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PoE 3.21 Best Crucible Builds - Top 10 Strongest Crucible League Starter Builds in Path of Exile

3/21/2023 4:48:18 PM

Path of Exile's new league Crucible is coming with patch 3.21, it's time to pick up and prepare the new starter builds for the new challenge expansion! So here we update the Top 10 Best Cheap POE 3.21 Crucible Builds covering the decent mappers who can take on most endgame bosses on a moderate budget!

Top 10 POE 3.21 Best Crucible Builds for League Start & Mapping

The highly-anticipated Path of Exile 3.21 expansion is scheduled on April 7, 2023, making it an excellent opportunity for players to dive back into one of the best free RPG games on the market, especially as the Diablo 4 beta draws to a close. The upcoming expansion, titled Path of Exile: Crucible, promises to bring new challenges and content to the game. Although details about the Crucible League are yet to be known, we think the following strong builds, which are applicable in almost every league, can still be your first choice for POE 3.20 starters!

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1 - Poison Concoction/Bladefall Blade Blast Occultist Build

The Poisonous Concoction Occultist stands out as a top-tier mapping build, thanks to its inherent explosion capabilities from Profane Bloom. This build can deliver chain explosions, providing a satisfying and efficient mapping experience, particularly when paired with Plague Bearer. Later in the game, players can swap to Bladefall and Blade Blast for even more damage output, as well as the benefit of life recovery from the +# Life gained for each Enemy hit by your Spells. Overall, this build offers a highly effective and enjoyable playstyle for those who prioritize fast and fluid map-clearing.


  • Profane Bloom

  • Void Beacon

  • Withering Presence

  • Malediction

Skill Gems

  • Armor Gems: Poisonous Concoction + Greater Multiple Projectiles + Greater Volley + Void Manipulation + Lifetap

  • Any Item: Plague Bearer + Withering Step + Increased Area of Effect + Flame Dash

  • Any Item: Determination, Vaal Grace, Temporal Chains

  • Any Item: Shield Charge, Faster Attacks

  • Any Item: Arrogance

  • Shield Gems: Cast When Damage Taken + Vaal Molten Shell, Ancestral Protector


  • Weapon: 3 Green Sockets Weapon & Shield with x% of Physical Damage as Extra Chaos Damage

  • Body Armor: 5-Linked Evasion/Energy Shield Body Armour with x% of Physical Damage from Hits taken as Fire and Lightning Damage

  • Helm: The Gull

  • Amulet: with +x% to Damage over Time Multiplier or +1 to Level of all Chaos Skill Gems

  • Rings: Unveil Elreon's Veiled Rings for Non-Channeling Skills have -(x-x) to Total Mana Cost

  • Boots: Unveil Boots for the 20% increased Movement Speed Cannot be Chilled Boot modifier

  • Belt: Stygian Vise Belt allows for an extra Abyss Jewel for damage/Stats/Resistance

  • Rings: Despair On Hit

  • Flasks: Quicksilver Flask, Granite Flask, Jade Flask, Basalt Flask, Divine Life Flask

2 - Boneshatter Slayer Build

If you want to destroy your enemies, break their bones, and formal content from these 3D vines with melee kill, this build is for you. If you spent only three divines, this build is insane for maps but not good for bosses because you need to upgrade your items to have a good damage without maximum trauma stacks.

Skill Gems

  • Bonshatter Weapon Gems: Boneshatter + Impale + Ruthless + Melee Physical Damage + Brutality

  • Body Armour (6 link not required) Gems: Berserk + Lifetap + Ancestral Cry + Blood Rage

  • Helmet Gems: Ancestral Protector + Maim + Vaal Ancestral Warchief + Multiple Totems

  • Gloves Gems: Determination + Artic Armour + Enlighten + Pride

  • Boots Gems: Vaal Molten Shell + Cast when Damage Taken + Precision + Arrogance


  • Weapon 1: Blight Hunger, Vaal Axe

  • Helmet: Empyrean Ward, Royal Burgonet

  • Body Armor: Entropy Guardian, Astral Plate

  • Gloves: Armageddon Clutches, Spiked Gloves

  • Boots: Dire Stride, Goliath Greaves

  • Amulet: Skull Locket, Onyx Amulet

  • Ring 1: Onslaught Circle, Amethyst Ring

  • Ring 2: Foe Eye, Iron Ring

  • Belt: The Magnate, Studded Belt

  • Flasks: Masochist's Divine Life Flask of Quenching, Analyst's Sulphur Flask of the Deer, Transgressor's Quicksilver Flask of the Lynx, Transgressor's Granite Flask of the Armadillo, Transgressor's Basalt Flask of the Armadillo

Passive Tree: 

Socket 1: Blight Splinter, Crimson Jewel

Socket 2: Sol Sunder, Viridian Jewel

Socket 3: Blight Etcher, Viridian Jewel

As an ascendancy, we choose Juggernaut because this is the best choice for the bone shutter to have a good life regen, big defense, good damage, also attack speed.

