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Elden Ring Best Bleed Build 1.06 - Top 3 Most Broken Bleed Build In Elden Ring

9/13/2022 6:08:48 PM

Elden Ring is full of mini gods and today you're going to become the bleed God, insane bleed damage you are going to be outputting on foes and bosses. This has to be the most broken Elden Ring 1.06 bleed build that we've come across. Today we present to you guys the top 3 god tier Elden Ring bleed build after patch 1.06. They will pretty much delete anyone that gets in front of you.


Elden Ring Best Bleed Build 1.06 - Top 3 Most Broken Bleed Build In Elden Ring

We are going to show you 3 best Elden Ring bleed build 1.06. The first new bleed build is actually broken that can destroy everything with this ash of war. The second is a god tier bleed build that deals max damage fast. The last is an insane bleed build with an overpowered underrated weapon. Now, let's check the equipment and tips you need to make the most op Elden Ring bleed build.


No 1. Elden Ring Best Bleed Build

This is the blood Phalanx build that has mechanics between the ash of War lint blade Phalanx and the incantation blood flame blade. With this incantation, you are enhancing the ash of War to shoot out little magical blades of bleed damage. It will proc bleed at range which is very deadly. Simply combining basic attacks with this reward normally is an annoying thing to deal with. Once leading to insane burst potential, the pressure is really on with this build in PvP. But in PVE, it's also very strong because we can enhance it in other ways. Making use of say the sigil, Terror Magica further increases our magic damage leading to a big burst and also staggers for critical damage. What we've got here is a very legitimate, very deadly ranged bleed build in Elden Ring Patch 1.06. It might not be Sepaku but it's pretty good.



Right Hand Armament 1 - Magic Nagakiba

Right Hand Armament 2 - Misericorde

Left Hand Armament 1 - Keen Nagakiba

Left Hand Armament 2 - Dragon Communion Seal

Left Hand Armament 3 - Academy Glintstone Staff

Head - White Mask

Chest - Spellblade’s Traveling Attire

Gloves - Spellblade’s Gloves

Legs - Spellblade’s Trousers

Talisman - Shard of Alexander, Erdtree’s Favor, Lord of Blood’s Exultation, Carian Filigreed Crest

Quick Item - Flask of Wondrous Physick

Sorceries - Terra Magic


No 2. Elden Ring Best Bleed Build

This has to be the most broken Elden Ring 1.06 bleed build. With Melina, it just takes her out so easily so fast and this one is so potent. So we are going to be focusing on one weapon in particular and this one is going to be the Blood Vulgar Militia Saw. This weapon is farmable, you are going to get this at a 2% rate. To get this weapon, you are going to come to Farum Greatbridge. Defeated foes that were carrying this weapon dropped it near the Bestial Sanctum in Greyoll's Dragonbarrow. This weapon you are going to be adding ash of war. The good thing about this weapon is that it already comes with passive effects of 55 of blood loss build-up. Now we are going to be adding two ashes of war one is going to be the double slash which you could probably use on your right hand because we are going to be about to mimic the rivers of blood. This is way better than the rivers of blood. Because of the  Seppuku, you are going to be god tier bleed build for 60 seconds.



Right Hand Armament 1 - Blood Vulgar Militia Saw

Right Hand Armament 2 - Double Slash

Left Hand Armament 1 -  Seppuku

Head - White Mask

Chest - Raptor’s Black Feathers

Gloves - Night’s Cavalry Gauntlets

Legs - Night’s Cavalry Greaves

Talisman - Millicent’s Prosthesis, Claw Talisman, Lord of Blood’s Exultation, Shard of Alexander

Incantation - Flame, Grant Me Strength


No 3. Elden Ring Best Bleed Build

The bleed train is back again. This underrated weapon will make bleed meta Bandits and Scavenger’s Curved Swords, even Godskin Peeler are run for their money. This weapon hasn't been preyed on before with instant bleeding and early to mid-game farming for power sensing and the ability to add ashes of War to them with high blood loss buildup and physical damage. It's just the best you can ask for for an amazing weapon to destroy everything in seconds. Blood Vulgar Militia Saw is underrated. It has so much potential that is perfect for a bleed build for these reasons. 

First, it's the only halder that has 55 blood laws by default or any blood loss matter of fact. Compared to other halberts, the physical damage is not the best and it's not the worst. But it's stronger compared with the meta Bandits and Scavenger’s Curved per hit when power sensing. It does only two hits when jump attacking and follower combos in contrast to the curve sword which does more than two hits and is faster. So in short the Militia Saw hits less but harder and farthest. 



Right Hand Armament 1 - Occult Vulgar Militia Saw

Right Hand Armament 2 - Keen Dagger

Left Hand Armament 1 - Occult Vulgar Militia Saw

Left Hand Armament 2 - Finger Seal

Head - Vulgar Militia Helm

Chest - Raptor’s Black Feathers

Gloves - Elden Lord Bracers

Legs - Vulgar Militia Greaves

Talisman - Lord of Blood’s Exultation, Rotten Winged Sword Insignia, Millicent’s Prosthesis, Claw Talisman


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