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Dragonflight 10.0.5 Big Week For Rep Gains Guide: 2023 Lunar Festival World Quest Bonus Week (LFR Fully Opens)

1/17/2023 3:50:19 PM

It's all with your reminders for this week in Warcraft hit the like we begin with a hotfix to highlight in case you missed, it gatherers especially ones who can gather while mounted, have gotten a significant buff to the Dragon Riders cultivation Talent, this Dragon riding buff kind of sucked, and it didn't really do much to recharge vigor, but it's all we had, but now it's got some teeth, and provides a pretty significant vigor boost, now if we could only pick up Expedition kits and dig dirt while mounted, this is the week of rep grinding, because it's World Quest Bonus Week, by doing 20 or so World quests, you score 2500 bonus renowned towards the faction of your choice, and depending on how high of a Renown you've unlocked on your account that could mean an instant three renowned levels for your alt or huge boost for anyone, so more than any other kind of week, we think it's only appropriate to tell you what you need to do.


Warsong scramble is the brawl this week where the fastest specs in the game race to capture Flags while demon Hunters prevent that from ever happening, the lunar Festival starts in a few days and lasts for two weeks, this is basically Chinese New Year, and it's the year of the rabbit, meaning that at some point this Mount will be available in the shop, those of you who had thrown down for a year-long subscription should have access to this Mount at no additional charge, just wait for it to show up as a gift, and unless we're mistaken a six month promo should count as well, whatever the case though this event is all about zipping around the world, collecting holiday currency for transmog, there's plenty of trans mile to also unlock including recipes for Holiday outfits, so now is a good time to be on the lookout for suckers, opportunities to make some extra gold off of Old World recipes, and old materials over in Mythic Plus World the affixes are tyrannical sanguine and explosive, this is is kind of different, it's a tyrannical week so sanguine while always annoying, it isn't quite as bad, but the tank will have a bit of a harder time helping with explosives as they're moving mobs around, when thundering comes into play, that won’t help either, so we say that outside of super high Keys, just keeps thundering canceled out like instantly that way you won't get distracted from taking out explosives and folks should be fine, also this week the final wing of raid finder opens up and with it two more encounters, runkeeper darla and raszageth the storm eater, that'll either be impossibly confusing or a super dumbed down probably both some items to pay attention to from these folks, brew keeper drops the manic grieve torch which is basically a massive nuke with a two second Channel, they also drop the Seal of filial Duty another ring that procs off of fire damage, practically, every class has a way of processing fire damage whether it's from their built-in abilities, talent or special gear that has fire damage properties, so should you try gearing specifically for these rings for the purpose of the bonus, it's your call really, but you know that's a lot of Mastery that could be great or it could be blah, raszageth on the other hand drops tier helmet tokens as well as a bow, giving Hunters the highest possible item level weapon of the season once again, great, congrats for them, those of you who haven't completed the raid at all yet will finally be able to complete the quest that Awards a primal infusion that lets you upgrade your crafted gear to a maximum item level of 405, so there's lots of gearing opportunities as well as progression for your Mains and alts, we'll finally be able to wrap up our rep grinds this week and can finally start playing the game.


The week after this is the 10.0.5 patch and really there isn't much to really prep for in advance, there's nothing super new coming in just a few fun extras and Evergreen features to fill out the dragonflight and World of Warcraft gold & experience , we can tell you is to start deciding which pieces of gear you want to turn into two pieces or if you're starting late start now, season gear that is stuff that you get from raids Mythic Plus or Raid PVP can be transformed into pieces that make up your class set, it works the same way, as it did in Shadow lands where you insert a piece of gear like a chest piece and it spits out a chess piece of the same item level only that it makes up your class set, keep in mind that you have to use the appropriate pieces that make up a tearset bonus to get, said bonus, you can't just throw in a pair of bracers.



-1 week per charge, 6 total.

-Charges earned across all characters, individually spent.

-Changes gear to your class set.

-Bonuses available on helm, shoulders, chest, hand, gloves, legs.

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