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Top 7 D2R Best Small Charms To Find In Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.4 Ladder Season

3/21/2022 5:04:10 PM

Small charms in Diablo 2 Resurrected can be very important for min-maxing certain builds, especially PVP players pay quite the premium for some of these charms, so it can be important to know what they might be worth. In this guide, we're going to take a look at the best in slot small charms in D2R and give an approximate price that you can expect for finding them.

Top 7 - Small Charm with +20 To Life & +11% Resist

This small charm with the vita suffix contains a perfect plus 20 to life. Additionally, 11 to any given resist is the maximum that can spawn on a small charm. While all of these have their value in D2R because of the shared stash. PVP players often seek out cold and lightning resist on these, as those are the two most common elements that you'll need to stack against in the blood more, while poison resist is worth a bit less, the others can go for up to a  BER rune on sites like traitory. While these types of charms are useful versus certain builds in PVP they are often outclassed by another charm.

Top 6 - Small Charms with +20 To Life & +17 To Mana

20-11's are small charms that have two maximum rolls on them: the plus 20 to life but also plus 17 to mana. While 17 might be quite the odd number for a maximum roll on these, that is indeed the most you can get. PVP players will often pay a premium for these charms compared to other non-perfect life mana charms because those PVP players need every advantage that they could possibly get. You'll often see sorceress line the bottom row of their inventories with these. Placing them just beneath their skiller charms, additionally necros and druids appreciate these in certain matchups, and you'll also see some dual claw trap assassins use these, in order to sort of fix the mana problems that they run into by not using items like Spirit. At this particular point in time, these charms will fetch you about two BER runes.

Top 5 - Small Charms with +36 To Attack Rating & +20 To Life

With +20 to life and +36 to attack rating that spawned on the charm, these are extremely useful for builds that require a lot of attack ratings such as whirlwind sins, whirlwind barbs, melee characters, potentially even blade Fury sins in the 2.4 patch and ladder season. Regardless they're worth about two Ber runes and are extremely useful for min maxing certain D2R 2.4 new ladder start builds.

Top 4 - Small Charms with +20 To Life & All Resistances +5

+20 life is super important on a lot of these charms as you might be able to tell depending on the build, it's the equivalent of plus five or plus ten to vitality, but in fact, it's even better than that, because the flat plus to life that you get from this charm is actually bumped up by battle orders quite a bit. And while Small Charm with +20 To Life & +11% Resist could fetch you up to one Ber rune, Small Charms with +20 To Life & All Reisstances +5 could fetch you four times that - 3-4 BER Runes. Team dueling is very popular in PVP, but additionally a lot of characters actually try to deck their builds out with these, in order for them to be prepared for whatever comes their way without having to swap out to those Small Charm with +20 To Life & +11% Resist in the shared stash, they also just fix those common resist problems that a lot of builds run into.

Top 3 - Small Charms with +415 Poison Damage Over 12 Seconds

Many people are familiar with poison charms, you might have seen plus 100 damage on a small charm before and get all fired up some people even know that some small charms can roll with up to 313 poison damage on them, but many players are unaware that 451 poison charms actually exist. The reason they're so rare is that they can only drop from the same places that you'd be able to find a 45 lifer charm, so that is Nihlathak, Baal, and Diablo. You would spend 14-15 Ber Runes for getting it, no matter you need D2R runes you can buy from AOEAH at cheap prices.

Top 2 - Small Charms with +3 To Maximum Damage, +20 To Attack Rating, +20 To Life

This is the charm that probably everybody expected to be on this list. Much like the previous charm on this list, the price of these tends to go up over time, so if you find one of these early on in a Ladder reset, you're probably not going to get as good of offers for it. But depending on what time you do try to sell one of these, we would estimate this goes from between 15 to 22 Ber runes. The reason it's so rare besides the fact that those PVP players just want to min max their builds is that there are three abilities that have to roll perfectly on this. It's extremely rare for a charm that rolled all of these stats to roll them perfectly, but even ones that aren't perfect should still be able to fetch you two or three Ber runes a piece.

Top 1 - Perfect Annihilus Charms

The common theme on this list as you might have noticed that the difference between a perfect role on many charms and a non-perfect one can be quite significant, the charm we're talking about here is the Annihilus Charm. While you can pick up unidentified annihiluses for pretty cheap these days, it's harder to find a perfect annihilus that rolled +1 To All Skills, +20 To All Attributes, All Resistances +20, +10% To Experience Gained. The current going rate for these on market is approximately 25 Ber runes.


AnnihilusRequired Level: 70
1 To All Skills
10-20 To All Attributes (varies)
All Resistances  10-20 (varies)
5-10% To Experience Gained (varies)
[18-20 ATTR & 18-20 RES]
(Only Spawns In Patch 1.10 or later)

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