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Rocket League Lunar New Year Event Guide 2023: Release Date, Items, Golden Crates & Challenges

1/17/2023 11:24:38 AM

New Lunar New Year event or Chinese New Year is coming very soon in Rocket League. Lunar New Year is a celebration of the arrival of spring and the beginning of a new year on the lunisolar calendar. All you need to do is complete challenges to earn the rewards. In this Rocket League Lunar New Year event guide 2023, we predict the release date, items, golden crates, challenges, and more.


Rocket League Lunar New Year Event Guide 2023

Last year, we did see the Lunar New Year Event in Rocket League get changed to the Neon Nights event feat Grimes, around the same time a little bit after the Lunar New Year on the 26th of January. This year’s Rocket League Chinese New Year event 2023 is probably doing the same route. Get your VIP passes ready! Celebrate the Rocket League with an event featuring new items in Season 9. Now, check our Rocket League Lunar New Year update prediction guide.


Rocket League Lunar New Year Event Release Date

The Lunar New Year is in honor of January 22, that's exactly one week's time. However, we've had nothing in the game files to suggest this. So if we are going to be getting an event for it, we should be seeing it announced very soon, so stay tuned on Since they're still working on Unreal Engine 5, so they probably do just one easy event.


Rocket League Lunar New Year Items 2023

Rocket League Neon Nights 2022 features some music-themed items. Since 2023 it’s the Year of the Rabbit, you most likely can pick up the Year of the Rabbit free bundle in the Item Shop, featuring rabbit-themed items.


Rocket League Lunar New Year Golden Crates 2023

The Golden Moons were still for the Lunar New Year, it was a new version of the Lucky Lanterns, and they just had some old Rocket League items in them. Maybe they are going to switch it up again and do something new instead in the Rocket League Lunar New Year 2023. But in order to get Rocket League Golden Moon crates, all you need to do is complete event challenges, and play 20 online matches (repeatable 5 times), based on the event last year.


Rocket League Lunar New Year Challenges 2023

Go for a stage dive as we celebrate the Rocket League Neon Nights event 2023. According to last year, complete Neon Nights challenges for Crimes-themed rewards, and don’t let the beat drop. For challenges such as playing 2 matches while driving Aftershock, Esper, Gizmo, Nexus, Scarab or Vulcan in online matches during Neon Nights. Or get 15 shots on goal in online matches during Neon Nights, etc.


Rocket League Lunar New Year Maps 2023

The RL Lunar New Year event is exactly that also in season 9, we got a new map from Forbidden Temple which was a map that did come out during the Lunar New Year previously, so it would fit perfectly.



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