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How To Rank Up Fast in Rocket League 2023 - 10 Outdated Tips To Stop Doing For Leveling in RL 2023

1/3/2023 5:36:07 PM

People are getting better at Rocket League, faster than they ever have before. Yet most tutorials out there are old outdated or just plain wrong. So to make sure you don't fall behind and waste time on stuff that doesn't work anymore, we’re going over the top 10 most outdated tips we still hear people preaching that should now be avoided if you want to keep up and actually rank up fast in Rocket League 2023. 

How To Rank Up in Rocket League 2023 - 10 Outdated Tips To Stop Doing in 2023 For Leveling & Winning Games

Tip 1 for ranking up 2023 - Go back for corner boost on kickoffs

You should go back for corner boost on kickoffs. A lot of players ask whether they should cheat up or go back for corner boost on kickoffs, and to this day, the most winning play is to cheat up on every kickoff. Sometimes you'll be playing 2v2 and you'll cheat up, your teammate will lose a kick off terribly and you'll get scored on because of it, but that doesn't mean cheating is what got you scored on, it means your teammate just with the kickoff. At the very low ranks, it can be annoying when your teammate loses a kickoff badly. But the truth is getting possession after kickoff is too important to miss out. If there's any sort of tie on the kickoff, they're going to have a free one-on-one against you to open things up. Since we always want to start with the ball and possession is number one, just cheat up and you'll win way more games.

Tip 2 to level up Rocket League 2023  - Copying pro settings

When most people were a new player, the first thing you did was look up the favorite pro at the time and copy down all the settings. Of all the things you've done in your rocket League career to date can be your number one regret. The problem is these days the gap between Pros mechanics and the average players mechanics has become so wide that Pros have a completely different skill set than new players. They benefit from having super high sensitivities that allow them to make really jittery, really quick movements. Yet if you're a new player and you try to copy these same high sensitivities, you're probably going to completely lose control of your car and make it two times or three times as hard to learn. Instead, what’s better for most low rank players is if you start out with a lower ground and aerial sensitivity than most pros play with. 

Tip 3 for leveling up in RL 2023 - Just play the game to get better

When a lot of new players ask how to get better, they're confused when a streamer or somebody tells them that they just need to hit the ball more or play more to get good. It's true that for the majority of the low ranks think silver gold maybe into Platinum a bit, you kind of just have to learn how to hit the ball to rank up. What's not true is that playing ranked is the fastest way to do it. The truth is if you want to keep up with how mechanical the meta is getting. The best way to do it is to sink a lot more time into free play and into training than you probably think. Especially at the low low ranks, some of the fastest improvement has come from players that put anywhere from 60 to 90% of their time exclusively into free play. So whether you like free play, whether you like training packs, whether you like Workshop Maps, the more you train outside ranked, the more you'll pass up people especially below grand champ.

Tip 4 to stop doing in 2023 - Freeplay-only is the fastest way to rank up

A lot of people look at the pros who mainly just use free play these days and think the fastest way to rank up in Rocket League is just using free play. And while nobody has the exact answer, some of the fastest improving players in my coaching program, say they've benefited most from two specific Workshop Maps, dribble 2 overhaul and lethamyr's rings. Maps like dribble 2 overhaul allow you to train dribbling in such a fast-paced environment that allows you to get more repetitions in way quicker than say free play. Plus having challenges and objectives like flying through lethamyr's rings forces you to focus on your car control and not just go through the motions while you're training. When you combine this stuff with free play, that's how you progress two times or three times as fast as the average player out there. Free play is still great for overall recoveries and speed. Things like trading packs are great for specific setups like ceiling shots and wall play, but certain long-term mechanics like aerial car control, ground dribbling, these are going to be best trained through workshop maps. And when you pick the right training, that's how you're going to get results faster than if you just mindlessly grind free play for 12K hours like many of the pros used to have to.

