not have fully complete every Heist

All that loot gives you are Rogue markers if you've picked up a lot of Rogue markers in their campaign then you're only planning to do 15 to 20 Heist, you may not need to complete them. The only reason you need to complete the heist is if you're going to need the road markers to complete the contract.

If you do need to complete them for Rogue markers only do the contracts that are short

Pick and choose which ones you want to complete once you go into a contract you will see how far away the end chest is. If it's a long way away and likely to have lots of locked doors in between, ignore it; if it's a really short contract they're the ones that you would look to complete and get the rogue markers.

Leave the first few chests as you can loot these on the way back

When you complete these, you want to leave the first few chests close to the door that you come across because you can loot these on the way back even if it means setting off the alarm because you'll still have time to get out of the contract.

Demolition Target the ? Chest and then as many small chests are you can

For Demolition, you want to target the question mark chests and then there are many small chests as you can. Make sure that you can always collect all of the question mark chess because this is where a lot of your currency comes from.

Lockpicking complete all jewelry and currency room before looting small chests

For lockpicking, you want to complete all of the jewelry rooms and the currency rooms before again looting as many small chests as you can.

95% of your currency will come from demolition contracts & Chaos recipe

Then 95% of your currency is going to come from Demolition contracts and the Chaos recipe, for those that are unsure what the Chaos recipe is any items that you find on the ground that are between level 60 and 74 can be sold to a vendor for two councils if you have a full set, so it'd be either two-handed weapons or a two-handed weapon, and then helmet, chest, gloves, boots and your 4 jewelry items which would be the belt, two rings, and an amulet. The reason Heist is so good for the Chaos recipe is that you get jewelry chests in Heist, you're going to get a lot of rings, amulets, and belts and these are the things that if you're just doing Chaos recipe in maps or in campaign zones that slow you down, you'll end up with stash tabs full of body armors, weapons, boots, and gloves and you might not have any amulets or rings. 

Rinse and repeat until you have your desired amount of currency

You essentially rinse and repeat this until you've got your desired amount of currency, so if you only want to get a 5 link and some decent gear and a weapon, you're not going to be in very long whatsoever you can then kick your character out so it's ready for maps to go and kill Catawba and you get a massive Heist start in terms of feeling really viable in your Maps.

2 Things Straight After Campaign Before Setting Atlas Tree

There are two things that everyone wants to do regardless of what your Atlas plans are or what you want to do in maps, there are two things that you should do immediately when you get into maps from the campaign:

  • 1 - The first thing you're going to do is Kirac going to have a mission view that is going to offer you a tier 1 Map. There are 4 different T1 maps, you can pick what map you want to take, or take one that you don't already have. You likely probably picked up three to four Maps along your way in the campaign, if you already have two strands don't take strand as your option, take a map that you don't have in your inventory because it's one more for your Atlas completion.

  • 2 - Once you've completed that map then your map device will now be on your hideout, go over to Kirac again and go to purchase items, he's going to have an inventory of maps you should have lots and lots of currency from doing your housing so about all the maps that you either don't have in your inventory or don't have completion for.  The reason it's important to do this early on is there is a stage within the first few maps where his inventory reset, so this essentially gives you a free reset of his Maps. Then lastly regarding Iraq once you start getting some Atlas missions every time you select one his inventory is going to reset, so if we look at his number entry now, you can see the selection of maps that are in there. It's important that you don't use your care admission until you've bought all of the maps from his window that you want to buy, then you can complete a mission it resets the inventory it's basically the number one way you can get your map completion done much quicker.

How Much Should You Spend On Gear at the Start of POE 3.21 Crucible League?

Now we're going to look at how much you should spend on gear and this is actually really important early on

What are your early goals for League start?

Do you want to rush red Maps is your goal to get to T14 Maps as quickly as possible or are you happy making currency in white Maps or mid to Yellow Maps or early tier red Maps, whatever your goals are will really then influence the gear that you need to complete those goals.

Work out the minimum gear required to meet your early goals

Do you need a six link

This is the first question you want to be answering, if you don't need a six link to complete your goals don't buy one of these, just get cheaper and cheaper and cheaper as the league goes on. It will make maps more comfortable but if you don't need it to meet those goals why not wait two or three days down the line when the item is going to be cheaper, same for a lot of unique items that some people want unless it's a tier one unique more and more of those uniques are going to come into the market and they're going to go down in price.

The less you spend at this stage the more you'll make in the long run 

Because of depreciation, you are basically wasting hundreds of chaos if you kit your character out to be red map viable and you're going to spend one-day farming yellow Maps, you don't need to do that, favourite other Maps get even more currency and then by even better gear when you go to Red Maps.

POE 3.21 White Map Atlas Passive Tree Strategy

Now let's look at an atlas tree that is guaranteed to make you money and progress your Atlas, it doesn't include any complicated mechanics but it works for making a lot of currency at the league start: This is what your tree is going to look like probably early to mid-tier yellow maps and you started filling out some map completion. what we're doing is taking map nodes, Kirac nodes, Essences, and Shrines. You don't need to state the shrines, but when you need to start pushing to Red tier Maps, these shrines can be a massive bonus.

POE 3.21 Atlas Passive Tree

Main Nodes To Set

  • Adjacent Map Drop Chance - The way you're going to start does not particularly go straight down the middle of all you're taking and these notes here that give you a 2% chance for a monster to drop a connected map.

