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Elden Ring OP Strength Build Guide After Patch 1.06 at Level 150 | Executioner's Heavy Greataxe Build

8/20/2022 3:42:15 PM

After patch 1.06, Greataxes were buffed making an OP strength build that wrecks anything in Elden Ring with powerful attacks and critical hits. Don't miss this OP strength build after Patch 1.06 with Greataxes.


OP Patch 1.06 Greataxe Buff

Increased the attack speed of Great Axes and reduced the time it takes for rolling to become possible after an attack. (Jump attack, dual wield attack and attacks while mounted not included)

OP Strength Patch 1.06 - How to play

The first hit can be a running attack or an attack with the lion's claw ash of war, then you need to continue your successive attack to be able to break their stance and perform a critical hit by continuing to do consecutive line clause attacks or combination of normal attacks, and if you roll to mid-distance or the enemy gets away perform another lion's claw again to regain that close from a distance, and when you knock the enemy perform the critical hit and after that get close to the enemy and do an r2 charge strong attack to deal more damage, so just rinse and repeat this, for normal enemies you may end up killing them after one or two or three hits, for challenging your boss fights you may want to buff prior with your incantations and your physick flask.

Attributes & Stats









Equipment of OP Strength Build

Weapon: Executioner's Heavy Greataxe

It has the longest reach of all great axes, one of the top base physical damage, and the highest critical boost, so we will get the most damage when applying criticals, ashes award can be applied to it giving more versatility at the time you apply whatever type of affinity you want and it's farmable.

Location: You don't need ng plus if you plan to get more than one executioner great ass can be found on several places throughout the map in particular little graveyards where skeletons are wielding it the first place you encountered to farm and that's where we did is after Lake Facing Cliffs, side of grace in Liurnia of the Lakes, take the path west passing the church of earth to the top and on the right, a big skeleton with the axe will spawn and can drop it for you, this is a path you need to go after the sight of grace and at the end, the skeleton will spawn hidden on the right behind some bushes some gemstones.

Weapon: Keen Dagger

Sacred Seal: Finger Seal

Helm: Bull-Goat Helm

Chest Armor: Bull-Goat Armor

Gauntlet: Bull-Goat Gauntlets

Leg Armor: Bull-Goat Greaves


Great-Jars Arsenal – Vastly raises maximum equip load.

Ritual Sword Talisman – Raises attack power when HP is at maximum.

Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman – Enormously boosts physical damage negation.

Shard of Alexander – Greatly boosts the attack power of skills.


Strength-knot Crystal Tear – Temporarily boosts strength.

Stonebarb Cracked Tear – Temporarily makes stance break easier.


Flame, Grant Me Strength (Fort Gael) – Raises physical and fire affinity attack power.

Flame, Cleanse Me – Alleviates buildup & cures poison and scarlet rot.

OP Strength Build After Patch 1.06 – Final Thoughts

With patch 1.6, it gave a well-deserved buff to the underperforming great access, now they're fast making you do more damage at the end, and able to roll out after an attack much quicker which results in more survivability in fights, this pair with a tank build like they will show you will withstand a lot of damage with no staggering whatsoever when getting hit, so you will connect every time while playing aggressively to get knocked down your enemies for that sweet critical hit, that's what we liked about the executioner's greataxe, longest reach, and highest critical damage of all great axes, so in short, this build is really OP now and will give players a possibility of playing with different types of grade axes, so we recommended 100 percent this build for you.




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