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Elden Ring Best 1.06 Bleed Build - Most OP Bleed Build For PVE & PVP In Elden Ring

8/31/2022 3:42:03 PM

What is the best Patch 1.06 bleed build in Elden Ring? We are going to show you everything you need to do for the best Elden Ring 1.06 bleed build. This bleed build is the strongest build in Elden Ring after the 1.06 patch. 

Elden Ring Bleed Build 1.06 Guide - Equipment, Amors, Talisman & Tips For Patch 1.06 Bleed Build
If you're making a new character for this build, samurai is going to give you the best start and closest to this build. Everything else about this build is very simple. Not only is this thing good in PvE but it's also amazing in PVP. Especially if you can connect the jumping attacks, it instantly triggers blood loss. On top of that, it also triggers blood loss in the very first hit in PvE as well. Next, we in-depth the equipment, armors, talisman, and tips to make the most op Elden Ring 1.06 bleed build.


Elden Ring 1.06 Bleed Build Equipment


Our main weapon is going to be the Blood Vulgar Militia Saw. If you don't have this weapon or have never seen it that's because it's actually a rare drop from enemies you don't encounter too much in Elden Ring. But you'll need this weapon when you apply any blood affinity to it. It can actually go up to 143 bleed buildup when the weapon is at plus 25. In case you're not aware of what that means power standing, these two halberds can instantly cause blood loss on one hit. Anything you hit with a jumping attack will instantly be staggered and bled. For this build to be super viable, you don't have to just spam jumping attacks. With the halberd's moveset being so good and with the weapon being so long, your chance to connect a hit is already so high along with the chance of proc bleed. This is seriously going to make the game easy for you.


How to get Blood Vulgar Militia Saw: To get this Blood Vulgar Militia Saw, we recommend going to the Ruin-Strewn Precipice and turning around, and running back into the cave. There are two enemies here inside the cave and close to the grace that you'll need to kill. Remember to do everything you can do to raise your discovery and just kill them both over and over again until you get the weapons. You can get lucky and get them really early or you can be there for a couple of hours. It's really based on your discovery. Once you have two you're ready to upgrade and add the blood affinities.


For your offhand it doesn't matter, just make sure you do anything to raise the bleed. On your right hand obviously, you're going to want to add Seppuku to trigger blood loss whenever you want and raise the damage.



Running a seal just to boost damage and have more flexibility in the build. Any seal you want to use here will work, obviously, some are better than others.



For the spells, we recommend using Flame, grant Me Strength. This is just for the added physical damage and then the Howl of Shabriri since this will also stack for extra damage. If you want to spell with range and damage, we recommend using Black Flame, this is easily one of the best-attacking spells for the damage and the damage over a time effect it has. Since you can charge it up, making it all around amazing. Also, this will only cost you 20 faith to use, so you don't need to go crazy high into leveling for the spell. Obviously, if you already spec very high in the face, there are definitely a lot of other good options you can use like Black Blade. This is an amazing incantation, but that's really up to you. If you really want to be overpowered use Black Flame’s Protection, this will give you a 60% physical damage negation.



If you're going for damage, use White Mask and Raptor's Black Feathers both to increase jumping attack damage and increase the damage when blood loss is triggered. 



For the helmet, use the Redmane Knight Helmet, the chest piece is the Sanguine Noble Robes.



Briar Gauntlets are an amazing option for any set. Since you don't really notice gauntlets too much, the look of them doesn't really matter. But since these gauntlets are wrapped in barbed wire rolling into enemies, not only does damage but can also stagger them making rolling through tough areas a lot easier.



You have many options here. You can go with meta and whatever you think is op or you can go with anything you choose. It's really up to you.


Elden Ring 1.06 Bleed Build Talismans

For talismans for this Patch 1.06 bleed build Elden Ring. This is going to matter a little bit more. We recommend using the Claw Talisman since when you're doing jumping attacks is going to give you extra damage. The Godfrey Icon and we only recommend using this if you're using attacking spells like Black Flame. But if you're not going to use that spell, you can use any talisman you'd like. Most importantly, Lord of Blood's Exaltation for the increased damage when blood loss of triggers in your area. Finally, use Rotten Winged Sword Insignia. This will raise your attack power with successive hits which comes into play a lot.


Elden Ring 1.06 Bleed Build Tips

To use this weapon at a minimum, you're going to need 15 strength and 13 decks, but increasing your decks and arcane will also help you with this weapon a lot. Since it has a descaling and arcane that means leveling an arcane will also boost your bleed build up. Its best scaling is in decks so if you level up your dexterity, you're going to do more damage. You're also going to need high stamina because you're going to be doing a lot of jumping attacks so remember that. And we also recommend at least 20 faith just so that you can use Flame Grant me Strength in Black Flame. But these are just the minimums and you can easily achieve these. So after that feel free to level up however you like.


How To Use This Bleed Build 1.06 In Elden Ring

When you're using this build, just activate Seppuku before every fight and flame, grant me strength, and any other buff you'd like to use. If enemies feel too far away use Black Flame and just charge it up, throw it at them and it'll do crazy damage. If they get too close just do a jumping attack, and you'll instantly proc bleed on them or you can just follow up with the halberd combo since it's such a good combo.

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