One important mechanic without which our bone shutter will not work good, is in this build we use the Precise Technique which gives us 40% attack damage when our accuracy rating is higher than our maximum life. 

Also, we can't deal with critical strikes so it means that you always have to look at your accuracy, so which is greater than the maximum life. 

Also, we choose Undeniable as an Ascendancy skill point for more accuracy rating and it gives us huge amount of attack speed.

In this build, we use three rare jewels and on the basic jewel, you should have corrupted blood cannot be inflicted on you and physical attack damage reached his Mana. Other useful mods on jewels, it can be attack speed, attack speed with access, damage with two-handed weapons, and increase maximum life.

3 - Champion Corrupting Fever/Reap MF Build

The Corrupting Fever Champion build is a premier league starter that prioritizes speed, explosive power, and survivability. With a focus on blasting through maps, this build utilizes Kinetic Blast from a wand to apply Corrupting Fever stacks to packs of enemies. Once enemies are defeated, the Haemophilia effect causes them to explode, leading to even more satisfying chain reactions. With excellent survivability, this build can also withstand incoming damage, ensuring a smoother experience while traversing maps. The Corrupting Fever Champion build is an excellent choice for players seeking a fast-paced and explosive playstyle.

Skill Gems

  • Weapon 1 Gems: Molten Shell + Cast when Damage Taken + Frenzy

  • Weapon 2 Gems: War Banner + Arrogance + Vitality

  • Body Armour Gems: Reap + Item Rarity+ Corrupting Fever + Awakened Brutality + Empower + Awakened Swift Affliction

  • Helmet Gems: Petrified Blood + Blood Rage + Shield Charge + Flame Dash

  • Gloves Gems: Kinetic Blast + Life Gain on Hit + Greater Multiple Projectiles + Lifetap

  • Boots Gems: Purity of Elements + Malevolence + Enlighten + Determination


  • Weapon 1: Carrion Branch

  • Weapon 2: Sentari's Answer

  • Helm: Blight Dome

  • Body Armor: Greed's Embrace

  • Gloves: Sadima's Touch

  • Boots: Goldwyrm

  • Amulet: Eyes of the Greatwolf

  • Ring 1: Ventor's Gramble

  • Ring 2: Ventor's Gramble

  • Belt: String of Servitude

  • Flasks: Divination Distillate, Alchemist's Gold Flask of the Order, Masochist's Granite Flask of the Pangolin, Masochiest's Silver Flask of the Kakapo, Chemist's Quicksilver Flask of the Dove

  • Passive Tree Jewels: Honour Hope, Unnatural Instinct, Dusk Glisten, Hypnotic Vessel

4 - Ethereal Knives Elementalist Build

As a league starter for the 3.21 expansion, the Ethereal Knives Elementalist is an excellent choice due to its fast mapping speed and enjoyable mechanics. This build is highly affordable, making it an accessible option for players looking to get started on a budget. The league starter version of this build can be constructed for as little as 5 divines. Overall, the Ethereal Knives Elementalist offers an excellent balance of affordability, speed, and enjoyable gameplay, making it a great option for players seeking a reliable and engaging first character.

Skill Gems

  • Weapon 1 Gems: Herald of Purity + Flame Dash + Herald of Ash

  • Weapon 2 Gems: Hatred + Determination + Discipline 

  • Body Armour Gems: Ethereal Knives + Unbound Ailments + Burning Damage + Cruelty + Swift Affliction + Cold to Fire

  • Helmet Gems: Shield Charge + Faster Attacks + Molten Shell

  • Gloves Gems: Flame Surge + Hydrosphere + Flammability + Arcanist Brand

  • Boots Gems: Vaal Haste + Divine Blessing + Increased Duration + Malevolence


  • Weapon 1: Obliteration Demon's Horn

  • Weapon 2: Rapture Ageis Bronze Tower Sheild (Socketed Gems have 30% increase reservation Life, and Resistance)

  • Helmet: Blood Visage Vaal Mask (Chance to suppress Spell Damage, Life, Resistance, Don't waste Eldritch currency for cheap helmet, swap cheap helmet to Blizzard Crown when ready)

  • Body Armor: Skin of the Lords (Buy with sockets colour already, you can only equip corrupted gems)

