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Rocket League Ranking Up Guide 2023 - Fastest Way To Rank Up To Grand Champ In Rocket League

1/9/2023 10:51:02 AM

The Ranking system in Rocket Legaue is challenging. If we've learned one thing in Rocket League when ranking up it's that there are a lot of ways to mess up. So in this Rocket League ranking guide 2023, we talk about the 6 best tips to help you rank up faster to hit the grand champ. 

Rocket League Rank Guide 2023 - 6 Tips To Rank Up From Platimum To GC In Rocket League

Rocket League rankings are crucial to the game's difficulty, balance, and fun, but they are not the game's ultimate determinant. We’re giving the full walkthrough on what we would do versus what we would avoid to rank up the fastest if you are in Platinum and get up to GC in the shortest time possible. If you're watching anything below GC, this is sure to save you hundreds of hours by the end of the Rocket League ranking up guide.


RL Rank Up Tip 1 - Settings

The very first thing you can do is fix your settings. When starting out, one mistake that so many players do which is not giving any thought to settings, You can get a quick bump just by changing off the default camera settings and camera shake and controls. But the thing that will hold you back even more that most people miss is setting up good keybinds from the start. Your controls need to be set up in a way that you can chain together inputs to do the complicated mechanics, boosting jumping rolling, and all these different things at once. We recommend from the start, set up your camera settings and your keybinds based on a proper guide, and do not skip over settings.


RL Rank Up Tip 2 - Principles

The second thing you would do to rank up the fastest in Rocket League is learning the basic principles. The reason we would focus on game sense before mechanics is because game sense is always going to be your quickest way to rank up, unlike mechanics you have to know train, and develop over time. With game sense, once you understand a rule, you can apply it and see results instantly. The mistake most players make, especially when you're coming from a game unlike Rocket League is just not understanding the basics of rotation, back post, corners, and basically how the game works. 

If you can just stick to like a basic playstyle of following rules like back post, you'll not only learn the game so much faster because you'll have some decisions already pre-made for you and you can just focus on the play. You'll also avoid forming bad habits that take a ton of time to unteach later. Start with principles if you're a beginner. This will slingshot you through Platinum and even Diamond. If you think your mechanics are good enough for your rank, your decision-making is probably what's lagging behind.


RL Rank Up Tip 3 - Mechanics

Mechanics and learning stuff in order this is probably the single most important concept to understand when ranking up in Rocket League 2023. Because if you choose the wrong stuff to train or try to train it out of order, that's how you waste the most time getting to whatever rank you want. There are around three main things that you want to look at if you're deciding whether you need to learn a mechanic or if mechanics are holding you back.

-The first criteria is how common is it. The more common a mechanic is, the more you'll rank up if you'll learn it.

-The second criteria is how quick is the mechanic to learn. Something like an air roll is going to take hundreds of hours to master whereas a wave dash could take an hour.

-The third criteria is how easy is it to do consistently. When you apply this to something like a redirect, for example, you realize why redirects are bad to learn, they're not common they take a while to get down and it's not very easy to do consistently in the game yet. When you compare redirects with something like a fast aerial, fast aerial is pretty common and quick to learn. Once you know it, you know it. Compared to redirects for example, you can do them consistently as long as you don't backflip.

If you're a beginner, we recommend you start with half flips, wave dashes, fast aerials, kickoffs, etc. These are things that if you learn, you'll use again and again, and compared to things like air dribbles will not take as long to master. Once you got to Champ, you'd probably start learning some of the more middle-difficult stuff that takes a little longer to learn. But most importantly is still common, things like wall play, backboard play, shadow defense, and maybe even air roll a little bit, and that alone should be good enough to get you to GC. But at the base level, if you understand this, you're going to fly by all the people at Diamond and Champ that claim to be mechanical but really can't do the basics.


RL Rank Up Tip 4 - Playstyle

Aggressive versus defensive, what should your play style be when it comes to ranking in Rocket League? The best thing you should do is just play defensive. Getting GC at least in 2v2 and 3v3 it's not about who makes more plays but about what team makes fewer mistakes. Since most players at the lower ranks don't have a good idea of how to rotate and how to spend time off the ball, it's better to be the one that's behind, always ready to cover for them, than going in for plays often and hoping that your teammates can play defense. This is a total generalization but most players have a much better offense than they do defense. So if you can get your defensive play up to a base level and you just focus on minimizing mistakes, you'll rank up way more than if you try to put that all into scoring.


RL Rank Up Tip 5 - Training

Free play versus workshop maps versus training packs, what's the best way to progress the fastest? This question is hard to answer. 

-The best thing for you when starting to play Rocket League is training packs, you have basically no mechanics, so you need to build things from the ground up. Having a training pack set something up for you is super helpful especially if you can't set it up for yourself. 

-Once you get into Champ, the minute you are able to start doing workshop maps, basically transitions into only doing them. The biggest thing that helps you improve there is probably getting aerial car control down by doing ring maps. -Around GC2, you can only do free play since workshop maps aren't as challenging and training packs aren't quite as necessary. Right now, it's more just about slowly increasing speed and getting my recoveries and movement as clean as possible.

Therefore, the best way to train is it depends. Certain mechanics have better ways to train than others. For example, rings is the best way to train aerial car control and training packs are the best way to train very specific setups think wall play or backboard play. But in other cases, you can practice things in multiple ways. So the best advice for training is simply to do it all. The main thing that you should use to decide what you're using to train is if it's challenging you or not. The more challenging something is, the more you're failing it, and the more you're going to improve from it. That's how you get better the fastest.


RL Rank Up Tip 6 - Ranked

What game mode should you play to rank up the fastest, 1v1 versus 2v2 versus 3v3? If your goal is just to get to GC, 3v3 is the easiest game mode to get it. Playing 1v1 is significantly harder than 2v2 and 3v3, 3v3 is just that little bit easier to rank up in Rocket League than 2v2. It's because you don't need as good mechanics in 3v3 and you can spend more time off the ball. However, if your goal was to get SSL, you would probably play the majority of 1v1 and 2v2, this is because to get SSL you need to be mechanical, 1v1 and 2v2 just give you the most reps to do that. It's much easier to turn a 1v1 or 2v2 player into a 3v3 player than it is to turn a 3v3 player into a 1v1 or 2v2 player. If you want long-term Improvement grind 1v1 and 2v2. If you just want the easiest game mode to climb in, 3v3 is the way to go.


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