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Elden Ring Dexterity Build Guide - How to Build a Vampiric Knight (NG+ Guide)

1/19/2023 10:36:44 AM

In this Elden Ring Build Guide, we’ll show you our Butchering Knife build. This is an NG+ build that takes place after level 150. If you’ve been looking for a Great Axe build that deals great damage while being near Immortal, then you might want to check this build-out.


Attributes & Stats of Vampiric Knight Build









Equipment of Vampiric Knight Build

-Right Hand Armament 1: Keen Butchering Knife+25

-Left Hand Armament 1: Icon Shield

-Head Armor: Greathelm

-Chest Armor: Hoslow’s Armor

-Arms: Beast Champion Gauntlets

-Leg Armor: Hoslow’s Greaves


Rotten Winged Sword Insignia

Ritual Sword Talisman

Blesses Dew Talisman

Shard of Alexander

Taker's Cameo

-Ash of War: Wild Strikes

How To Make This Vampiric Knight Build Work


Let's talk about the weapon we're using for this build, we are using the butchering knife here, this is technically a great axe, even though it looks like a giant sword, but the claim to fame of this weapon is that it allows you to regain one percent of your max HP when you hit an enemy with a swing and even though that might not seem like a lot because let's say your max HP is about 1500, that's like 15 HP that might not be a lot, when you add all the other factors together that give us HP back, it really starts to add up into one build that makes you very difficult to kill, when it comes to the ash of war affinities on this weapon, we have put the wild strikes Ash of War on here and set it to the Keen Affinity, the Keen Affinity is only really good on this greataxe, most great access have very high strength requirements making it kind of moot to then put points into dexterity with a butchering knife that only has 16 strength requirement and the shield we're using for this build has 22, anyway, so Keen actually comes out to be higher damage than heavy with this weapon, so that's why we went with Keen but wild strikes is an exceptionally good weapon skill and what's really good about it on this build is the more you swing with it obviously you regain more Health as you hit repeatedly over and over which is good, but the also R1 attacks and R2 attacks which you probably won't see too much in this guide, because they're not super necessary can be absolutely devastating as well helping you AOE enemies with the R1 or break the Poise or stance break in enemy with the R2 particularly good on hard to kill enemies like Crucible Knight or bosses or things like that, you gain the butchering knife by defeating Anastasia Tarnished - Eater near the Shaded Castle, so this is quite a ways into the game, you could probably beeline it there if you just went and picked up the two halves of The Medallion went up the lift and then ran straight there, so it doesn't have to take you a long time to get this if you know where to go.


But if you're just playing normally it's going to be about half the game or so 48 of the game or so before you get this weapon, if you're playing like in a normal fashion, next up we're using the icon shield in our off hand for a couple reasons, first, it's a great shield allowing you to do block counters more easily because of the hardness of the shield enemies rebuff off of it with their attacks more often allowing you to get a follow-up counter-attack much more easily, and secondly, it's because it regains 3 HP over time so between that and the Blessed Dew Talisman which is one of the talismans that we use we're going to have plus five HP regain constantly with this build between that and the butchering knives regain one percent, that's a lot of HP that you'll get back as you just naturally explore levels and areas and attack enemies, additionally, this great Shield only has a 22 strength requirement which means we only need six more points than the butchering knife anyway, and even though we're set to keen on the butchering knife, that means we're not wasting as many points into strength as we could be.


When it comes to armor, it's not super important what you use as long as you're aiming to get to that 51 Poise break point, so you can tank a hit here, we have a couple pieces of hoslow's armor with the great Helm and one other piece in order to hit that 51 armor break point, but whatever you want to use here works totally fine, we do want to mention though that if you are using the mimicked here if you're someone who likes to use the mimic tier as your spirit ashes, and you like to play the game with spear and Ashes that the deathbed dress is not a bad choice, the reason for this is that it slowly replenishes HP of your mimic tear when your mimic tear is nearby and since your mimic tear will also have this equipped when summoned with this wall you're wearing it, it will heal you for 2 Hp when you're near your mimic tear, so this can work really well if you plan to you know stay near your mimic tear or if you plan to use your mimic tear throughout for areas of the game, but otherwise, it's not really great if you don't use your mimic tear or you don't use Spirit summons, it's not necessarily going to benefit you at all and another honorable mention for armor here is the Royal remains set, this gives you 2 Hp per second per piece equipped probably be able to equip three pieces of this and then one heavier piece in order to hit 51 points, so this is kind of like if you're in the danger zone but generally when you're in the danger zone, you'll use a health bot.

Gameplay of Vampiric Knight Build

Butchering knife doesn't have the highest attack rating of a lot of the weapons in this game, but when you can sit there and hold L2 with wild strikes you have a lot of stamina with this build, it deals incredible damage, you have very high Poise, meaning it's very hard for you to be interrupted when this is happening, and you're regaining Health with each time you connect with an enemy which might be multiple enemies at the same time, and that works exceptionally well, and again, this is an absolute blast to play if you're someone who enjoys using the mimic tear, because they gain so much health with this, they very rarely die, and you know getting those attacks back from the butchering knife, they love to use wild strikes by the way which helps them regenerate generate Health, icon shield and blessed do towel spinner regenerating Health the whole time, a couple things they will note though that taker's Cameo doesn't heal them, it heals you when they kill an enemy, so if you want something that benefits both of you you might want to swap that out for something like the Dragoncrest Greatshield tile spin that'll benefit both you guys, same goes for Ritual Sword Talisman, this is most of the time, the mimic tear doesn't stay at full in our opinion, they will in Easy fights but if you like really get them involved in fights, they rarely stay at full health, so they're not going to gain the benefit of ritual sword talisman now you will, but they won't so maybe you want to put something else there that benefits them as well so that they get the benefit and you get the benefit of that slot.


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