  • Amulet: Gloomfang Blue Pearl Amulet

  • Ring 1: Pyre

  • Ring 2: Horror Knuckle

  • Gloves: Spirit Knuckle (Chance to Suppress Spell Damage, Life, Resistance, Attributes)

  • Belt: Morbid Thread (Stygian Vise, Life, Attributes, Resistance, Abyss with life and res)

  • Boots: Spirit League (Chance to Suppress Spell Damage, Life, Resistance, Onslaught effect)

  • Flasks: Substantial Divine Life Flask of Staunching, Atziri's Promise Amethyst Flask, Transgressor's Quicksilver Flask of the Infliction, Flagellant's Granite Flask of the Albatross, Masochist's Quartz Flask of the Armadillo

Passive Skills

Deal damage with fire, burning, ignite, over time damage, cold, and physical before conversion, so on the passive tree we pick nodes that give us these types of damage

Also, we take Life, Mana Reservation, Auras Effect, and one necessary Unique Jewel that transforms intelligence and radius into dexterity because we need it for gems.

5 - Poison Blade Vortex Occultist Build

By synergizing the explosive chain reaction of Profane Bloom with the spreading effect of Plague Bearer, the Poison Blade Vortex Occultist excels as a league starter build that provides a seamless mapping experience. With minimal investment, this build allows for swift map clearing. However, with optimal customization, it can also become an exceptional option for tackling late-game challenges.

Skill Gems

  • Armour Gems: Poisonous Concoction + Greater Multiple Projectiles + Greater Volley + Void Manipulation + Unbound Ailments + Deadly Ailments

  • Shield Gems: Flame Dash, Shield Charge + Faster Attacks

  • Any Item: Grace + Herald of Agony, Blasphemy + Temporal Chains

  • Any Item: Divine Blessing + Determination + Inspiration, Plague Bearer

  • Any Item: Cast When Damage Taken + Molten Shell, Precision, Withering Step

  • Ring: Despair


  • Weapon 1: Obliteration Corruptions

  • Weapon 2: Apocalypse Bukwark with Suppress Spell, Life, Cold Res (Buy 85+ Supreme Spiked Shield with +46–48% to Fire/Cold/Lightning Resistance fractured)

  • Helm: The Devouring Diadem

  • Armor: Skin of the Lords

  • Amulet: Solstic Vigil

  • Boots: Demon Spark with Life, Resistance, Move Speed,  Poisons you inflict deal Damage % faster (Buy Fractured Ilvl 84+ +(46–48)% to Cold/Fire/Lightning Resistance Sorcerer Boots)

  • Belt: Endgame Stygian with Abyssal Socket, Chaos Damage, Life, Res (Buy 86 level Stygian Vise base)

  • Ring 1: Death Rush

  • Ring 2: Mark of Submission

  • Flasks: Catalysed Eternal Life Flask of Assuaging, Experimenter's Granite Flask of the Armadillo, Experimenter's Jade Flask of the Impala, Sin's Rebirth, Experimenter's Quicksilver Flask of the Cheetah

6 - Explosive Arrow Ballista Elementalist Build

As a well-rounded choice for a league starter, the Explosive Arrow Ballista Elementalist build boasts impressive versatility. It can effectively eliminate bosses through powerful Ignite damage and wipe out large hordes of enemies with the Ignite Proliferation Support. The beauty of this build is that it doesn't demand any specific stats or Unique items to get started, yet it has the potential to evolve into a formidable powerhouse in the late game. This makes it an ideal option for players seeking a strong start to a new league.

Skill Gems

  • Weapon: Explosive Arrow + Ballista Totem + Ignite Proliferation + Lifetap + Awakened Deadly Ailments + Awakened Burning Damage

  • Any Item: Arcanist Brand + Flammability + Flame Surge

  • Any Item: Determination + Grace + Defiance Banner + Precision

  • Any Item: Lightning Spire Traps + Combustion

  • Any Item: Frenzy + Faster Attacks

  • Other Gems: Flame Dash, Vaal Molten Shell, Summon Lightning Golem


  • Weapon 1: +3 Bow with Cold Damage, Attack Speed, Level of Socketed Bow Gems

  • Weapon 2: Great Quiver

  • Helm: Nightmare Bascinet

  • Armor: Great Chest with Effect of non-Curse Auras, Flasks have increased Effect, Fire Damage, any Maximum Resistance mod

  • Amulet: Great Amulet with Skill Gems, Fire Damage over Time Multiplier, Maximum Life, Elemental Damage with Attacks

  • Gloves: Great Gloves with Spell Suppression, Attack Speed, Fire Damage over Time Multiplier, any Damage to attacks.

