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Elden Ring Best 1.06 Strength Dexterity Build - Loretta's War Sickle Build Guide In Elden Ring

9/1/2022 10:18:34 AM

In this guide, we are going to be showing you Elden Ring best 1.06 build, a Carian Cavalier. This is a level 150 plus build that is focusing on new game plus and playing through a successive playthrough. Let's talk about the weapons, talismans, attributes, and gameplay tips we're using with the best Elden Ring strength dexterity build patch 1.06.


Elden Ring Best 1.06 Strength Dexterity Build - Loretta's War Sickle Build Guide In Elden Ring

If you're searching for an Elden Ring patch 1.06 strength Dexterity build that focuses on Halberd playstyle and horseback combat, this is the build for you. The reason why this is a Carian Cavalier build is that this weapon type Halberds are phenomenal from horseback. The hitboxes they have sort of fan out at a 45-degree angle, allowing you to clip anything basically to your right side or left side if you're aiming. Because this weapon attacks so fast as well, you're able to get a lot of damage off on horseback. So if you're someone who really likes mounted combat whether you're fighting big enemies like dragons or just regular enemies in general, this is a fantastic weapon for you and you should probably consider using the lance talisman when you're on horseback to get increased damage.


Elden Ring 1.06 Carian Cavalier Build Equipment

Weapons - Loretta’s War Sickle

This is a Halberd weapon that you get from defeating Royal Knight Loretta in the Haligtreea area of the game which is basically like an almost sub-end game or past endgame in most cases. This is why this is a new game plus build because you won't even get this weapon until there's so little of the game left that it wouldn't make sense to make a build for it otherwise. This weapon has c scaling and strength dexterity and intelligence although the scaling and strength and dexterity are much better than the scaling with intelligence. So you probably won't do much intelligence until like way farther into ng plus or even ng plus plus. Because the weapon scales tremendously with dexterity and okay with strength and very poorly with intelligence.


The reach on Loretta’s War Sickle is the second longest Halberd in the game. The reach on it is substantial. Secondly you hardly ever have a weapon that has this kind of reach that hits this far. The attack speed on this weapon is incredibly fast. It has a similar attack pattern to that of the sword spear which is also very fast. But the sword spear is much shorter than this weapon, so you're getting that attack speed but you're also getting the range which is great.


Loretta's Slash

The weapon skill on Loretta’s War Sickle is Loretta's Slash. This is the ash of war that you can get on a lot of different weapons. You can manually put on all the different weapons and it doesn't deal as much damage on this weapon as it would deal if it was optimized on some other weapon like the sword spear for example. So you're not going to get as much damage with Loretta's Slash. But what you do gain is you gain that range which is absolutely outstanding.


Staffs - Staff of Loss

The Staff of Loss is another weapon that you are using for this best Elden Ring 1.06 strength dexterity build. That's really just a cast freezing mist. Essentially freezing mist costs 21 intelligence and you already have 20 points in intelligence for this weapon anyway. So you just put one more point in intelligence and you can cast freezing mist. This is going to put the frostbite status effect on enemies increasing the damage that they take. At the beginning of a fight, you cast this and then you go ham with your r1 attacks really fast and you're going to deal even more damage just for casting this spell at the beginning of a fight.


Armors - Royal Knight Armor

Besides that when it comes to the armor, we are actually using the Royal Knight Armor which is Loretta's armor set. So we're basically cosplaying Loretta here. You can use whatever armor you want.


Elden Ring 1.06 Strength Dexterity Build Talismans  

Bull-Goat’s Talisman

The issue with this Royal Knight Armor is that you don't have as much poise around 50 or 51 poise.  Therefore, the best thing you can do is use the Bull-Goats talisman to supplement that.


Great-Jar’s Arsenal

If you were probably min-maxing this build, you would just wear a heavier armor set that had better poise and put the Great-Jar’s Talisman there or Great-Jar’s Arsenal and you'd get more protection and heavier armor and you would gain better poise at the same time. So you could do that if you want. But if you kind of want to role play Loretta then this is the way to do it.


Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman

You’d better have the Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman to further give you more protection. Again this is a very aggressive build where you're just mashing r1 as fast as you can spamming attacks you are going to trade damage sometimes.


Rotten Winged Sword Insignia

We also have Rotten Winged Sword Insignia and Millicent Prosthesis here for extra dexterity. The weapon scales well with dexterity but also increased attack, and repeatedly strike and it seems weird that you would put these two talismans with a Halberd build. Because Halberds typically don't attack very fast. But Loretta's War Sickle and the sword spear both have very fast attacking r1s, so you can actually trigger these very very easily with this build.


