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POE 3.20 Venom Gyre Deadeye Endgame Build Update - Best Lethal Pride Ever in Path of Exile Sanctum

12/29/2022 11:19:17 AM
Tag: POE Builds

We go over the endgame updates to Venom Gyre and how you can take your build to the next level in POE. Finally reached level 100 and changed up the build drastically to use Lethal Pride, 2 Large Clusters, and Thread of Hope. Build is a mapping powerhouse that is great at speed farming Sanctums to get Sanctified Relics. Decided to switch out of Secrets of Suffering, ended up keeping the Berserk Setup.


No Secrets of Suffering

-Decided to swap out of Secrets of Suffering because of how overpowered Freeze/Chill is in the Sanctum.

-More on demand damage as you do not have to rely on Brittle.

-Able to cap out Critical Strike Chance because of Medium Clusters, Brittle Boot Implicit, and Wind Up for Power Charges.


Unique Jewels

-Thread of Hope is efficient in the Ranger Slot, allowing us to reach Split Shot, Elemental Penetration, Spell Suppression, and Elemental Damage Node.

-Lethal Pride in Shadow Location gives 20% Double Damage with no extra points having to be allocated.

-Watcher’s Eye gives Critical Strike Chance with Wrath, Attack Damage with Precision, and Life Gain on Hit with Vitality.


Flask Setup

-After equipping Progenesis, We never died while mapping as it helped me not get one shotted by increasing the effective HP.

-Dying Sun and Oriath’s End helps immensely for clear, but Oriath’s End really shines in super juiced maps where are too many monsters.

-Mageblood with Magic Utility flasks is another option that can allow you to get more attack speed and life regen.



-Never replaced Unique Berserk Setup with Kaom’s Spirit because high uptime on Berserk is too good to give up, could potentially replace Voll’s Vision with Blizzard Crown if you use Mageblood Utility Flask with Life Regen.

-Rings with Onslaught on Hit and Ailment Avoidance Implicit, can switch over to +2 Frenzy Charge or %Attribute Implicit for more damage.

-Switch over to Brass Dome because of +5 Max Resistance and Crit Immunity.

-Able to get Ailment Immunity by crafting boots and using ring to reach 80%, remaining 20% from Tree.

-Jewels focused on Attack Speed, Critical Strike Multiplier, Resists, and %Maximum Life, easy way to upgrade damage by looking for 3 to 4 Optimal Damage Mods.


Final Tips for Getting More POE Currency

-Fun build to min-max because there are so many potential upgrades from jewels to jewelry to Cluster Jewels.

-You can probably 2 to 3x the damage on this build, and running Mageblood to replace Voll’s Vision may be the endgame play.

-Capable of doing Ubers if you more Life Flask to solve the Life Recovery Issue or if you have enough damage.

-Ailment Immunity and Crit Immunity is a huge luxury for mapping that will help you from dying.

-Make sure your chaos resistance is not horrible if you are farming Exarch Altars.

-If you really want a higher damage variant of Venom Gyre, then look for Strength Stacking, which is probably around 5x more damage.





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