  • Boots: Great Boots with Movement or Action Speed

  • Belt: Dyadian Dawn

  • Ring 1: Polaric Devastation

  • Ring 2: Great Ring

  • Passive Skill Jewels: Large Cluster Jewel with Fire Damage, Medium Cluster Jewel with Totem Damage

  • Flasks: Divine Life Flask, Delinquent's Divine Life Flask of the Dielectric, Delinquent's Granite Flask of the Armadillo, Delinquent's Jade Flask of the Impala, Delinquent's Quicksilver Flask of the Cheetah

7 - Poisonous Concoction Pathfinder Build

As a versatile league starter build, the Poisonous Concoction Pathfinder can swiftly take down enemies with Poisonous Flasks, while also possessing the ability to withstand most attacks. Notably, this build does not rely on any particular Unique items, making it exceptionally straightforward to gear up. For novice players seeking to delve into the game and expand their knowledge, this build offers a great starting point.

Skill Gems

  • Weapon Gems: Poisonous Concoction + Greater Volley + Awakened Greater Multiple Projectiles + Awakened Unbound Ailments + Awakened Void Manipulation + Awakened Vicious Projectiles

  • Any Item: Divergent Plague Bearer + Divergent Increased Area of Effect

  • Any Item: Wither + Spell Totem + Multiple Totems + Faster Casting

  • Any Item: Shield Charge + Faster Attacks

  • Aura Gems: Determination, Grace, Defiance Banner

  • Other Gems: Molten Shell, Blood Rage, Ancestral Protector + Anomalous Withering Step

  • Ring Gems: Despair


  • Weapon: Shield with Socketed Gems have 30% increased Mana Reservation Efficiency

  • Body Armour: Tabula Rasa (Early), 6-Link Unique Triumphant Lamellar (Mid-Game) with Armour, Evasion, Life, and Spell Suppression

  • Helm: Helm Upgrade with Enchant

  • Amulet: Rare Amulet with Anoint, Skill Gems, Chaos Damage over Time Multiplier, Maximum Life

  • Gloves: Gloves with % increased Attack Speed and +% to Chaos Damage over Time Multiplier

  • Boots: Tailwind/Onslaught Boots with 

  • Belt: Stygian Vise with high Life, Strength, and either Flask mods or Resistances

  • Rings: Despair on Hit Ring, Mark of Submission

  • Passive Skill Gems: Large Cluster Jewel with Chaos Damage and 8 Passives

  • Flasks: Divine Life Flask, Quicksilver Flask, Granite Flask, Jade Flask

  • Ascendancy: Nature's Reprisal, Master Toxicist, Nature's Adrenaline, Master Surgeon

8 - Poison Seismic Trap Saboteur Build

As a league starter, the Seismic Trap Saboteur build offers excellent all-around capabilities, with a particular emphasis on single-target damage output. Even on a moderate budget, this build can confidently take on most endgame bosses, while also offering swift map-clearing capabilities. With a hit-and-run playstyle, this build utilizes the speed and agility of its trap-based attacks to move in and out of combat swiftly, making it an ideal choice for players seeking a fast-paced, engaging playstyle.


  • Born in the Shadows

  • Pyromaniac

  • Perfect Crime

  • Chain Reaction

Skill Gems

  • Armour Gems: Seismic Trap + Unbound Ailments + Advanced Traps + Trap and Mine Damage + Deadly Ailments + Void Manipulation

  • Any Item: Grace + Herald of Agony + Summon Skitterbots + Arctic Armour

  • Any Item: Malevolence + Divine Blessing + Shield Charge + Faster Attacks

  • Any Item: Exsanguinate + Trap + Cluster Traps + Chain

  • Any Item: Cast When Damage Taken + Immortal Call + Flame Dash

  • Any Item: Despair + Temporal Chains + Whithring Step


  • Weapon 1: Obliteration

  • Weapon 2: Shield with 60+ to maximum Life, 2 Resistances and Craft Gain x% of Physical Damage as Extra Chaos Damage

  • Helmet: 60+ to maximum Life, 2 Resistances and Craft x% of Physical Damage from Hits taken as Fire Damage

  • Body Armor: 5-linked Base to craft 60+ to maximum Life, 2 Resistances and Craft x% of Physical Damage from Hits taken as Lightning and Fire Damage

  • Amulet: Agate Amulet with +15% to Damage over Time Multiplier, craft x% increased Trap Throwing Speed

  • Gloves: 60+ to maximum Life, 2 Resistances and Craft x% to Lightning/Fire/Cold and Chaos Resistances.

