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Lsot Ark Future Changes 2023 - Lsot Ark New Trailers And New Changes You Should Know

12/19/2022 3:12:08 PM

To show you the most important and exciting things coming to Lsot Ark in 2023, all of this was revealed in today's law, which is the place where get info regarding the future of Lsot Ark. This is a big event held yearly in Korea where they present their plans big changes new additions Etc to Lsot Ark.

Lsot Ark Future Changes 2023 - Lsot Ark New Trailers And New Changes You Should Know

Lsot Ark Gold River 

Without further Ado, a huge shout out to Mr golden river which was there made his appearance to say hi to everyone and start with important things.

Lsot Ark New Class Slayer

Probably the coolest things announced which the three new classes, already knew about the female Berserker, which is called Slayer, and they also had a trailer for that.

Let's watch it foreign the house.

Lsot Ark New Class Soul Eater 

Then a new assassin class called The Soul Leader, this one doesn't control the power of the demon, but actually harnesses it, so it's going to be pretty interesting gameplay for this class.

Lsot Ark New Class Male Scrapper

Then lastly they also announced a new gender unlock class which is the male Scrapper, just because they felt, there is not enough mail classes coming out to Lsot Ark, just like you are feeling very often at least, now a male Scrapper on its way sometime in 2023.

Lsot Ark Class Balance

The class balance which continues in January for the Korean region and afterward for us as well. They also talked about the balance patch Cadence which will be on a four to five-month cycle, this is pretty nice, and it's actually really good for an MMORPG to have balance patches, so often during the year.

Lsot Ark New Zone Voldis & Character Prower Gain

A new continent of all this which also has a new Abyssal dungeon of all this holds the key to the new progression in Lsot Ark. It appears to be through a new system called the Elixir System, which improves attributes of your character, like extra boss damage, etc.

It's a feature that's coming to the game in 2023 which will allow further progression and further power gain for your character.

Lsot Ark New Zone Kurzan

Another new continent called kurzan, is the place where the chain War Story starts they said they're going to have many cinematic dungeons as you progress with your story through Kurzan. 

Lsot Ark Inferno Brelshaza & Hanumatan

2023 also brings the Inferno Version of the Legion Raider Shaza, just received this in normal mode, but something to look forward to, and people in the west were also worried that there are going to be six Gates that they have to do Inferno and go through that deathless, however, the devs decided that just gate 5 and 6 are going to be part of breshaza Inferno mode, something pretty nice to look forward to, it's going to be very difficult, but at least it's just two gates to go through as opposed to six for a future deathless title right on top of that also getting Inferno mode for Hanumatan, Hanumatan is a guardian raid, it's a 15 20 piece of content and the same as achiates which have in Hell mode for on Inferno mode for hanumatan is going to have one in 2023.

Lsot Ark New Guardian Gargadith

A new Guardian raid the Garga death also has a trailer for this, let's take a look.

Lsot Ark New Legion Raid Thaemine

To get the opportunity to fight they mine, the devs said that this is going to be very hard, not only mechanically, but also because the environment somehow is going to make it feel like hard content to do, they also mentioned that even though, it's going to be very hard at first, it is going to get nerfed once many people have finished it, just because they want it to be part of a pleasant weekly experience as opposed to a continuously inferno-like mode that you have to that you feel obliged to clear on a weekly basis, all sidereas will be available in they mine as far as opposed to just three which is a pretty interesting concept after they mine.

Lsot Ark Future Legion Raid Kazeros

The Korean players were thinking or were wondering what's what comes after they might Legion rate there's going to be caseros afterward there is just an image of the place where caseros is located at this looks very similar to a neon picture with the abyss by the way.

Lsot Ark Graphics Changes

Graphics Improvement was also something that was highlighted during today's low on and the changes are say quite beautiful, a trailer for this takes a look foreign.

Lsot Ark MVP Support changes

MVP changes for support players, actually talking on in the latest live stream on Twitch about support players, and again with new content comes sort of a feeling of a shortage of supports for that new content, and people were saying that if it would be a bit more rewarding for support players or if see how much contributing to the party's damage.

So the new changes to the MVP system are exactly that supports can, now see a little bit more as to how much did they actually participate in the total damage of the team by just them being there with their support Buffs and speaking about supports, the devs also mentioned that they're gonna look into adjusting the damage that supports players do in Solo content so that they can feel happier playing that particular content.

Lsot Ark QOL Improvements

Another big plus for support players is several quality-of-life improvements better overview for bracelets, for example, which is something that hope is going to come very shortly after Korea to our version as well, because people are pretty confused in more inventory space for Content materials like Legion rates, for example in Abyssal dungeons or all of these horns and scales are going to be stored in their own section legendary skins by the way.

Lsot Ark New Legendary Skins

The third iteration of them is coming to Korea in 2023 I know that we haven't even received the first iteration yet because they're still working on a system that would be more appropriate for all our audience as opposed to the randomness again of yours this jar so looking forward to that but just saying the season 3 version has also had an animated trail that your character leaves behind as you're walking which is a super cool idea something new to low Stark in terms of equipping a skin and having you know a trade I know it's not new in MMORPGs but I'm really happy that it's going to be present in Lsot Ark at least in the future for us as well.

Lsot Ark New League/DOTA Game Modes

A new horizontal content Primal Island and also the league slash DOTA game modes within Lsot Ark, there's it's with towers and mobs and like five in-game skills redone to fit this game mode, but very similar to mobas right, how you would use the skills there, you can pick any class that you want class from Lsot Ark by the way.

Even if you don't have that plus on your roster same as you pick your heroes in Dota in League Etc, and you can just play versus another team of whatever it's gonna be four or five people pretty interesting.

Personally, a little bit worried that there's not enough time to enjoy all of this in Lsot Ark on top of what a normal player would actually be doing in the game on a daily weekly basis however by the time, get these games modes, maybe more in the clear in terms of this Speedy progression to catch up to what the game has to offer right now in Korea at the end game which is fine, but just saying that hope have time for this as well.

Lsot Ark Awakening Skill

Then the third Awakening skill which is something that many Korean players at least were expecting or waiting for their characters, these are going to be different than the current Awakening skills as you can only use it once, and also there are special camera movements as you use it, they have a trailer they showed a couple of Awakenings. 

Lsot Ark Transformation Skins

Lastly the potential to strike a good note with the Western audience is the fact that the devs mentioned looking into adding skins for the transformation of the Shadowhunter and The Machinist, so when you are in demon form, you will be able to have a skin for that period of Time for That demon form that you can choose what that these skins might be or how they might look.

Right now there is a big debate on the forums as to why get a different version of the Shadowhunter transformation than Korea did, maybe there's a chance that re-skinning that version will help players that don't like the current version feel better about it by using a skin the same goes for the Iron Man suit, for example, it can actually be an Iron Man suit, maybe they can do a collab with an Iron Man movies same as they did with the Witcher where actually Iron Man and when a machinist in transformation mode other than that you have a lot of fun in Lsot Ark. 

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