  • Kirac Wheel Nodes - From here we're taking this Kirac wheel here. Kirac missions are really overlooked early on by a lot of people, but they are a way you can make your Atlas progression much easier later down the line. When you boot up lots of Kirac missions, you can make a lot of profit from these, so these little nodes give you 1% chance for Kirac to give you a mission on map completion so you've got 4 of these so it's 4%. 

  • Expert Reconnaissance  - This one gives you 60% increased scouting reports found on new maps again really useful for re-rolling the missions that Kirac offers you and again can help with either trying to get big ticket maps in his inventory or complete emissions yourself.

  • Commissioned Officer - This is 3% chance to give you a mission on completion and it gives you a mission every day which, to be honest at least doesn't mean a lot because you might be through your league start in a couple of days.

  • Shaping the Seas & Shaping the Valleys - From here we're just going to go and pick up both of these map nodes, it's nothing exciting but at this stage you completely like T3-T4 Maps you really don't want to stop doing League mechanics because you're not going to earn much currency from them, getting more maps to drop is always handy.

  • Amplified Energies - At this stage now, we're going to go and pick up Essence nodes, so you're going to be line up here, and you're going to go and take Amplified energies which means Essence is found in your map are a tier higher. After that, it means you can then take your guaranteed Essence and then every time you get an Essence in a map it's going to be pushed up a tier. We're still not going to start farming these Maps yet because you don't have all of the nodes we need but just these alone mean the Essences is most of the time worth stopping to do.

  • Crystal Resonance - After this you're taking the last Essence node which basically doubles shrieking Essences. This now on its own allows you to start making a ton of currency.

  • Shape the Mountains - Then just to make a map sustain a bit better, we're going to go down and get the shape the mountains, now we're not only getting it to have a chance to get higher tier Maps but 10% chance on completing your maps to gain free use of random map craft is awesome. If you have this on your atlas tree for the first week or two by the time you actually come to do some farming strategies, you are going to have a lot of free Atlas uses for nearly every mechanic.

  • Shrine nodes - If you feel like you're struggling a little bit just come and fill out these Shrine nodes. 

At this point in the game, you should be sort of mid-tier yellow Maps, if you want to make a ton of currency get out all of the white maps that you have in your stash tab you'll have a load of them that you built up from taking map nodes and just run them. 

You can do this for as long as you like, just drop back to lower-tier Maps every time you want the farm Essences, Essences should still be fairly comfortable in yellow Maps. Once you start position to Red Maps they get more difficult but you keep them in your tree because again just drop back to lower tier Maps if you want to go and farm some currency.

POE 3.21 Yellow Map Atlas Passive Tree Strategy

So we're now going to move on to phase two which would be where you are hitting red Maps, we've added in one more lead mechanic, some more map nodes, and some blockers and streaming consciousness to get more content into our maps. 

At this stage, we've added Expedition because it is a very good currency maker early on. This tree here is not the most efficient path and there are a few wasted nodes, the reason we're doing it like this is that you don't want to have to use 10-20 orbs if we are making when you're just hitting rep Maps, because that's quite a big expense. There are much better ways to path to get these nodes but for here this works fine: 

POE 3.21 Atlas Passive Tree for Yellow Maps

Main Nodes To Pick

  • Stream of Consciousness - All we've done is we've gone and got that extra Expedition node here, we're taking the Expedition wheel and Stream of Consciousness to force more content in, but just be aware you can't use fragments so don't try sticking scarabs into your map device. 

  • Block Some Nodes - Then we're blocking metamorph, delirium, blight, and ritual, these are not things we are going to complete in the map, so blocking them just gives us 2% chance for more mechanics to spawn. We would never block rogue markers because it's just free currency when they turn up

  • Hunt for Answers & Expedition Wheel - Getting chance for Expedition and taking this Expedition wheel. We do not take these Expedition ones such as Ancient Decay and Expedition Detonation Chain because we don't feel like they do very much, you would only take these nodes if you're really struggling to complete Expedition. Essentially what they do is they explode the chain slower so you've got a bit more time to kill packs and they basically spawn with a little bit of less life but we think these are wasted nodes.

  • At this stage, you want to be Alkan in your Maps, the more quantity impact size you can get into them the more you're going to get out of the expedition but Alkan go is absolutely fine you don't really need to do much more than that.

With this setup, you're going to be getting expedition in a good majority of your maps and you've still got the essence monsters that you can kill. With your character, you should still be able to take Essence monsters down in late-tier yellow and early-tier red maps, and these are still really handy to have if you want to drop back and farm some quick currency in lower-tier content.

We're keeping all of the Kirac nodes in and we're adding even more map node centers we can just make sustain a non-issue. You are going to be well over sustaining your Maps so you're not going to have an issue progressing your Atlas although the Kirac nodes, you're going to be building up Kirac missions. In general, this is just a really good starter tree for getting both currency and progression.

Steps for Atlas Progression from 1st Map at the POE 3.21 League Start

  • Level 58+ buy contracts from Rogue Harbour

  • Kill Vilenta and complete 3rd Lab

  • Run Demolition contracts

  • Finish the campaign and buy Kirac's maps

  • Follow White Blaster Map Tree

  • Run leftover White Maps for Essences

  • Repeat in Yellow Maps aiming for Yellow Expedition Tree

Lastly, whether you rush a league star, or whether you're a bit slower and you gather up your currency, it really all depends on your experience and the sort of build that you're playing. If you're on a build on a 5 link you just push to Red Maps anyway then you may as well do it there's no point hanging around in white Maps, making currency when you could be making currency in Red Maps. If however, you're someone who really struggles historically at least out to get some currency together, we think it's better to go slower, you can earn currency in white and yellow Maps really easily. 

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