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POE 3.20 Apothecary & High-End Divine Cards Farming Strategies (Best Maps & Atlas Tree Setups)

2/3/2023 7:24:19 PM

In POE Ultimate Apothecary Farming Guide, we go over the best farming strategies for the Apothecary card in the Path of Exile 3.20 league!

Best Strategies To Farm Apothecary & Divine Cards in POE 3.20 | Path of Exile Apothecary Farming Guide

Here we give you a brief overview of each farming strategy, covering the atlas tree setup, items to use, and cost: 

POE 3.20 Apothecary Best Farming Method 1

This is the best way to farm a Mageblood with Apothecary Cards.  Able to farm up to 10 Divines Profit an Hour. Being one of the most lucrative Farming Strategies for 3.20 Forbidden Sanctum. With this strategy, we're going to utilize strong boxes in Abyss to farm divination cards, the main source obviously is the strong boxes, and the secondary source we're going to be the Abyss, which is absolutely busted this league just giving so many enemies, it's good for filling with the Delirium bars it's good for getting divination cards and layouts, so that means those can drop scarabs and fractured items.

And also you can round up the strategy with Breach or Harbinger, based on the map if you're running Crimson Temple having is going to be better but if you're running the fire cast usually your build needs a bit more space. The breach is going to be good in case you use Caustic Arrow, but if you build something like Spark or kinetic blast, Crimson temple with Harbinger is going to feel better. And we're going to round up the strategy with Delirium you can either add 20% or 40% Delirium Orb if you bolt. It isn't that strong yet you run too much of it and just use fine Delirium orbs and get some darker half or divide orbs from it. Or you can use Skittering delirium orbs and fully sustain all the scallops that you need by using a 6% delirium scatter ranked with Skittering orbs. 

Core Strategies & Maps

Main Sources

  • Strongbox: Main Source Divination Cards

  • Abyss: Secondary Source Divination Cards, Deli Bar Filler

  • Breach / Harbinger: Filler

  • Delirium: 20-40% Fine Delirium Orb, 60+% Skittering Delirium Orb

Alternative Maps

  • Crimson Temple & Defiled Cathedral: Apothecary

  • Burial Chamber: Doctor

  • Carcass: Nurse

  • Colonnade: Patient

Method Setup:

  • Sextants: 2 Additional Strongbox, Enraged Strongbox Monsters, Additional Abyss

  • Scarbs: Gilded Ambush Scarab, Gilded Blight Scarab, Gilded Divination Scarab

  • Breach: Additional Breach

  • Harbinger: Boos is Guarded by a Harbinger

  • MF (Gear) Setup: 9-10% Rings, 15% Body, 10% Gloves, 20% Boots, 5% Belt, 68-70% Quant

Altas Tree:

  • Roof for increased Effect Map Sustain

  • League Mechanic Blocking: All but Breach & Abyss

  • Abyss & Strongbox

  • Breach / Harbinger

POE 3.20 Best Apothecary Card Farming Strategy 1


  • T16 Crimson Temple: 5c x 48

  • additional Abyss Sextant: 5c x 12

  • Enraged Strongbox Sextant: 50c x 12

  • additional Strongbox: 7c x 12

  • elevated additional Breach: 120c x 3

  • Gilded Breach: 5c x 48

  • Gilded Divination: 12c x 48

  • Gilded Abyss: 6c x 48

  • Gilded Ambush: 11c x 48

  • Delirium Orb: 10c x 48

  • Breach Map Device: 4c x 48

  • Total: 3,648c (par map 76c)

  • Scarabs & Delirium Orb can be sustaned by suing 60+% with Skittering Orbs


  • Total Profit: 18.737c

  • in Divines: 81,46521739

  • Profit per Map: 390,35

  • Time per Map: 10Min

  • Maps per Hour: 6 Maps

  • Profit Per Hour: 2.342c

  • in Divines: 10,18

POE 3.20 Apothecary Best Farming Strategy 2

This is a strong box farming strategy, but each map takes around 4 to 5 minutes depending on how lucky you are. Right now, this method is super RNG due to the wide variance in Apothecary Drops. Strongbox Compasses are extremely expensive as it is the only way to get monsters to drop rare loot after the global nerf to Qualntity/Rarity on past league mechanics. Even with the high cost of mats, you can still maintain a slight profit if you go unlucky on Apothecary Drops as long as you have another profitable mechanic built into your farming strategy! 

Farming Method:

  • Scarabs: Winged Reliquary, Winged Cartography, Winged Divination, and Winged Ambush

  • Compass: 600% Enraged Strongbox, +3 Additional Strongbox, 20 Quality, and 8 Mod Corrupted Maps

  • Atlas: Wandering Path for Maximum Quantity with Focus on Map Drops/Duplication

  • Map Device: Delirium

Altas Tree:

POE 3.20 Best Apothecary Card Farming Strategy 2


  • Winged Scarabs cost around 7 per 1 Divine

  • Scarab Cost for 1 Map: 140c

  • Compasses: 20 Quality - 50C, Enraged Strongbox - 180C, 8 Mod Maps - 105c,  Additional Strongbox - 2 Divines for 16 Use

  • Compass Cost for 1 Map: 104c

  • Map Device Cost: 10c

  • Cost of 8 Mod Map: 10c

  • Total Cost per Map: 264c

  • Each Map costs around 1 Divine to run


  • Ended up running 57 maps total for a total cost of around 60 Divines

  • Total Exilence Amount: 70 Divines

  • Seven Years Bad Luck: 4, Enlightened: 7, Dragon's Heart: 3

  • 0 Apothecaries

  • Each map takes around 4 to 5 minutes to finish, so running 60 maps would take around 5 hours with 100% efficient play

  • Total Profit: 2 Divines / Hour

PoE 3.20 Low Budget Apothecary Farming Strategy

Then if you lack in budget, here we share with you the cheaper MF strategy for farming Apothecary card

Atlas Tree:

POE 3.20 Best Apothecary Card Farming Strategy 3

Items Requroied and Cost:

Enraged: 18c per map

Corrupted Strongbox: 1.75c per map

Magic Pack Size: 1.25c per map

Crimson Temple Guardian Map: 30

Glided Divination: 12

Rusted Elder: 1

Glided Ambush: 10

Glided Reliquary: 4

Beyond on Map Devic: 5

Cheapest Delirium Orb: 4

Total: 88.25 per map

More Tips for Farming Apothecary & High-End Divine Cards In POE

Impact of Apothecary Drop

Apothecary (Value: 58 Divines) Drop rate is probably around 1 in 60 to 80 maps. With an Apothecary drop, the Divine/Hr Ratio is somewhere around 10 to 12 Divines/Hr, which makes it one of the best money-making methods in the game. This was done with Magic Finding and Quantity, so if you do it without MF, then your results will be considerably worse. 

How To Be More Profitable When You Farm Apothecary Cards?

  • All Apothecary Farming methods revolve around finding ways to generate consistent profit to sustain yourselves until the lottery drop.

  • Corrupted 8 mod maps, Harbinger (Fracturing/Mirror Shard), Delirum Orbs (Skittering/Diviner's), Infinite Harvest/Winged Scarab Enchant

  • Using Winged Reliquary Scarabs over Gilded will most likely result in a loss unless you get lucky with a high-value Unique

  • Increasing Clear Speed and efficiency is the most important factor in being more profitable, buy your mats in bulk.

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