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Best WotLK Ulduar Raid Comp - Wrath of the Lich King Classic Ulduar Raid Composition

1/17/2023 6:03:08 PM

Before going to the Wrath of the Lich King Classic Ulduar, what raid composition is the best to bring into the game, and what classes and specs to choose? Here let’s take a quick view of recommended best WotLK Ulduar raid comp for the 25-man raid.

Best WotLK Ulduar Raid Comp - Wrath of the Lich King Classic Ulduar Raid Composition

For preparing for Wrath Phase 2 and Ulduar raid, below is a breakdown by Sarthe with the best Ulduar raid comp that you can use on WotLK Classic Horde And Alliance and why you might bring some of those classes. A good group setup needs class balance among the DPS, healer, and tank, each of the WotLK classes and specs has its own ability and advantage, but how to get maximum effect?

Group 1

As for tanks in Ulduar, most guilds are going to choose Protection Paladin, Feral (Bear) Druid is probably the second most common, and all of the tanks are good. You're gonna have an Enhancement Shaman in your group. Bring your Retribution Paladin in more Paladin Buffs

Protection Paladin

Feral (Bear) Druid

Enhancement Shaman 

Fury Warrior

Retribution Paladin 

Group 2

For progression solid group comps, you can run two Frost Death Knights and two on Unholy Death Knight, you can run more than that, but it's not necessary. Then you're looking at probably two or three Rogues or three or potentially even four Rogues.

Frost DK

Frost DK

Unholy DK

Unholy DK

Assassination Rogue 

Group 3

You can run double Affliction Warlock and double Demonology Warlock or triple Affliction and one Demonology whatever your guild decides, but Warlocks and Rogues are probably gonna relatively carry you in this raid early on.

Affliction Warlock

Affliction Warlock 

Demonology Warlock 

Demonology Warlock 

Combat Rogue 

Group 4

Make sure you have DPS, Arcane Mage looks juicy. You're gonna have a Survival Hunter in your group, you might just go with two Mages, they're not stackable.

Balance Druid

Arcane Mage

Fire Mage

Shadow Priest

Survival Hunter 

Group 5

Healer-wise, Discipline Priest is essential, Holy Paladin is absolutely essential, bringing two holy paladins maybe even more solid, and for a lot of fights, Restoration Druids are actually cracked out, now it depends on how many healers you're running, there are some fights where people are running up to six healers, there are some fights where you're running one or two, probably two is like the safest bet on Wrath Ulduar. Then you have to decide what else you're running, you can have a Resto Druid or Resto Shaman, or you can have a Holy Priest or more Holy Paladins if there's a ton of raid damage going out, but Resto Shamans can be phenomenal on some fight.

Discipline Priest

Holy Paladin

Holy Paladin

Restoration Druid

Restoration Shaman

WotLK Classic Classes

- Tanks: Blood, Feral (Bear), Protection, Protection 

- Healers: Restoration, Discipline, Holy, Holy, Restoration

- Caster/Range: Beast Mastery, Marksmanship, Survival, Arcane, Fire, Frost, Affliction, Demonology, Destruction, Balance, Shadow, Elemental

- Melee: Assassination, Combat, Subtlety, Frost, Unholy, Feral (Cat), Arms, Fury, Retribution, Enhancement

Main raiders (25): 2 tanks, 5 healers, 9 melee DPS, 9 ranged DPS

There are some classes you can stack much more heavily, this is just something that's going to be very useful for pretty much every Guild that you can go in and fully clear all of the hard modes. We're going to see most runs have at least three DKs, three Rogues, and four Warlocks is like a very safe bet, but you might see some runs where you're running more DKs, especially if they played the raid a lot of times, they're very solid, but Frost is phenomenal on progression, especially for Alliance. You could easily swap out your Protection Paladin, but the good thing about it is this in particular they have a cheat death, you can get yourself blood, but this is a very standard and most common raid comp, you will be able to clear everything.

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