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Rocket League Speed Flip Guide 2023: Speedflip Tips, Mistakes & Training Packs

1/4/2023 4:06:14 PM

In Rocket League 2023, the speed flip is an essential mechanic. People even down in Champ and Diamond are speed flipping consistently. Quite frankly if you don't know how to speed flip, you are going to be at a disadvantage. Rocket League speed flip tutorial and training packs 2023 are for you, we tell you everything you need to be able to do the speed flip.  

How To Speed Flip In Rocket League 2023 - Rocket League Speedflip Guide

The truth is though the meta kick right now, the speed flip isn't actually as hard to pull off as people make it out to be. In this Rocket League speed flip guide 2023, we're going over 3 simple steps to learn how to speed flip consistently, along with the most common mistakes that hold people back and how to do them from every kickoff spawn. So whether you're completely new to the speed flip or you can do it but just not consistently. 


3 Rocket League Speedflip Steps

Step 1 - Flip Cancel

Learning how to speed flip is understanding a flip cancel. Basically what a flip cancel is it's just an animation cancel of a normal flip. For example, if you're flipping forward to flip cancel and stop the animation midway through. You're simply going to pull down and hold on to your joystick. Now there is such a thing as partial flip cancels versus full flip cancels based on how long you hold your joystick down.

But for the purposes of speed flips, we're just going to use a full flip cancel. If you haven't yet, load up free play and practice simply flipping forwards around the map and pulling down on your joystick. That way your car stalls about halfway through and lands on its hood. This shouldn't take long but once you can get this down, you'll get a sense of how quickly you need to be able to pull down on your joystick.


Step 2 - Diagonal Flip Cancel

Once you understand the flip cancel, we have to incorporate the diagonal component of the speed flip. A speed flip is actually a diagonal flip cancel, it's a very precise one. So we'll walk you through the exact angle you want to push your joystick. Its core understanding is literally just a diagonal flip cancel.

The next thing you're going to want to do is to push your joystick just slightly off center about 15 to 30 degrees off of true north. For example, if we're speed-flipping left that's going to be slightly up and to the left. If it's speed flipping right that means just slightly up and to the right.


Step 3 - Hold Directional Arrow

From there, you basically have the speed flip down. The only last thing to do is to hold the directional arrow in whatever way you speedflip. If you speed flip left, you might have to adjust and arrow left just a little bit at the end. If you speed flip right you might have to adjust and arrow right.


5 Rocket League Speedflip Tips

Tip 1 - Barrel Roll

A lot of people think you need to push your joystick really far off to the left or to the right but you can't flip cancel a barrel roll. So if you flip too far to the left or too far to the right, the game's just going to think it's a barrel roll and then it won't let you flip cancel.


Tip 2 - Flip Canceling The Wrong Way

After you do this flip, the final step of the speed flip is you want to flip cancel down and in the same direction you did your initial flip. For example, if you're speed flipping to the left, you want to push slightly up and to the left and then slightly down into the left when you cancel. This is going to make sure your car does a smooth spin as opposed to sort of nose diving into the ground and doing a reverse half flip motion. Make sure your flip cancel matches the direction of your speed flip and doesn't go the other way.


Tip 3 - Not Holding The Flip Cancel Long Enough

Finally, the last and easiest to fix the mistake of all of these is not holding the flip cancel long enough. Going back to the idea of partial flip cancels versus full flip cancels, a speed flip has to be a full cancel. Because if you don't hold it down fully, your car won't return to the kind of neutral position that it started in. At very high levels you can actually use this to your advantage. You can do a sort of speed flip partial where you let go of the joystick just a little bit early and that'll make it. So that way your car lands upwards facing direction and you can use it to carry an air dribble or mid-air. Do a full flip cancel same direction as you want the speed flip to go.


Tip 4 - Not Canceling Quick Enough

There's one error that you could have if you just speed flipping up to the left and you're not canceling quickly enough. You can speed flip but it'll be a little bit of a slower speed flip and you won't be able to pass any of the kickoff tests or any of the training packs. If you can do a speed flip in free play but you can't do them here, it's probably just because you're not canceling quick enough if your speed flip looks good. Otherwise though if you notice something is actually wrong with the speed flip, then go back to one of those three mistakes. It's likely the initial direction you flipped, the direction you tried to cancel, or how long you held that cancel.


Tip 5 - Drag Method

After you cancel, you should drag the joystick across to the other side of the controller, if that works for you, great. That's mostly just fluff and doesn't change the flip cancel or how the game picks up the speed flip. All it does is make sure that you hold down your joystick long enough to get the full flip. So you can do that if it helps you hold down the joystick and make sure you don't let off too quickly. Otherwise, you don't need to do, that it's purely preference. 

Rocket League Speedflip Training Packs 2023

Speed flipping is largely a muscle memory thing so in terms of practicing. To get this muscle memory built up we recommend you start in free play so that you can test out everything. Until this point, after you've practiced for a while though and it will take a while to get this down. You can start to test your speed flip from different angles with the speed flip training pack. It can set you up in different positions to sort of simulate in-game situations. So definitely check out these speed flip training packs once you're starting to get everything down to really put your speed flip to the test.

Speed Flip Training Pack Codes

1. 315D-FBC3-D181-8DE7

2. BFAA-45A5-7A56-73CC

3. 98E6-EF86-7BD6-E585

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