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Elden Ring Sacred Relic Sword Build Guide - How to build a Sword Saint at Level 150

9/15/2022 3:06:39 PM

In this Elden Ring Build Guide, we’ll showyou our Sacred Relic Sword Build. This is an NG+ build that takes place at level 150. If you’ve been looking for a Greatsword build that utilizes the weapon Sacred Relic Sword and its weapon skill Wave of Gold, then you might want to check this build-out.


Attributes & Stats









How to Make This Sword Saint Build Work

First up, let's talk a little bit about the sacred relic sword, this is a great sword that weighs 11 which is one of the heavier great swords, it does both physical and holy damage although it does far more physical damage than holy damage, it has 110 critical meaning that it's one of two great swords in the game that has 110 with the lord sworn great sword being the other one, so it does more when you do like a stagger, and then a critical strike it does more damage than other great swords when you do that, and it has descaling and strength b, and dexterity and c, the thing that sets this weapon apart from other weapons is of course its weapon skill wave of gold which shoots out a golden wave like sort of in a cone in front of you over a very very long distance, it does 100 holy damage, and this thing can absolutely wipe out packs of enemies from very far away or deal significant damage to bosses or tough enemies from far away, and something that's great about it as well is that even if it doesn't kill enemies it tends to knock them down, so while they're getting up you can hit them with another wave, and while they're getting up from that you can hit them with another wave etc making this a particularly deadly weapon skill, something particularly interesting about this weapon is that it has b scaling and dexterity, and you actually get more damage out of the weapon, if you just put in the minimum requirements for strength and faith and then crank dexterity up to like 80, but if you split the stats between dexterity and faith going something like 50, 50 with minimum and strength, you do very slightly less damage with your regular attacks but your wave of gold will deal about 10 percent more damage, so we find it to be a better trade-off also putting that many points in faith will allow you to use spells like if you want to use golden vow or flame, grant me strength or any other you know faith spell buff that is in that you know 20 to 50 requirements for faith which all incantations are, now the issue with the sacred relic sword is that wave of gold although extremely deadly, is extremely expensive it costs 42fp by default in order to use, this means for the average person that has a greatsword type setup you know with your mind somewhere in the 20 to 30 range, you'll get like three or four casts of this at most before you need to drink a flask, that is not a lot, so managing your fp while using this weapon skill is important.

Equipment of Sword Saint Build

Weapon: Sacred Relic Sword

Left Hand Armament 1: Clawmark Seal

Helm: Haligtree Knight Helm

Chest Armor: Haligtree Knight Armor

Arms: Haligtree Gauntlets

Leg Armor: Haligtree Greaves


Carian Filigrees Crest

Shard of Alexander

Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman

Claw Talisman

Final Tips

-If you're using the flask of wonder physique, you want the Holy- Shrouding Cracked Tear here, this is going to boost your wave of gold damage, use this in any section where you're going to go through it quickly.

-To the next checkpoint, so you can refresh your flask and you know there's a lot of enemies you just wipe them out with wave of gold boosting that damage significantly during that phase, and another good choice for this is stamina recovery, the Greenburst Crystal Tear here, wave of gold uses a shitload of stamina to cast, so you need it to come back quickly, and a lot of times what happens is if you cast it back the back entire stamina bar is drained you've actually gone into the negative stamina and it has to come back, just imagine your stamina bar keeps going to the left past where it you know begins it has to come all the way back the negative amount and then into the positive amount before you can cast it again, so having good stamina recovery helps here, and having that one will help very much, if you don't want to use that one you can obviously use like Faith-Knot Crystal Tear that will increase your damage with weight of gold, but we find getting that stamina back and being able to cast wave of gold more frequently is a better use of the tear.

-If you're talking about Elden Ring runes to use for this build, Godrick's Great Rune is a good case here, you need vigor, you need mind, you need endurance, you need strength, you need dexterity, you need faith, and six of the eight stats anytime in your ng plus, you're going to have a lot of stat usage, so Godrick is a good case here once you get done with Goddard, you can go get this, and that will help increase your efficacy with this build tremendously.


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