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POE Best Gauntlet Builds 3.20 - Top 5 Best Builds for Zizaran Gauntlet HCSSF 2023 in Path of Exile

2/11/2023 2:24:51 AM

Path of Exile Zizaran's Class Gauntlet Event goes live with a bulk of rewards, and we have done good research based on the defense cost power and playability on a scaling difficulty, then sorted out the best builds you can play for POE 3.20 Gauntlet and win rewards!

PoE 3.20 Best Zizaran's Sanctum Class Gauntlet Builds 2023

Here we are going over the best builds that you can use for The Gauntlet, in case you've never done a hardcore play style and your characters are usually more glass can any, since the Zizaran's Class Gauntlet is Hardcore Solo Self-Found Sanctum Event.

1 - Poisonous Concoction Pathfinder

You can follow essentially any poison concoction pathfinder in the Gauntlet, main benefits of this are just going are the free poison prolift, super easy to scale, super tanky, and defensive because of your Pathfinder. And you're getting benefits from your flask constantly going off. The main benefit is going to be you don't have to really have a six-link, it works perfectly fine on a four-link and the damage scale is incredibly well just because of the fact that it is a poison slash chaos build.

2 - Ea Ballista Champ

You probably heard so much about this build is just so great for League starters. It's really good to being the really strong ability to kill almost all bosses relatively, effectively on very low investment and there are just so many great content creators that have put out videos about it. Since Zizaran is that hardcore solo self-found, primarily only that it's going to be something that can scale up from a hardcore solo self-found play style super easily because he's able to show you how and he's one of the best hardcore solo players.

3 - Righteous Fire Juggernaut

With this build, you can expect around 100k plus armor with endurance charges which makes you near immortal to physical damage, incredibly high life regen levels, and the ability to take awakener maze meteors by pressing Molten Shell. Juggernaut actually will help mitigate Elemental damage with a new node that came in lastly called unbreakable. 80% all max res can go significantly higher if you use uniques, able to tank awake intermediate with Molten Shell. In all, Righteous Fire Juggernaut is ultra tanky and can do most map mods with high damage potential, so it surely can provide solid, safe, and reliable gameplay for you to run the Zizaran's Class Gauntlet. 

4 - Vaal Caustic Pathfinder

With vaal caustic arrow being a thing now, the Chaos bow character needs to edge its way back to a top tier in terms of it has enough single targets and the gearing is just so easy for it, that it ends up being a really good league starter in 3.20. its extra boost of damage could pick up a single target to make it once again fairly competitive. It has the other advantages of classic, your bow is really your like six links really easy, you just have got a porcupine set or an imperial legacy set, altogether those are usually very cheap. So right now we think this build is a top contender being a competitive HCSSF build.

5 - Boneshatter Juggernaut

Boneshatter is one of the strongest melee builds in the 3.20 league now relying on very high base damage, which is cheap to start with room to grow and can do fast mapping and endgame bosses. If you're just trying to get to the point where you can qualify for a majority of the rewards not hitting level 90 might as well go with this pathfinder or jug. The Boneshatter Juggernaut doesn't need any Cluster Jewels, but is very tanky with a lot of maximum life, offers high physical damage mitigation, and deals a lot of AoE damage with stuns. So that it is a great option for you to hit the 99 levels in the HCSSF Gauntlet Event!

More Meta Builds for Hitting Level 90 in PoE 3.20 Zizaran Gauntlet HCSSF

Other builds that are also viable for gauntlet in general: 

Detonate Dead Necromancer

  • Decent damage, doesn’t need good gear, easy to level, tanky

  • Level as Spark -> Arma Brand / Cremation

Seismic Trap Saboteur

  • Decent damage, doesn’t need good gear, kinda easy to level, mid defense

  • Level as Poison Concoction

Fire Trap / Flamethrower Trap Saboteur

  • Decent damage, doesn’t need good gear, kinda easy to level, mid defense

  • Level as Fire Trap? Idk maybe pconc not sure

Boneshatter / Toxic Rain / Spark Champion to farm gear for Poison SRS Champ

  • Probably only do this if you actually have a decent chance at killing bosses

  • Cremation (DD at home) Necro to farm gear for poison SRS

  • Decent damage with literally no gear, if you get lucky and drop corpse walker you get good damage by abusing a bug

  • Essentially DD with like 20% less damage

Fire Trap / Flamethrower Trap Saboteur

  • Decent damage, mediocre defense

  • Swap to Blade Trap for bossing (don’t have pob but if you’re planning on bossing on this you probably do)

Toxic Rain Pathfinder

  • Fine damage, pretty tanky for mapping with perma flasks / master surgeon

  • Have to farm porcupine cards in bad map

Righteous Fire Inquisitor

  • Decent damage early, falls off in reds, very good defense for awhile

  • Swap to poison srs guardian for bossing or stay rf inquires

So that's all of the POE 3.20 OP builds we recommend you try in the Zizaran's Sanctum Class Gauntlet Event 2023, hopefully, one of these builds will help you level fast and win all rewards.

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