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Elden Ring Dagger Build After Patch 1.08 - Best Dagger Build Guide in Elden Ring 2023

2/3/2023 11:32:23 AM

We’ll bring you the most OP Elden Ring dagger build 1.08 with the best setup, covering stats, weapons, talismans, Ash of War, armor, items, and more.

Elden Ring Dagger Build After Patch 1.08 - Best Dagger Build Guide in Elden Ring 2023 

This Elden Ring 1.08 dagger build by DIVINE GAMES can absolutely destroy every boss in the game, it is really fast, able to do lots of damage, and also has ranged attacks and a good amount of mobility. 

1. Starting Class and Build Stats

For this build, you’ll want to go with the Bandit class, this is the most optimal choice for keeping your character at level 150, while also being extremely lethal. When it comes to the stats, keep the minimum points required for strength and dexterity, hit 19 endurance for the light equip load, and you can put exactly 25 points into faith so that you can cast the spell Golden Vow. Our main focus should be arcane, so you can use all the weapons effectively, then invest enough points into vigor for more health, at the end of the build, you should have exactly 80 Arcane and 60 Vigor.

- Vigor 60

- Mind 40

- Endurance 19

- Strength 9

- Dexterity 13

- Intelligence 9

- Faith 25

- Arcane 80

Finger Seal: you don't even have to level it up, a level one seal will give you the exact same buff as a level 25 seal, it is recommended to grab the finger seal, it's the easiest one you can get, you just have to buy it from the vendor at the round table for 800 Elden Ring runes.

2. Weapons

Use blood blade as your damage and if you're dealing with enemies immune to bleed, use your other dagger to proc freeze and then go back to the Reduvia. 

- Reduvia: in the main hand, we're going to be using the Reduvia, an amazing weapon that can single-handedly take down every enemy and boss in the game. The basic attacks on daggers do barely any damage, even if you make a build that is fully dedicated to making them stronger, they're still just not very effective. What actually melts enemies is its Ash of War on it, Reduvia Blood Blade, your character throws out blades of blood that not only do good amounts of damage alone, it's got decent range, a fast casting speed only consuming six Mana per use, making it very cost-effective and the kicker to it is it builds up blood loss as well. An added bonus to this is when you are using the Ash of War if you stand right in front of your target, you can actually hit them with the dagger as well, which doesn't do a lot of damage but it adds a ton of extra blood loss because the weapon passively has 97 bleed build up to it and when you combine this with the projectile part of the Ash of War, you're basically doubling your bleed build up for the exchange of being right up close to your target, that's not that big of an issue because you have seen how much distance you can gain by rolling with a light equip load, you can get in and out of a fight instantly with no problems. This weapon is going to take you all the way to the endgame, so level it up as much as you can. 

- Cold Bloodstained Dagger: When you are dealing with enemies that are completely immune to bleed buildups, you are not able to proc Hemorrhage and get that 30 increased damage buff, instead, procing the freeze on the target will also take their health away, even though not as much damage. The way we get freeze going is with the help of a second dagger in our offhand, which is the Bloodstained Dagger, you don't need this exact one literally anyone you can place an Ash of War on will do just as well. The important part of this dagger is the affinity and the Ash of War. For the proc freeze, we're gonna have to put the cold affinity on it that gives it a total of 105 Frost buildup, a really solid amount, then for the Ash of War, you'll need Repeating Thrust. 105 Frost buildup combined with the ash of war that hits your enemy four times, you'll proc frost within one to two uses of the Ash of War, so the bloodstained dagger is not the only option. 

To use the cold affinity, you have to grab the Academy Glintstone Key that is right behind a sleeping dragon, you don’t have to fight them, you can just take it and run away, this is going to allow you to get the Glintstone Whetblade, which gives you the option to place the cold affinity on weapons. 

3. Talisman

- Lord of Blood’s Exultation: with the White Mask and Lord of Blood’s Exultation combined, you can get a total of 30 increased damage for 20 seconds after a blood loss happens. 

- Shard of Alexander: since this build is heavily focused around Ashes of War, it would be really useful to throw on Shard of Alexander, it's going to boost all Ashes of War damage by 15.

- Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman: it reduces all physical damage by 20, it's a big reason why our defensive stats are comparable to heavy armor without actually using any, so instead of investing a lot of points into endurance to wear heavy armor to basically do the same thing, you can just grab this talisman.

- Great-Jar’s Arsenal: increases max equip load by 19, we are using extremely light armor and weapons, but this does save us quite a few levels in endurance especially when we're trying to keep it at a light equip load.

4. Armor

For the helmet, you can use either the White Mask or the Silver Tear Mask in case you can't get your hands on the other one. The Silver Tear Mask is a good backup helmet, it's not going to give you an increased damage buff, however, it will increase your arcane by 8 levels for the exchange of 5 reduced physical damage. Then for the chest and legs, running the Sanguine Noble set for its looks and is light enough to keep us at a light equip load. Traveler’s Gloves are fairly light. 

White Mask (Silver Tear Mask)

Sanguine Noble Robe

Sanguine Noble Waistcloth

Traveler’s Gloves

5. Spells

- Golden Vow: for a 10 reduced damage buff 

6. Flask of Wondrous Physick

Both of these two tears are just going to affect your stamina with the Greenburst Crystal Tear increasing your stamina recovery speed by 33 percent for three minutes, and the Greenspill raising your maximum stamina by 15 for three minutes.

- Greenspill Crystal Tear

- Greenburst Crystal Tear

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