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Lsot Ark New Pletze / Pleccia - What Happen To Armen Lsot Ark?

10/28/2022 4:00:58 PM

Look at how big is this patch in Lsot Ark. There is some new content PLETZE / PLECCIA add to Lsot ark. 

Lsot Ark New Pletze / Pleccia - What Happen To Armen Lsot Ark?

New Pirate ship

First new content added, a new pirate ship 1580 pirate ship, and a new continent "Pletze" was added, you can start at 1475, so they're increasing it by 151 levels, rowen 1445, 1460 for Elgacia, a new NPC for Affinity 34 quests, two new titles, quality of life, it displays the location better, there's a new smartcast, more jukebox,  so have to wait an hour for unlocking.

  • Two-factor authentication thing, what the hell is this?

  • The new potion for the chaos dungeon Engravings.

  • Are these the notifications? When do the Engravings drop?

  • Where is this new continent?

You can start your adventure fleche by talking to NPC“Silian” in "Luteran Castle" east of Lutheran and proceeding, there's no holy continent for this place, it's beautiful how big this map is, it's like high graphics, it is the main city there's a honor.

The sand of sun Foggs River. It always starts like this, everything's peaceful and nice, but where the demons at man holy, this place, though man compared to Lieutenant Castle.

What's gonna happen in the end? What's wrong Lsot Ark Armen?

Always bury by your side when you're ready to talk, then wiped every tear or sweat off his face, and then gave a warm smile, how can she walk around town and not be judged, she wears you.

Someone will come to make all your words, it feels weak shut up, write the things you hate or are scared of, whatever you're scared of in your hand, and then make a tight Feast. You don't have to fear anymore, the sun when time passes people understand, they always get you in the feels when put through the g-span,  to be a priest and protect people that's wonderful, thought priest Armin when I grew up mama.

Where the demons resides Armen, you've played hide and seek before mom's gonna play hide and seek now they make a character so lovable, and then they're gonna kill her off this time, it's gonna be a special hide and seek, just use your blizzard that's crazy how can she not be worried, you can't be that calm when you know, you're time's up, now hot outside so counts one or two that's not a hideout.

Magic what happened to sister rain in Lsot Ark Pletze?

Priests have seen your mama run away, and follow them, those up touch Mama, this demon damage sucks, even when he was a kid damn no gems, you're killed by motion, the kid he said poor Claudia, no man shoot. She's trying to run to make it even sadder, this condition is good, no holy that's a crazy cutscene.

Now discover the past, now what's the future? This is the first continent where about the story?

There gonna see Armen, it's like Sith Lord, Indiana Jones, what is he gonna decide? in the trailer, he decides to not be like, they're all no, it's like a Kadan whoa, what he looks crazy?

Start a continent to know more about Ormond's plans, and in the end, he'll go back to square one, the arm is not evil, and he's gonna play a big role, and then what that big role is, because find out in two years, it's a point, it's Armen.

Always repeating itself, there was no other way, to believe this was all a lie, however, you sacrifice everything, and once again here, you have not changed at all, come to light, it's not too late before at level 30, but he joined Carmine Chicken is easy, there's the thing an adventurer.

What is this Lsot Ark ARMEN?

Do a thing fight day, maybe in four years, to spend more time here with pledge with you, but there are things waiting for us to do, it's called dailies and cat dungeon.

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