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Elden Ring 1.08 Best Arcane & Bleed Weapons | Elden Ring Arcane Weapon Tier List

1/9/2023 11:18:13 AM

Here we have a new Arcane Weapons Tier List in Elden Ring 1.08 patch, which has had some major shifts in the placement of certain weapons that have become really good. 

Elden Ring 1.08 Best Arcane Bleed Weapons Ranking & Tier List

Although patch 1.08 didn't change a major amount of stuff, it did change a couple of weapon types for the better and also tried to address a specific weapon really aggressively but didn't seem to make that much of a change. With this Elden Ring 1.08 Most Powerful Arcane Weapon Tier List, we rank the best highest damage bleed weapons according to the changes in the 1.08 patch. 

1 - Reduvia (S Tier)

Daggers have some of the highest burst in the game now due to the massive buff to their moveset, not only do they attack much faster, especially when you're using power stance versions of them, but they've improved the range of them in this patch as well which is incredible. That's nice in PVE but you never really had major issues there because you just press yourself against a boss on the attack. In PvP, though the daggers were a nightmare to use because it would just be ghostly ineffective, you'd hit someone and it just wouldn't. Now they've improved the hitbox and the range of that you can actually land blows and trade, if someone's foolish enough to roll around you you're attacking so fast and the range improvements mean you're consistently hitting them anyway because there are too many attacks coming out for the iframes the damage especially with a bleed dagger like this is ludicrous. The burst damage and how much you're actually going to be popping the bleeds are one of the best options in the game now. And this Elden Ring weapon comes with its own Ash of War much like the blood blade attack that the Ash of War exists, this one works the same but it doesn't cost health to use making it arguably better. They even added this aspect to it, where if you use it at melee range you'll hit with a dagger at the same time, doubling the AR damage you'll deal but also doubling the bleed build causing pops even with one use. Now while it doesn't have insane range on the Ash of War more medium to close range, it does address the other aspect of daggers which is the short-range it still has and it comes out quickly interrupting people who are trying to cast or otherwise. This is honestly one of the strongest options in the game for bursting bosses down that are weak to bleed or spam coming attacks in PvP.

2 - Rivers of Blood (S Tier)

Rivers of Blood is the king of the entire game which was nerfed obviously many times and changed in suspicious and strange ways. Though it is not what it was before, it's still very strong as a katana - it's got a great moveset which got base bleed. So it's always going to be good range as a katana, but the katanas were nerfed slightly having slightly lower Poise in this patch but it's not a major or real concern, to be honest. The salary of this weapon is still corpse pilot the ash of war has been reduced in terms of the bleed buildup that it can do as well as the damage, but if you are able to hit a melee range and hit with this sword at the same time, you can still get that great damage and bleed build up but it's a lot less consistent in PvP, where before you could just blindly use the ash of war and kill someone as long as you had a few of the attacks. However, it does have a great range which means it's good in the arena in this patch, where you're sneaking up on people who are fighting in a free-for-all or team fight situation. It's not insane as it once was and you could argue maybe now it's A high a but we do think it's one of the best options and the best Arcane options to this day though, so we still think S tier is where it belongs.

3 - Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear (S Tier)

Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear's massive AOE Ash of War is still very effective, when you use that Bloodboon Ritual you're going to do the big circle around you causing bleed damage in a huge location, but that location has been made slightly smaller in the previous patch. Not in a relevant way though, it's still huge and very effective. And in the arena where you got multiple targets like free-for-all our team fights, you can easily control whole sections of the Arena, AOE multiple targets down be a massive annoying threat. However, when you use the ash of war, it gives the cursed Bloods to the weapon and it's a great spear so you've got the running heavy which is incredible. The basic attack they're incredible, the damage of the AR is really good, and the bleed build up, the fire damage, it's a really good weapon if you just buff it up and forget about the Ash of War, but then when you consider the Ash of War and how effective that is in general still and also even more effective with the context of the Arena, this is a really good weapon still and definitely S grade.

4 - Marais Executioner's Sword (S Tier)

Marais Executioner's Sword has steadily been improved, it's a great sword rather than a colossal sword when you look at it, but great swords have been steadily improved over the previous patches in two hands specifically. Great swords are more commonly or were often seen in power stunts more than anything, but these changes made handing a great sword much better, and that's what this is all about compared to the regalia. Though it hits harder and does the same thing with the Ash of War that corkscrew attack. When you're getting successive hits off, you're going to build AR and this thing is a machine for that having higher AR by Baseline. You can really just walk up to bosses and corkscrew them with the Ash of War, have your AR shoot up, and then send in another and basically two shots or even one shot of many of the big bosses in the game. It's it's hilarious and satisfying, but a big letdown is how slow it was and because of how you get stuck in the animation. Now you can roll out of it when things go wrong or you miss you just want to get out of that you'll do the follow-up hit. Importantly it's the only weapon that's not actually a bleed weapon in the top tier of the Arcane tier list and remains there because of its raw power.