Elden Ring 1.06 Loretta’s War Sickle Build Gameplay Tips

All you're going to use is this weapon two-handed, you're going to run around the landscape and run r1 enemies which is like a really long-range poke which usually one shots most enemies. Or you can jump attack them and go right into your r1 combo because these pair together very well. There is less delay when you do this than with some weapons when you use a jumping r1 in their r1 attack and you're really just going to use your r1s and fight with a staff. Block counters with Halberds are terrible which is why we didn't pair this with the shield, they're very slow and very hard to pull off. So there isn't really any reason to do a block counter build with this weapon. 


Why have the extra weight of a great shield when you can't really block counter that well and you're already heavy, to begin with when you can just go ham with this weapon? The attack rating on this weapon is actually really good. It sits somewhere around 800 attack rating before you you know trigger any of the Rotten Winged Sword Insignia and Millicent Prosthesis. Either of those before you trigger them sitting around 800 that's somewhere in the great sword colossal weapon range which is really good for a Halberd.


The times that you're going to use Loretta's Slash are very situational. This weapon skill has a lot of hyper armor, meaning that's very hard to interrupt once you get it off. It's really good on enemies where you know that if you go ham with r1, you won't be able to kill them quickly or that they're just going to poise or hyper armor through your attacks and respond. This can be a good way to like get the drop on them, maybe stagger them a little bit and then cast it again, or go in with your r1s after that. It's definitely very situational ash of war and this Elden Ring 1.06 Loretta’s War Sickle build is not optimized around maximizing its damage. Which makes you even less likely to use it than you would in other builds. 


Nonetheless, there is a time and a place to use it and you sort of learn how to do that as you're playing the build. Freezing mist is there for difficult enemies in order to debuff them to further boost your damage. We don't have a lot of ways in this build to boost our damage other than attacking. So this is a good way to boost it that basically reduces the resistances or defenses of a target that then makes you deal more damage to them.


This is probably one of the most straightforward builds in Elden Ring after Patch 1.06. You don't have to buff with anything, you literally just go in and attack. You don't have to block counter, you're not pairing, you're not like using a combination of spells and magic, you're not having to jump, you're literally just running in and just attacking you would maybe in a souls game. And you're being super aggressive because of high poise and high protection because you want to trigger those Rotten Winged Sword Insignia and Millicent Prosthesis. You want to trigger these by attacking really rapidly so you're just going to go in and just keep swinging and hard as fast as you can.


Elden Ring 1.06 Strength Dexterity Build Attributes

  • 50 Vigor

  • 20 Mind

  • 30 Endurance

  • 44 Strength

  • 59 Dexterity

  • 21 Intelligence

  • 7 Faith

  • 9 Arcane

You don't need any faith or arcane for this Elden Ring Patch 1.06 Strength build at all. There's no reason to add them, so just you know don't worry about those two stats. When it comes to vigor, we have 50 here, you're going to want to increase this as you progress into ng plus, probably up to 60 or 65 because again you are trading damage. If you're using this armor set the whole way, then you're basically capped out at the amount of damage you can mitigate unless you add something like the Ritual Shield Talisman to your build. But your damage will probably go down if you do that unless you change your armor set which you can. This will give you a larger health pool to trade damage with before you need to step back and heal. 


20 mind is there because you really don't need much mind for this build you don't use Loretta's Slash very often. All you really need it for is the occasional freezing mist. Otherwise, you're just using r1 attack, so you could probably even leave this at 15 if you want to get some extra points elsewhere. 


30 endurance is enough to give us enough equip load that we can medium roll with this setup and it's going to vary if you use heavier armor. If you go the heavy armor out, you'll need more endurance if you're not using the Great-Jar’s Arsenal in order to be able to wear heavier armor. Having higher stamina is really good for this build, you chew through your stamina because you just keep swinging and swinging and swinging with your r1s as fast as you can. The weapon scales poorly with intelligence, it has c scaling just like strength and dexterity. But when you actually see how much damage you get by putting points into it, you'll notice it's markedly less.


Theoretically, you could increase intelligence instead of dexterity and strength in order to do some sort of hybrid build where you're casting spells and using Loretta's War Sickle, but we opted not to do that for this build. This is probably not the best weapon to make a spellblade build with particularly because the moveset of the weapon itself is fantastic and it doesn't deal a ton of magic damage.




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