Tip 5 for ranking up 2023 in Rocket League - Stop demo chasing 

Demos are more important in the current meta than they've ever been. A lot of people were debating when rocket League came out whether demos should even be used and ranked whether they were just toxic or a waste of time, and from what we've seen with players like Tom picking up 20 demos in a game and winning, the answer is demos are clearly here to stay. So it’s not saying go out of your way to get demos, but every time you're rotating through the midfield you have to look for opportunities for demos. This is one of the easiest ways to have a massive impact acting their games even when you're not on the ball. So don't sleep on demos, if you're somebody who rarely gets a demo during the game, you need to change that as soon as possible. Because if you're not demoing at least a few times a game, you're missing out.

Tip 6 to rank up fast in Rocket League 2023 - Play 1v1

The ways you outplay plats and diamonds and just lower ranked players in general in 1v1 is not the same way that you're going to outplay a champ or a grand champ in 1v1. When you're at the low ranks, you just don't have enough mechanics in your tool belt for 1v1 to really be meaningful practice. It is recommended when you are coaching is just focus on playing whatever game mode is fun for you when you're starting out until you climb up to around champ in your preferred game mode whether it's 2v2 or 3v3. At that point now that you have a couple mechanics, 1v1 is going to be more meaningful for you and you can actually stress test those mechanics really well and benefit from the extra reps 1v1 gives you. But if you're super low ranked 1v1 isn't game changing, at that point you're better off just doing free play if your only goal is getting better as fast as possible.

Tip 7 for ranking Rocket League 2023 - Power clears are the most important 

When watching a lot of tutorials for new players, people will just say that you need to learn how to hit the ball hard, and while this is true, it leads to a really bad habit that we see all throughout the diamond and champ ranks which is simply giving away possession. One of the absolute worst things you can do when you have a ball and nobody's pressuring you is to clear it away. Since players have gotten more mechanical, it's now better to have the ball on your side of the map than not have the ball in the attacking zone. When you give away possession, you make it really hard to beat better players, and better players will punish you for letting them have the ball all the time. So going into your next couple games, want you to focus on holding onto the ball whenever possible and only booming it if you see someone buddy contesting you and if you can easily put it over their head. And all of a sudden you're going to find yourself attacking much more and not having to play defense because you're coughing the ball all the time.

Tip 8 for ranking up Rocket League in 2023 - Watch pro replays

It's great to watch Pro replays for inspiration and for fun. Pros do stuff because they know they can bail themselves out if it fails. For many players, if you just try to copy what the pros are doing you're going to find yourself over committing a lot playing way too much on the ball and putting yourself in situations that you just can't recover from as quickly as your favorite pro. Make sure that if you're gonna copy anybody better than you, that you allow yourself extra time and space based on how much better their mechanics are than you. An easy way around all of this to avoid just picking up any bad habits is to try to copy players that are just a little bit better than you rather than leagues ahead. 

Tip 9 you should stop doing 2023 for leveling up RL - Play casuals before ranked

A lot of people asked if it's good to play casual before ranked, it's actually one of the worst things you can do. The idea of queuing casual to get warmed up is great and a bad warm-up is still better than no warm-up, but the problem with casual before ranked it encourages a lot of bad habits before you play. Every time you queue casual, players are ball chasing more, playing more boost hungry and generally just making decisions poorly. And if you use that as how you're preparing for rank, most times it's going to end up rubbing off on you and you're going ot start rotating and ranked like people do in casual lobbies. It's better to just warm up in free play, get your car control down, cue ranked and then if you want to do casual after go after, but try not to cue casual before ranked.

Tip 10 for Rocket League ranking 2023 - Just pick up more small pads

Picking up boost is one of the things that I most commonly point out to low rank players and even people all the way up to Champ that they could do better. But when it comes to high ranked play, something that you can notice in the Pro scene and in high ranked lobbies is people who are more boost greedy are winning more. As people have gotten more mechanical, the reward of having super high boost is better, and a good player midair with 100 boost is now nearly unstoppable. So at the low ranks, focus on picking up small pads and rotating properly, it'll carry you to GC and even beyond. But as you progress through the higher and higher ranks, something you should look out for is for pauses in the play and any extra time you can squeeze to grab boost or position better when you're not on the ball. So you could probably always pick up more small pads, but picking up big boost isn’t necessarily bad, only stop doing it if it’s taking you away from the play.

These are 10 outdated tips for leveling up fast in 2023 Rocket League you should stop doing, hope they can help you rank up fast and win more games in a new year.

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