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Lsot Ark New Balance Patch - 6 Newest & Best Changes In 2023 January

1/16/2023 5:31:50 PM

Today jump into the Lsot Ark New Balance patch, however not just going to be reading down the list.

Lsot Ark New Balance Patch - 6 Newest Changes In 2023 January 

1. Lsot Ark New Balance patch - Berserker

To start out with Berserkers, because they got so many changes, but to cover the biggest ones right now, berserker's technique which is currently played on the Berserker, and if you haven't ever played it, highly suggest you to, but the big W's are that got a small damage bus 36 from 32 on the engraving which is huge, now instead gets bars very quickly at the trade-off that it doesn't last quite as long.

However it's a good trade-off, because the way the boss fights go this just seems more natural and you can pick your burst Windows a little bit better plus at 1400 spec, you can get your entire burst to last a minute and 13 seconds while it only takes not even a full rotation of all your skills, but about six of them to get that full bar which is about nine seconds which is crazy, so check this out, but that is not the only change Berserkers are getting, for example, Mayhem is also getting a little buff to its damage reduction, and it's now going to be 70 instead of 65. So you won't be quite as squishy going to Mayhem which is always a plus, the trade-off between speed and everything was pretty good.

2. Lsot Ark New Balance patch - Glaivier

In the whole game graveyard, this is the main or one of the Mains. The other main is Gunslinger, and there is a small W, but it's actually a bigger W than most people might think, because the big change on the lsot ark engraving is that it will give two percent at level three. 

Of course at a level three engraving, it'll give two percent extra damage on your skills on blue and red, but on the engraving, these stats scale with your spec, higher spec means higher damage, it's not just going to be a two percent damage buff, it's going to be much higher than that maybe somewhere around the four-five or six percent range, but of course, more testing is going to be you need to find out that's a lot of percentages within percentages and all that kind of stuff, try to figure that out, but that it's not just going to be a base two percent damage increase.

3. Lsot Ark New Balance patch - Gunslinger

In the Lsot Ark Gunslinger which there are some awesome changes, for example, boom and you dodge, and as soon as you dodge, there's no damage taking place period, you can fire it, and the bullets are in the air Dodge nothing that has been changed, now when the bullets are in the air, you can Dodge out and they will still continue to hit, so thank goodness for that they change some of the tripods in Focus shot and perfect shot which is really cool, because with perfect shot what they did was they instead of just doing damage with this kill confirmation here, only getting the extra damage when a boss's HP is below 50, now it gives a damage buff even before that plus it gives almost the same amount of damage Buff when the enemy's health is below 50 as well, but the way that they moved the percentages around you will be doing more damage throughout the whole fight, this way which is really good, it's definitely a buff for that, as well as Focus, shot.

They changed double tap, the second shot fired is the special bullet instead of the third, it's the one-two third right there, and then it fires the last shot, but now it is going to be the second bullet, it's gonna go boom special fire, and then it's going to fire the whole thing, so there are only three shots total. Now instead of four so that's going to be really nice, because it's going to decrease the amount of Animation time, lastly, the big change that waiting for on time to hunt is it's so goofy because on time to hunt it says handgun and rifle skills crit rate is plus 45 right but that doesn't apply to your Awakening skill, now with that crit buff applying globally, it is going to apply to the Awakening which is massive, you'll be creating most the time and it's going to be another big source of damage.

4. Lsot Ark New Balance patch - Deathblade (RE 1 vs. RE 3 Discussion)

There have been some people that are a little upset, but it's a just change and that is to the Synergy of blades, so typically they would give 12 total forehead and back attackers increase damage which is pretty damn good, but now it has been nerfed, now the total that they'll be receiving is nine percent which really Falls in line with the damage buff that sorks give eight percent of flat of a flat damage buff from their Synergy, so that's you know falling in line pretty close to that and now they give a four percent the blades, they give a four percent overall damage buff to everyone that's a good change.

Now parties will not gatekeep so much just for the head and back attack classes, and they will be much more than taking other synergies as well, the flat damage Buffs synergies are classes so that's good and that also the remaining energy buff is also very good.

Run remaining energy one 

Run remaining energy one with no problem, you could run it with the cursed doll, and you could even run it with King blunt, but the big drawback of running remaining energy one instead of remaining energy 3 is that it is not as comfortable to play because you're missing out on six percent attack and move speed, and the move speed you really do feel the attack speed you don't feel too much, because you have supercharged and all those other things, but the movement speed you really feel and to get used to.

That they made this change though because you used to as it is, now there's only an 11 difference in damage from going a level one to a level three Engraving and that's why you could use a level one remaining energy and go with cursed all which is 16 extra attack power flat or you can go with something that came with like King blood that's giving me about somewhere between 14 to 16 17 extra damage that parsed in Trixie in so again that is better than running remaining energy 3 at this 11 difference, but now the difference between level one and level three is from 33 to 48 that's 15. 

Run remaining energy 3

It is going to be a much better option to run the remaining energy 3. It's going to feel much better and the damage is going to be comparable, it's going to be very similar to a level one or a remaining energy one build that has an extra damage engraving in there, so plan since running re1 right now is whenever ancient air comes out Brussels is hard. Definitely going to be looking to go five by three plus one with a level three remaining energy build and likely run adrenaline one that is an overall good change.

5. Lsot Ark New Balance patch - Reaper

Moving on to Reaper, so they got a pretty good buff as well which was pretty excited about this, because play a swiftness hunger Reaper and enjoy playing class they gave it a little bit of a buff with the rage Spear, and rage spear is this skill, and then they also gave a 4.4 percent buff to the glowing brand which is the jumping skill that so much, they gave a like a 1.2 percent damage increase to silent Rage which is this skill, and then they also gave a 3.8 buff to dance of Fury which is this skill.

6. Lsot Ark New Balance patch - Honorable Mentions (Artillerist, Machinist, Arcana, Gunlancer, Bard, Shadowhunter, Sharpshooter)

Now that covering most of the classes that play regularly, go over some of the ones that hit those key points as well, so as far as tellers they reduce the rate of the Firepower meter reduction, it goes down slower after that set amount of time when you haven't done any skills, it'll go down slower which is really good plus, it usually takes six seconds for that meter to go from like.

It's Firepower level three all the way up it'll take longer for it to start decreasing which is a huge buff as well, so that's really good for far Firepower artillery and for barrage artillers as well, because the Firepower meter still dictates damage of the skills too.

It's good for both classes, so that's really awesome, then for scouter eight percent damage buff of the normal skills, and do not believe that applies to your sync skills in your transformation form, this is really just for at the variant of the scouter, but apparently, it's looking really nice, and it's doing some freaking damage which is really good.

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