  • Boots: 60+ to maximum Life, 2 Resistances and Craft x% increased Movement Speed AND x% chance to gain Onslaught for 4 seconds on Kill

  • Belt: Heavy Belt with  60+ to maximum Life, at least 20% to Chaos Resistance, and craft x% increased Trap Throwing Speed

  • Ring 1: Ring with 3 Elemental Resistances and Craft Life

  • Ring 2: Ring with +1 to Minimum Endurance Charges and (3-4)% chance to gain an Endurance Charge on Kill

  • Flasks: Divine Life Flask, Jade Flask, Quartz Flask, Granite Flask, Quicksilver Flask

9 - Skeleton Mages Necromancer Build

As a league starter, the Summon Skeletons Mages Necromancer build specializes in taking down bosses, particularly those outside of the Uber tier, even on a modest budget. With additional investment, this build can also effectively tackle Uber bosses. Employing a totem playstyle, players can cast Skeleton Mages and apply curses to their targets, allowing their minions to do the brunt of the work. Furthermore, equipping the Fleshcrafter item enables minions to bypass monster resistances, resulting in substantial damage gains against tanky opponents. Overall, this build offers a straightforward yet effective playstyle, making it a great choice for players who enjoy a focus on minion-based combat.


  • Mindless Aggression

  • Unnatural Strength

  • Commander of Darkness

  • Mistress of Sacrifice

Skill Gems

  • Armour Gems: Absolution + Physical to Lightning + Summon Phantasm + Spell Echo + Minion Damage + Increased Critical Damage

  • Helm Gems: Raise Spectre + Elemental Army + Raise Zombie + Feeding Frenzy

  • 1-Hand Ranged Weapon: Desecrate, Bone Offering, Zealotry

  • Glove Gems: Conductivity

  • Any Item: Determination, Defiance Banner, Tempest Shield

  • Any Item: Shield Charge, Flame Dash, Convocation, Vaal Molten Shell

  • Any Item: Zealotry + Divine Blessing + Generosity 

  • Ring: Assassin's Mark


  • Weapon: Unveil Wands to Trigger a Socketed Spell when you Use a Skill, with a 8-second Cooldown

  • Armor: Fleshcrafter

  • Helmet: +1 to the maximum number of Skeletons

  • Gloves: Vixen's Entrapment

  • Boots: Unveil Boots for the 20% increased Movement Speed Cannot be Chilled Boot modifier

  • Belt: Stygian Vise Belt 

  • Flasks: Silver Flask, Quicksilver Flask, Granite Flask, Basalt Flask, Divine Life Flask

10 - Seismic Trap Saboteur Build

As a league starter, the Seismic Trap Saboteur build specializes in taking down bosses, with particular strength in single-target damage. This build can confidently tackle most endgame bosses on a moderate budget. While not the fastest mapper available, this build is still fairly proficient in map clearing. Players utilizing this build will take on the role of a trap specialist, laying deadly devices on the ground while simultaneously evading enemy attacks. With a focus on quick reflexes and precise timing, this build offers an engaging and challenging playstyle for those seeking a more strategic approach to combat.


  • Born in the Shadows

  • Perfect Crime

  • Pyromaniac

Skill Gems

  • Armor Gems: Seismic Trap + Advanced Trap + Lifetap + Trap and Mine Damage

  • Boots Gems: Exsanguinate + Trap + Cluster Traps + Chain

  • Helm Gems: Grace + Pride + Defiance Banner + Summon Skitterbots

  • Any Item: Flame Dash + Arcane Surge, Assassin's Mark

  • Any Item: Cast When Damage Taken + Steelskin, Precision


  • Weapon: Dual Cold Iron Point or Rare Weapons with Spell Skill Gems, Spell Damage, Global Critical Strike Multiplier, Chance to deal Double Damage, Trap Throwing Speed, Critical Strike Chance for Spells, Cast Speed

  • Body Armor: The Brass Dome

  • Helm: The Devouring Diadem

  • Amulet: Ashes of the Stars

  • Gloves: Awakener's Orbed Gloves or Slavedriver's Hand

  • Boots: Endgame Boots with high Maximum Life, 30-35% Movement Speed, Spell Suppression and Elemental Resistance

  • Ring 1: Vermillion Ring with Global Critical Strike Multiplier, Maximum Life, and Elemental Resistances

  • Ring 2: Circle of Guilt

  • Flasks: Bottled Faith, Bubbling Divine Life Flask of Assuaging, Flagellant's Granite Flask of the Penguin

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