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POE 3.20 Best Tornado Shot Build Guide - OP Original Sin Chaos Tornado Shot Build in Path of Exile

1/15/2023 2:52:00 PM
Tag: POE Builds

Original Sin is one of the coolest Uniques added in a long time, unlocking a wide variety of builds that were previously impossible, strength stacking original sin has been the main way of using the ring, but you can also benefit greatly from the ring for any elemental build that does not use Omniscience for penetration, even for Tornado shot and Omniscience, original sin allows you an alternate way of building the character while providing the same damage and having access to Soul Eater while mapping. So we go over how to utilize Original Sin to make a Tornado Shot build that feels like it does infinite damage.


Benefits of Original Sin

-No need for Elemental Penetration if you are nearby enemy.

-Can benefit from Winter Stacks to easily reach 100% more damage if you stack Winter Effect.

-Ignore all map and Invitation Mods that give more elemental or chaos resistance.


Why Use Zerphi’s Heart and Expedition's End

-Zerphi’s Heart allows you to bypass the downsides of chaos damage not being able to inflict any ailments.

-Super easy to reach max ailment effect on Chill and Shock because all your chaos damage can ignite, chill, and shock.

-With Expedition’s End, your chaos damage can also freeze, allowing you to use Heatshiver.

-Zerphi’s Heart gives you ability to have soul eater up permanently throughout the map.


Compare To Cold Tornado Shot

-Gain Winter Stacks from your Totems - 15 winter stacks with Corruption Anoint (35% Increased Effect of Wither).

-Gain 50% shock from Zerphi’s Heart.

-Extremely easy to always freeze uber bosses with Expedition’s End.

-Build is less tanky because you have to use Expedition’s End and Original Sin with have no life and suppression.

-No Omniscience means getting resists is a tricky scenario.


Final Tips

-When testing out the build, it outperformed our Cold Tornado Shot character with nearly an identical setup on ubers.

-You have to position in mid-range with the boss so you are nearby for enemies’ chaos resistance is 0.

-Soul Eater for mapping feels amazing dur to the low attack speed on Tornado Shot Builds.

-Tankiness is a huge issue for the setup, but you can sacrifice some auras to run Defensive Auras.

-You can make tornado shot tanky enough with juggernaut with indomitable resolve forbidden jewel and 100% spell supp accuracy stacker.

-Damage-wise, the original sin variant will never exceed the Omni variant on a high budget. With Omni, you can get more than a 4.0 damage effectiveness multiplier in POB (a.k.a. -100% ele res), whereas, for original sin, this number will never be more than 2.0 since the enemy chaos res will never be below 0. So you can do half the damage at most. Soul Eater though is definitely fun to play with during mapping.

-The best way to decrease ramp-up time of all of these original sin builds (and chaos builds in general, since its been used since forever) is to use anomalous withering step to immediately apply 9 wither stacks to the boss. You could of course still use withering touch like in this build as well to apply the remaining 6 stacks towards the last few shots of the uber boss's hp as withering touch also gives you phys as extra chaos, but the anomalous withering step part essentially speeds up the damage ramp against massive bosses by an absurd amount, instead of having to shoot a bunch of tornado shots hoping all the projectiles proc the chance to wither (and wither an additional time from the quality), making ramp up inconsistent and sometimes missing entirely with you killing the boss slower before you even get the full withered stacks to begin with. You might say "but tornado shot has so many projectiles surely you get full stacks easily" but in reality no, not really. Other than that, this build archetype and broken ring are exciting as hell, it reviving some builds and giving them a massively powerful spin back to their former glory, while also allowing for other builds to be born is really quite great, reminds me of the crazy fun power creep from archnemesis when omni and ashes were just introduced.

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