5 - Bloody Helice (A Tier)

Bloody Helice is the heavy frosting sword weapon has been nerfed in various ways, and if you've used this or played a bit of PVP you'll have seen it fairly often it was strong and it still is, despite the fact that in the 1.08 patch. They reduced the speed of crouching attacks with this weapon, they've reduced the Stagger caused by two-handing using this in jumping attacks. They've reduced the thrusting weapon counter-attack damage overall which has affected all thrust-type attacks such as one like this that's so based on thrusting attacks so that damage is worse too. And then further for specific quickly heavy thrusting salts they've lowered the Poise damage, so you stagger enemies with these even less. So across the board it has been nerfed in various ways, but yet despite that, in our testing it's still so good - the ash of war hits so hard, the basics hit so hard, even when you hit the counterattack where you know that damage is meant to be worse it's still so good, especially with the Spear Talisman that's only going to make it better. So while undeniably, it is weaker where it was strong, we would still rate this as very strong as a weapon that doesn't have any bleed on it, it's going to be deadly ineffective but it also has to bleed your leveling Arcane. It's the one stat that gets the most benefit with this weapon to raise the AR, so you're popping bleeds often because it has over 100 status build up and every hit. So overall it's still a ridiculously good weapon, the reason it's not S Tier though is that the output is a bit slow,  we would rate this really good in trading in PvP, whereas PVE it doesn't have the same burst or high DPS potential.

6 - Eleonora's Poleblade (A Tier)

Eleonora's Poleblade is doing better in this 1.08 patch, due to the buff of increasing the speed of some of its attacks and improving its recovery time which is a majorly overlooked really important change. Although this is a great example of one of the few twin blades you would to hand instead of power stancing because it has that unique moveset and very powerful say heavy attack. So while two-handing these, you just attack faster and you recover from all your attacks faster leading to better combinations such as your Ash of War, incantation spells, or otherwise, it makes a major difference for the weapon and it feels really good especially when it's such a good looking weapon that deserves to be good. The downside of this weapon why it's not S-Tier comes down to the move set the range is still pretty poor, they may have improved the speed of the attacks but the range is still lacking at times. And then also the Ash of War is just awkward it right as you leap forward and leap back as part of its salt moveset, and if you're trying to burst our DPS or boss down you want to stay on target forcing you to leap backward does the opposite of that, that can be useful in PvP but it can also be really annoying when you're chasing someone down. Not to say that that means it's not viable or a really good weapon, it certainly is and better now because of these changes, but it's lacking slightly because of the awkward nature of its moveset.

7 - Morgott's Cursed Sword (A Tier)

Morgott's Cursed Sword has had basically no changes in the 1.08 patch, it's a great curved great sword and that remains awesome after the many different changes that were, improving its basic moveset, the ash of war the speed and power which that comes out and the combo follow-up as well. It was in patch 1.06 that this weapon began to really shine, as a PVE weapon you can just overly rely on the Asher war and simply spam it and get the bleed build up because it of course has that on it or run it in power stance with other or another version of this weapon, but also think it's a great option to go with a shield as well. This weapon would be actually a really good option if you could get it a bit earlier in a playthrough, but obviously, it's fairly toward the late game so that's unfortunate. Good overall but it's not got the crazy burst output that some of these S-tier picks have.

8 - Regalia of Eochaid (B Tier)

The dancing blade is still an awkward one and hasn't really seen relevant changes although it actually has less Poise because it's a straight sword, the ones that change in 1.08 where made the Poise of smaller weapons worse and so a few weapons have actually been affected by this such as the straight swords. This is still a really good weapon, you can power stance it and use them as dual-power stance Arcane weapon and that's always going to be good. But the main damage comes from that spinning corkscrew attack back of the Eochaid's Dancing Blade Ash of War that is able to deal some seriously high damage if you can get it on a target that's still such as bosses, and it's going to be a great option for that the reason. It's only a B Tier because it's so heavily outclassed by another weapon on this list that does the same thing but much better and more effectively.

9 - Ripple Crescent Halberd (B Tier)

Ripple Crescent Halberd is still the highest Arcane weapon which you can buff up in various ways leading to a very effective application of status, one of the best two-handed versions of status application. It's a great sleep option, it is used for the most common but it can be used with all other elements and statuses however you want. If you really like the Halberd moveset which some people do it's quite unique, then it's a great option for Arcane and especially again for applying for statuses. We could also even power sense these and get more effect out of them and you occasionally very rarely will see these in PvP. It's a simple and effective build that is still relevant in the Meta but not an overly popular option because the weapon is just bland looking, and there are more interesting ways to apply for statuses in general but get a bit more out of the weapon. It still has a very strong weapon with very good status potential and needs to make knowledge in this list.

10 - Serpent Bow (C Tier)

As a ranged Arcane weapon, the purpose of this bow is obviously to spread poison at range which you can do with a normal bow and poison arrows, the difference is of course this is an Arcane scaling option, so if you were to live level your Arcane you're going to actually apply the poison at the range more effectively and quicker than with a regular bow. The downside here is the AR that will damage the bow does, you could get better options with different bows and still spread the poison. You don't really need the super high Arcane because it doesn't take much poison or many arrows anyway to apply the poison, so as a weapon it serves a purpose as an Arcane weapon it is relevant. It just barely makes the list because of its unique nature, but beyond that, it's not really anything to shout out.

There you have it that is our finished tier list for Arcane & Bleed Weapons in 1.08, as always we've ordered the strongest weapons on the top of the tier list in each individual tier, so on the top is the strongest, on the bottom is the weakest.

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