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Elden Ring OP Poison Destroyer Build - Best 1.08 Scavenger's Poison Curved Sword & Serpentbone Blade Build

1/6/2023 3:54:15 PM

In Elden Ring there are many builds that you can run. This OP Poison Destroyer Build which we're calling. The plague Bringer is absolutely broken. We have loved playing through NG+5 with this build and we think you all will as well. We use a few really solid weapons including the Scavenger's Curved Sword, and the Serpentbone Blade. Mixing Incantations with Poison has been such a blast.


What the Build Is

It does blood loss damage and poison buildup damage, and between the two of those, it absolutely wrecks, so we'll go over the talismans, the summons, the weapons, the armor that we're wearing, all that good stuff and we are going to get you  geared up and ready to rock for New Game Plus, because let's be honest after seeing this build you are going to want to try it out, it is the best build that we have done to date and considering you really love the last build that we did with the sword and board tank spank build.


Attributes & Stats of OP Poison Destroyer Build










Gear of OP Poison Destroyer Build

Right Hand Armament 1: Scavenger's Poison Curved Sword

The other weapons that we are going to be using for this build are going to be two of the Scavenger's Poison Curved Sword at plus 25, I have put poison moth flight on one of these scavengers curved swords, because it does a lot of damage and with the poison being something we're trying to continue to do in this build, it really poisons really fast, and quite well, this weapon is going to have a poison buildup of 133 with the poison moth flight Ash of war, and it's also going to cause blood loss build up, so there will be times when you will get both procs at the same time, and there will be massive chunks of the enemy's Health that will just fall away, and with the attack pattern that you can use for jump attacks having two of these weapons, you hit so hard, and you deliver so much poison and blood loss to the enemy, it really is broken, the dual wielding, it just makes this game easy mode like you would not believe, so those are the weapons we're going to be using.

Right Hand Armament 2: Serpentbone Blade

This is going to have a strength scaling of e, but a deck scaling of B which is pretty good and with the physical damage at 294 plus 298, it is actually a pretty hard-hitting weapon, and it's not even the fact that it hits super hard, it's the fact that it hits really fast, it is a 66 rating for causing poison buildup, and at the rate that you are hitting, and as fast as this can slice back and forth, you are actually poisoning people very quickly which once again as you get them poisoned all of your talismans take effect, and you start just stacking that damage up over and over and over again, the ash of war is where this particular weapon shines with its double slash Ash of War, you can get those attacks off really fast,  and you don't have to put an ash of War on it, because the one that it has is absolutely phenomenal for what we want it to do in this build.

Left Hand Armament 2: Dragon Communion Seal

We need to talk about before we move on which is Dragon Communion Seal at plus nine, it's just going to help us out with the Arcane scaling, when we use this particular seal rather than the other ones, this is an arcade and dexterity build with a little bit of Faith thrown in so we can use some of these incantations, but this seal is the one we're going to be using, we're not actually using any dragon communion incantations because of the Arcane at s scaling.

Head Armor: Marionette Soldier Birdhelm

Chest Armor: Night’s Cavalry Armor

Arms: Beast Champion Gauntlets

Leg Armor: Beast Champion Greaves


Greenburst Crystal Tear

Stonebarb Cracked Tear


Taker's Cameo

Millicent's Prosthesis

Godskin Swaddling Cloth

Kindred of Rot's Exultation


Swarm of Flies

Poison Mist

Flame, Grant Me Strength

Spirit Summons:

Perfumer Tricia

Spirit Jellyfish

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