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Elden Ring Best Dex Build 1.08 - Top 5 Dexterity Builds & Weapons in Elden Ring

1/12/2023 3:52:59 PM

What weapons work well for dexterity builds in Elden Ring? Focus on that, we’ll get into the top 5 Elden Ring best Dex builds after 1.08 Patch with equipment and stats. 

Elden Ring Best Dex Build 1.08 - Top 5 Dexterity Builds & Weapons in Elden Ring PVE

This list of Elden Ring 1.08 Dex builds by Youwy is going to be centering around the weapon, also comes with stats, talismans, and some of the other ER items

Top 5 - Dragon King's Cragblade

Let’s begin with the number five - Dragon King's Cragblade. 18 Strength is to meet the minimum requirement to use the weapon one-handed, we're gonna have a one-handed is because our offhand is going to use a shield and when you use a heavy thrusting sword, you can attack and block at the exact same time, which is definitely very handy, especially against enemies you struggle in terms of dodging or whatnot. The main selling point of the weapon other than the heavy running attacks is the skill Thundercloud Form, it does an enormous amount of damage and covers a large distance when you have it fully charged as well and the posture brake damage you can get is really good, it posture breaks enemies really quickly, which leads into our secondary weapon Miséricorde, which is a dagger with 130 critical. Any type of post of backstab you do get is going to do a lot more damage than what Dragon King's Cragblade does, so we post a switch to the dagger to get the re-post, or if you have a big free backstab, then you can just use it. The shield we use is Brass Shield, it has the highest stability and guard boost out of any of the medium shields and medium shields are very solid and very light, you don't really need to use a great shield with this type of build. Moving to the best talismans for this dexterity build, Spear Talisman is going to be one, it enhances the counterattack damage. Then we have the Shard of Alexander for more Ash of War damage, and Godfrey Icon can enhance the charge attacker version of the Ash of War. 

Stats: 50 vigor, 20 mind, 29 endurance, 18 strength, 80 dexterity, 9 intelligence, 14 faith, and 9 arcane

Top 4 - Bloodhound’s Fang

The next dexterity build is around the Bloodhound’s Fang. Bloodhound’s Fang is one of the best Elden Ring weapons in the game, it's a Curved Greatsword that does bleed, which is really good, but the best part about it is Bloodhound's Finesse, this is a cool dodging attack into a follow-up swing. It does an enormous amount of damage, but on top of all of that, it does also have the option to get buffed as well. One of the weapon buffs to use is going to be Bloodflame Blade, this one works nicely with an inherent blood loss buildup and it will do more fire damage. It only lasts seven seconds, but it is a very quick cast, especially after you use roll or while you're sprinting. Two attack spells Golden Vow and Flame Grant me Strength used for more damage. This build also uses Finger Seal and Frenzied Flame Seal, now the Frenzied Flame Seal is going to have a higher scaling with this type of stat split, but the fingerprint seal is going to make the weapon buffs do more damage. Lastly, for the talismans, Old Lord's Talisman will actually increase our spell duration by 50, Shard of Alexander for more damage, and Lord of Blood's Exultation raises attack power by 20% for 20 seconds when Blood Loss occurs.

Stats: 50 vigor, 22 mind, 23 endurance, 30 strength, 60 dexterity, 9 intelligence, 25 faith, and 10 arcane

Top 3 - Hand of Malenia

The third one is a dual Katana build with the main weapon being Hand of Malenia, this is very solid especially due to its Ash of War Waterfowl Dance, which has a lot of damage covers a lot of range, does a nice AOE effect, staggers enemies very nicely, and does consume a decent amount of FP, but it's definitely worth it. For the offhand, we're gonna choose Nagakiba, infuse this with Thunderbolt because we are lacking a little bit of range with this build. What’s more, Thunderbolt does scale off dexterity and we have a lot of dexterity. Katanas can stagger larger enemies when you power sense them, which is actually insane. Looking at talismans, Godskin Swaddling Cloth causes successive attacks to restore HP, Millicent's Prosthesis is going to be our other talisman, this one gives plus five dexterity and on consecutive hits, it will do more damage as well, so pairs nicely with the Godskin Swaddling Cloth. You can do a lot more damage as well as get healing over time. Then go with Great-Jar's Arsenal to give some more equipment loads.

Stats: 50 vigor, 20 mind, 29 endurance, 18 strength, 85 dexterity, 9 intelligence, 14 faith, and 9 arcane

Top 2 - Guardian Keen Swordspear

The number two dexterity build mainly uses Guardian's Swordspear. Guardian's Swordspear is a Halberd with a unique moveset, a very quick light attack combo, and running attacks very nice, this weapon can be infused, the Ash of War is going to be Phantom Slash, it still is one of the best ashes in the game and very versatile. It has a good range and can hit multiple targets at once, also does good damage and is very cheap. Talismans gonna be using both Arrow's Talisman, Shard of Alexander for more damage to Phantom Slash, and then Bull-Goat's Talisman for more Poise. You can use something like the Lord of Blood's Exultation Talisman because you can use your bow and arrow before the fight starts or bleed something out, and then switch to your regular up and you just do 20 more damage.

Stats: 50 vigor, 22 mind, 22 endurance, 17 strength, 75 dexterity, 9 intelligence, 25 faith, and 9 arcane

Top 1 - Bolt of Gransax

The last Dex build after Elden Ring 1.08 is a level 150 Bolt of Gransax build. We are going to be using two Bolt of Gransax because the power stance spear move set is really good, it covers a lot of distance, and is one of the best movesets in the entire game. Bolt of Gransax is one of the best weapons in the game due to its Ash of War, Ancient Lightning Spear, which covers so much distance and goes very fast, it also does a lot of damage. If you only have one Bolt of Gransax, you can get any other Spear and make it lightning infused. As for the choice of talismans, Millicent's Prosthesis consecutive attacks will make it do more damage as well as give the build plus five to dexterity, which is really handy with how quick the power sense spear moveset is, it's definitely worth using Shard of Alexander for boosting the Ash of War damage, and Godfrey Icon, you always want to have it fully charged because it must go further and go faster, for the last one, we're gonna have Lightning Scorpion Charm to improve lightning damage.

Stats: 50 vigor, 20 mind, 27 endurance, 20 strength, 85 dexterity, 9 intelligence, 14 faith, and 9 arcane

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